January 1, 2014
6:14am EST/ 3:14 am PST
13 Capricorn

Energy Precedes Mass.

Hello Chaos my old friend.

The need for perspective, for meaning, in these life experiences is yet another addiction. Over and over, we try to get from the chaos to the feeling that it’s leading somewhere lovely. I do, don’t you?

How we yearn for some other place, for a grander palace. Like walking through a museum of masterpieces. Life experiences as constructs, purpose evident in hindsight.

The way This Is is because of That that emerged, we try to say, want to say, need to say. We hold the image of the future and look to this now as a prerequisite.

It’s nice in a dinner party sense to talk about something like the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square as the “breakdown of structures.” At a safe remove, you might say, over a glass of wine. There’s a sense of witnessing journey in an almost cinematic sense that it seems to me is so comforting.

And really I CAN look at all the consummately human behaviors (i.e. bizarre, hurtful, wounded, addicted, etc… ) in play right now as being part of a larger story. On the way to enlightenment. Pit stops on the eternal journey.

We were talking, last night, of “What it will take…” to crack us out of this current structure called Western Civilization. Because it has become so hierarchical, top-down, which it was never intended to be. And so the Sun was mentioned – you know, the mighty flare scenario. And I contributed the idea of an international shift away from the dollar. Within minutes, we came up with at least five geo-political events strong enough to “break down the structure.”

Hard to say which it might be, of course, but the concept of a big disruption is very much a part of consciousness now. Look at all the “preppers,” the ones who are stockpiling food and weapons, building a bunker to hide in. Getting “ready.” So from that point of view the meaning to be derived is that en even more separative version of civilization is next – you know, after the big one, whatever that turns out to be.

I guess I’m part of another segment of society, looking for the cooperative response.

But still, let’s admit it – a major disruption/collapse expectation is a very big part of at least the American psyche at this time.

When I talk about it, I am hoping a more socially eqalitarian society will emerge. Like whatever it turns out to be will have a re-distributive effect, will spread the wealth, create community, engage the heart.

But I have to admit there is a certain delicious sense of it, while at the same time I realize that it is likely to be extremely confusing/scary/chaotic for at least some time. It’s just that I believe how we envision the outcome is what matters.

In an epochal time frame, sure, we are headed in a good direction. This is the transition zone from the story of the self to the story of the people. From the story of personal/atomic significance to the story of the significance of the organism. In shorter time frames, though – six months to five years, let’s say, what is that transition like? How will we experience it?

I am aware that the Scorpio New Moon is still reverberating in our personal psyches. The Sun/Moon/Saturn/Mercury/North Node conjunction that made November of 2013 a month that will stand out as a remarkable transition zone in so many personal stories. Quite memorable, and not over.

At that time, I wrote: “And I believe that this coming New Moon, the one early in the morning of Sunday, November 3rd, 2013, is one for the ages.

The witch has decided not to do this one alone, it is too important that it be strong enough. Her brothers Mercury and Saturn have come to pray with her, and she has placed the cauldron – the bubbling potion of life-on-Earth that she stirs – on the ancient sacred hearth of the North Node.

Again the quality changes. We have for so long been heading deeper in to the labyrinth. We are right now at its deepest point. We are in the treasure room of the Tombs of Atuan, you could say. And even She, the Crone, the Mother of Blood, has asked for help.

And why shouldn’t she? Even if only to be a little bit silly, she will change. She doesn’t actually want you to ever count on her. Only to love her.

Her brother Mercury comes in to supervise the opening of the channel. He wants to be sure that every mental routine you’ve ever been lost in has a place in this mix.

And Saturn you know… he is the one who teaches laughter in such remorseless fashion. May you never forget to laugh at how serious about yourself you can be. We are forever morphing into this adolescent sense of intent that arises whenever we “know the answer.”

And since then I have witnessed, and I imagine that you have witnessed, the great impact of self-significance and its continuing hegemony over collective significance. Talk about “being lost in mental routines.”

And I believe that somehow, in some way, its part in the greater story had to do with preparing us for this coming year, 2014, which starts with a Sun/Moon/Pluto/Mercury conjunction in the sign of Capricorn at 6:14 AM on New Year’s Day.

A strong dose coming again, this time with Pluto instead of Saturn, flavored by Capricorn rather than Scorpio.

Where Saturn teaches us to recognize and somehow enjoy our personal subconscious routines, Pluto works to put us so far under them that we finally see, really, what we’ve been up to in a far more archetypal way.

Mercury in Scorpio has a long view that is irritated and disturbed by the current details, while in Capricorn it struggles to see anything other than the worst. It puts all the details, in all their messiness, right in front of us.

And Pluto in Capricorn… we talk about structures, like the US government, breaking down. I think another way to say it is that it delegitimizes the structures, makes them irrelevant. By shining a very bright light into their darkest centers. Maybe you’ve noticed that, lately?

There is a great effort underway to prepare new and good ways for the people, the collective, to stand after the collapse. And I think it’s very important to focus on that, on all the good things people are doing that can help in a cooperative manner. Guerilla gardening in LA comes to mind right away (It’s on a TED talk).

So if you can look back over the last couple of months and think about how chaos entered your personal life in some way, maybe you can also think about how you adjusted your energy, repositioned your focus, to re-grow love and community that was broken by all the personal karmas that flared up during November.

My experience of it had to do with getting all judgmental about relationship choices people had made. And I was having no problem just saying “later” to the people I felt had demonstrated poor judgment. But the truth is that they are vital to the sense of community I want, and it was my sense of indignation more than their behavior that separated me from them. I can’t do anything about the ways in which other people choose to be separative, but I can work on my own ability to embrace.

And I’ve heard a lot of stories of people having to let go of their most stubborn judgmental tendencies because they’ve realized just that same sort of thing. No matter how “right” I am, if it doesn’t grow community, I have to let it go. Because I believe that community and cooperation are vital to how we move through the continued breakdown of the structure of Western Civilization. The less traditional American security we have (abundant food, electricity, etc…), the more kind neighbors we want to have.

We can consciously work on that, now. But as you might have noticed, it asks us to find new concepts of community, relationship, security, and so on. We keep having the opportunity to fine-tune our energy responses. We tend to get caught up in the experience first, then see the meaning.

So I say to you, the meaning is that only community matters. We keep getting chances to find that out, but the way it feels is that everyone around us is chaotic or stupid, immature, whatever. Let that go.

You can’t rely on your community when you separate yourself from them by standing on principle.

We are being trained to work within the community of living beings on this planet. See yourself holding your heart open enough to embrace all the people. Let go of the addiction to meaning, and just let connection be.

2014’s opening bars are focused on the 11th degree of Capricorn, where the Moon is New. The Chandra symbol for this degree is, “A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady.”

Resolve, if you can, to each across all idealogical barriers.

With love,



Now is the time, and you are the one.

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