Joy is highlighted again today! The flavor of bliss comes through the willingness to allow change to open us from the inside out. Change happens, so how can we be more open to transforming through a co-creative connection?

APRIL Numerology

April heralds spring and is our 4th month creating a strong connection to foundational energies. When combined with Universal 6 of this year, April becomes a 10 month. We have had so many ‘new years’ this year with January’s calendar year, February’s lunar year, and March’s astrological year. April marks another beginning, a time where we can create new foundations that encourage Love and Light. What new seeds will you plant now that Spring has sprung? Where have you seen some shifting in your own structure? What can be strengthened? This month also focuses on a greater awareness of resources and prosperity. How are you utilizing the resources you have? How much more prosperity and abundance are you willing to allow into your life?

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