Today feels like a celebration that’s been waiting to happen for a long time. With whom will you share the joy?

June Numerology

The sixth month resonates with Venus: beauty, love, and relating. Since we are in a ‘relationship year’, this month is sure to provide many opportunities to deepen our awareness of love and its many nuances. What does intimacy mean to you and for you? Recently, I had the beautiful experience of witnessing a mating dance between two pigeons. Their heads moved in an ever more expressive rhythm, nuzzling into each other as they turned to face each other with a sweet intensity. Their bodies moved and gracefully glided into each other, their heads intertwined in what could only be described as a representation of a heart. I felt the magic of their greeting and their instinctual intimacy. How would it feel to have that magic within ourselves each day? How might you cultivate inner and outer expressions of love this month?

Overall, June is a 12 month! This is an opportunity to let go of any limiting beliefs, habits and patterns in all your relationships. Starting with yourself, how might you express who you are more freely? How might you allow new perspectives to open you to new aspects and forms of relationship?

The archived numerology conference call contains even more tips for a powerful unfolding of June energies!

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