If today is your birthday, then you already know how much you value transformation and a commitment to creating those things that bring awareness of beauty and insight. 2013 brings you the opportunity for more love, beauty, joy, and financial freedom along with a deep understanding of your closest relationships. Using your innate intuition will give you clear guidance for the journey ahead.

July Numerology

We enter the 7th month of a ‘6’ year and we have an overall ‘13’. Seven brings us stillness AND movement. Thirteen is transformation and change. Synthesizing the two numbers feels very much like a snake shedding its skin. Shedding is an active process that takes complete inward and outward stillness. Remember, 2013 is a Water Snake year! During snake years we have even more opportunity to connect with our vitality and our innate sexual energy through slow movement or the still point between the movements. Water allows us to deepen, go underneath what is on the surface.

It’s time to assess how this year is progressing for you. What else would you like to shed as your move forward? This month feels very much about YOU and your relationship with YOU. What is one thing you can let go of in order to move closer to your dreams? As you move closer, will you also take a deeper dive and see what is underneath? Just as the kelp forest moves underneath the water with sensual rhythm, you, too, can find your own rhythm this month by allowing yourself to sink deep into what is calling you and open yourself up to the serpent energy of vitality.

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