This is one of the best days of the year to plant the seeds of cherished dreams and intentions. They will spend the fall and winter being nourished by the fertile creative space that lives within each of us. Respecting the cycles of nature is one aspect of this suggestion, the other part is pure numerology. The ‘22’ is a master number, one that brings great energy and spiritual support for stronger foundations and more inner and outer fulfillment. The overall 37/10/1 is the number of new beginnings as well as abundance. By weaving together the season with the numbers, we have an opportunity to allow nature to work with us as we envision our lives going forward. Persephone’s descent is one to embrace. She is showing us that our depths yield new life, new beginnings, new abundance when we allow the energy to build and nourish what is not quite ready to emerge.

September Numerology

We have arrived at a pivotal month. Every year, in September, the yearly universal number is emphasized through a different portal. This month, the 6 energy of relationship is coming through 15 energy: life force, vitality, sensuality, and the bedevilments that can plague us if we don’t let them move through with a sense of humor. During this time on our planet, ‘right relationship’ to self and to others seems to be a noteworthy reflection. How we interact with ourselves and our own demons, our challenging personality traits, our foibles in relating, our fears of intimacy, and the way we treat ourselves (compassion or critic) is related to how we view our world, view our connections with others, and how we interact with those around us. On a global scale, there is a lot of interrelating that is violent, undermining, and deceitful. There is also much to celebrate in this world including love and nurturing. Finding a way to interact with the ‘outside world’ means taking an inventory of the ‘inside’ first. This month will give us plenty of opportunity!

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