The October Moon is referred to as the Harvest Moon – perfect for the number 10. And today’s first quarter moon (which is a half moon) is a powerful reflection of how we can use today’s energies of 11 and 18. Are you experiencing the fullness of your being? Half? Quarter? As the moon waxes towards the full abundance of this month, how will you incorporate (literally) more authentic power, more abundant vitality, and allow yourself to grow in ways that reflect your true nature?

October Numerology

Imagine being a dolphin in a stormy sea. Being on the surface exposes you to tumult. If you dive deep enough, you will still feel the power of the waves but they move you rather than toss you across the water. October asks us to penetrate the depths of our relationships and begin a restoration and restructuring process that arises from places as yet untapped. Starting with yourself, of course, how are you cultivating your relationship with the realm of spirit? With your energy body? With your health? With your work? The list goes on, but the message is the same: Be in right relationship with yourself by taking some time this month to journey deep and bring back all that is delicious to share. All your relationships will benefit.

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