A 15/6 day means extra doses of Love! In some ways, this feels like ‘Valentine’s Day’ in the truest sense. The best question for today: how do you choose to share Love? Next best question: how might you share more?

I’m excited to announce…

2014 The Year of Practical Magic – NEW Audio Program!

Receive almost 2 full hours of insight, information, and practical suggestions of how to access the magic and mystery of this ‘7’ year (click here to order).

February Numerology

February calls forth our philanthropic natures, our artistic desires, and our well-earned wisdom. What have you learned from taking paths less travelled or following your inner voice? This month, you will begin to see how these paths weave together, creating a sort of closure – that of a circle, a symbol that allows us to feel connected to the beginning and end all at once. Closure leads to new beginnings so anything that has been lingering or wanting to complete gets priority. Every time we grow, we have an opportunity to integrate, choose what we would do again (or not), and begin again. As this month begins close to a New Moon, we can watch this orb for its wisdom: dark to full to dark, each phase bringing us change, fullness, and openness.

2014: The Year of Practical Magic

Do you remember the magic of childhood walks through ‘the woods’ or the ‘faerie gardens’ of your own backyard? Can you imagine sending wishes up to the stars at night and feeling much joy at the connection with Universe of bright lights? How is it that refined intentions and desires are met with ease and grace in the highest and best way by a Universal Source of Love?

2014 is the year to deepen our understanding of the Great Mystery. The Universal Year Number is 7, well known for its spiritual significance throughout history and many spiritual practices.

The vibration of “7” emphasizes the integration of the mystical and material worlds. So, 2014 is THE YEAR to infuse business, health, love, and more with inspiring spiritual guidance coming from within our own hearts and souls. It is vital to allow time for pauses, retreats, and reflection as part of the bigger process of creating better relationships, optimum wellness, deeper fulfillment, and generous abundance.

Here are just a few questions to consider (there’s more!):

• Which changes will assist our growth and evolution and which ones will be nurturing, comforting and supporting to us at this time?
• How do we see tangible results?
• How will we use our creativity?
• How will we approach healthy risks?
• What has heart and meaning?
• Where is my spiritual center?
• How do I trust my inner knowing?
• What do I need for support for a deeper understanding of myself and others?

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