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Ethiopia Child Sponsorship

"When the child in you helps the children of the world your heart leaps with joy."

~ Derek O'Neill


If you've ever wondered how to show your appreciation, here is a suggestion for you. When you click on the image below, you will be taken to our fund-raising page. It is associated with SQ Foundation, an organization of superlative integrity and a leader in living and breathing the higher principles explored on this website. This is the charity portion of SQ-WorldWide, which was founded by my Teacher, Derek O'Neill. I am a proud Gold member of the SQ Organization, and this effort to raise money to support 200 CHILDREN and their families through a ETHIOPIA CHILD SPONSORSHIP program that would last 5 years and beyond.

This is a way to bring the world into alignment with unity consciousness.
As we grow, we embrace those who are still in need.

This program provides a child with a entire year of school, including school fees, supplies, uniform, and health care, while also assisting that child's family with a portion of the costs of food, lodging, and other basic necessities for that entire year. This vital program dramatically lessens the pressure for a child to drop out of school to help financially support their family.

I WOULD LIKE TO HELP RAISE $5,000 for this great cause, and whether you pledge $5 or $1,000, your donation will be the gift that keeps on giving! CLICK HERE and please dig in and give from the heart to this Ethiopia Child sponsorship campaign, and help reach SQ's goal of $40,000!

Thank you!

With so much Love for each of you,