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Pamela, aka Sonreya, woke up on her spiritual path in this lifetime as she sat nursing her first child in 1970 and thought “There has to be a better world to raise this precious baby in!” Pamela has dedicated her life to fulfilling her intention to make this world better for all through both her spiritual services and her health & wellness services.

SPIRITUAL:  AWAKENING a CENTER FOR POSITIVE LIVING.   The Universe responded quickly to the young mother’s heart call with a variety of miracles and teachers appearing. The first awakenings were through the Edgar Cayce material and being compellingly drawn to study astrology – remembering astrology! Blessed, as have most of us been, with a variety of excellent teachers and thought systems over the subsequent decades, Pamela currently finds that the archetypes of consciousness that we know as astrology remain a daily part of limitless growth and deeper openings and understandings on her path. Several other spiritual practice systems have stayed and grown over time:

  • A Course in Miracles
  • Shamanic studies, practices, and teaching
  • A conscious Co-Creative partnership with the Heart and Intelligence of Nature
  • Language of Light Reiki. Pamela is an Usui Reiki Master and is channeling Language of Light Reiki with Dr. Mikao Usui.

Leading edge quantum sciences inspire and inform Pamela about the interdimensional nature of life here on this planet and the limitless quantum realities beyond this limited, but essential, earth experience.

PURPOSE AND MEANING:  Pamela’s favorite astrology and spiritual services during these intense times of global and personal transformation are her

  • IXION INTUITIVE CONSULTATION, using natal Ixion, the Nodes, and Pluto to help people examine the promise their soul made coming into this lifetime and how they can use their unique gifts and talents to fulfill their destiny while incarnate here.

The IXION INTUITIVE CONSULTATION is complementary to her channeled

  • SOUL PURPOSE READINGS with Ascended Master Pashanti. Through many lifetimes we work on certain spiritual themes we want to master in order to manifest heaven on earth in the human experience. This channeled reading will reveal and discuss 2-3 of the soul purposes you are working on in this lifetime.
  • OTHER LIVES READINGS Ascended Master Pashanti brings forth two – three lifetimes directly relevant to the issues of the current lifetime you are having now. In this reading he also teaches you how to access and read your own Akashic Record.

Sessions are conducted telephonically and a recording of an MP3 audio file of the session is emailed to you. Each session is 60 minutes. The fee is $250 per hour.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH & WELLNESS: Integrative Health Coach Professional Services & Consulting LLC.    Pamela is deeply committed to changing the health care system in this country and in the world from a disease management system for corporate profit to a true health & wellness system of human thriving and maximal physical and mental health and well-being based on, as it should be, each person’s individual vision for their own life and their personal values that inspire and motivate their lifestyle choices.

Pamela has a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University and owned her own business as a Medical Case Manager contracting to state of Florida agencies, parallel to the less public world of her spiritual and shamanic work.  Following extensive studies in integrative medicine at Duke University, Pamela is now bringing forth her business Integrative Health Coach Professional Services & Consulting LLC in this next phase of her life service. She has worked in alternative and complementary healthcare since her 20s. In her 60s she graduated from Duke Integrative Medicine Center at Duke University as both a

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach Professional, and a
  • Mindfulness Professional.

When the National Board of Medical Examiners, in partnership with the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, conducted the first-ever national exam to standardize best practices in health coaching, Pamela was privileged to take and pass that first exam and receive the professional credential of a

  • National Board- Certified Health & Wellness Coach.
  • Pamela is an Allied Professional member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Pamela continues her studies in integrative medicine to strengthen the services she offers to help people take 100% responsibility for their own health and maximize the joy of living in every area of their lives.  In 2019 she will become certified through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and WellCoaches as a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach. Drawing on her life wisdom and elder status, she is completing studies through The Institute of Noetic Sciences as a Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator.

Pamela enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds, especially the amazing young people coming into incarnation for these intense transformation times.

Contact Pamela for Intuitive Spiritual Services, including Ascension Astrology, and for integrative health & wellness services:                                                                                                                                      Cell and Text: (850) 212-2685; Home office (850) 329-6638