Much clearing, integrating and letting go has happened in the last month while most of the personal planets traveled through the sign of Sagittarius. As they all line up now in Capricorn you can feel that the shift into rebuilding is more solid. It is reflected in the goal setting and intention stating that goes hand in hand with the New Year. But as you know, this is no ordinary year – we are more conscious.

This week Venus travels over the final degrees of Sagittarius bringing our heart centers into alignment with the Galactic Center. This connection is expansive and restores our ability to feel ourselves as vast cosmic energy beings. We’ve been so lost in the limited 3D world that having this kind of recognition is a vital part of our healing. A few days after Venus moves into Capricorn on Tuesday, she makes a productive connection to Neptune and a challenging one to Uranus. This is the spirit expanding into new dimensions and coming face to face with the reality of change. Uranus is the lightning bolt of awakening. Resistance and defensiveness will make your experience more challenging, so word to the wise, you can use your awareness now to set a course of ease and acceptance.

Eris stations this week to turn direct at 22 Aries, squaring the New Moon. Eris is the feminine version of Uranus and represents purposeful disruption. When a planet stations it signifies an opportunity for something within your unconscious to become conscious. What was not realized can be realized. You can know something entirely new about yourself and your psyche. My hunch is that this is an event which will allow us all to reclaim a part of our innocence and to become courageous advocates for the honoring of youthful purity. While this may look like a lot of things in the world, like gun control advocacy or woman’s rights, this is your opportunity to heal and reclaim your own inner child. If we do not start at the source (ourselves) we can not make an impact in our environment because we will be projecting our own woundedness onto others. Focus on you – honor your innocence. I’m sure this will stir up a lot of issues for people, but it is vital we all see this divine aspect within ourselves.

The New Moon occurs at 22 Capricorn. Capricorn is the part of your energy field where spiritual power is accessed, otherwise thought of as your greatest authority. Our definition of authority has gone through ground breaking transformation since Pluto entered this sign in 2008. In the New Moon energy, make it your business to meditate on and really feel the new ground you find yourself standing on in terms of inner confidence and authenticity. Feel it out with your inner eye, sense the new foundation under your feet and let the sensation move through the whole of you so you can embody its sound structure. … Connect to your bones and your skeleton in meditation… it is the all important structure that holds you up in space, without which you would be a pile of mush. Here again the focus on empowerment is an inside job.

There are many long void Moon phases this week. These times clue us in to the masculine feminine balance of action/non-action, doing and being, giving and receiving. Long stretches of voids are opportunities to tap the tremendous reservoirs of consciousness available in stillness.

Monday 7th

A Scorpio Moon usually heralds an emotional day whose purpose is to give you practice in wielding the current of energy you are feeling. Today the Moon happens to be void of course for most of our waking hours making it even more mysterious and all about exploring the divine feminine within. Yes, the Scorpio consciousness can be dramatic, only because your “shadow” wrecks havoc when you are in separation consciousness. In unity consciousness those elements of yourself that were once shadow-y transform into benign traits that are just the expressions of your humanity requiring compassion. Those traits only have negative power if you give them energy. There is a big lesson today about energy exchange and the new world you are creating. It is simple – be mindful about what you are focusing on. Practice keeping your focus hi-vibe.

Tuesday 8th

The Moon will enter Sagittarius early in the morning and Venus will spend her last few hours in this sign before entering Capricorn. If you are paying attention you will be pretty clear about what is in integrity in your life and what is out of alignment. Don’t go into judgement about it all, just find the solid ground that truth brings – it makes you present and clear. Angry, too, if you are honest, which is only because you recognize the damage you have been doing to yourself by not honoring your truth. With most of the personal planets now in Capricorn you will have a chance – you always have a chance – to choose to be empowered. Then the truth seeker within you becomes more valued and valuable.

Wednesday 9th

Last evening the Moon went void of course in Sagittarius and continues that way until early tomorrow morning. It can be hard to locate yourself on days like this; it is very quiet. The point is to let yourself float and commune with yourself and your surroundings in a different way, the feminine way, which is allowing and receptive. Sagittarius is the part of your consciousness that accumulates all kinds of belief systems and methodologies for understanding your existence. In the void you have the opportunity to let any B.S. go so you can experience the zero point – limitlessness, the everything and the no-thing. Consider it a perfect day for clearing. You will start collecting more meaning soon enough, so you might as well give yourself permission to let go of what does hold up anymore.

Thursday 10th

The Capricorn aspect of consciousness is very focal today because the Moon begins its journey through the sign and prepares to conjunct the Sun tomorrow. It’s the dark of the Moon – the precious, fertile time before the New Moon. Venus sextiles Neptune and the asteroid Pallas enters Aries, both events are very spiritual in vibration connecting us with higher expressions of wisdom. With so much energy in Capricorn – the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Juno, Venus and the Moon time well spent is time connecting to the greatest authority within yourself. Contemplate what spiritual authority and empowerment really mean to you from all angles so that you can embody more of it at the Full Moon in 2 weeks.

Friday 11th

The Sun and Moon come together at 22 Capricorn. The Moon will go void for a significant amount of time again today after 2:44pm EST until early in the morning tomorrow. In the next few days a new spark of creation is ignited in your life – you can be thoughtful about it, but really it will be born out of your heart’s desire. The Sun makes an exact inconjunct with Ceres which punctuates the need to allow your heart’s choice to make itself known rather than to mentally figure it out. It isn’t always easy being still, but patience pays. Listen, pay attention to yourself, honor your presence here on Earth. Open and receive that which is wanting to be born.

Saturday 12th

The Moon enters Aquarius before dawn. Your patience may be waning especially if Venus’s entry into Capricorn stirred up feelings of resentment. As Venus approaches Uranus in a square you can bet that emotions and attention spans shorten and snap with electricity. There is always something very purposeful to Uranian amplification and that is to wake you up where you have been asleep. Just knowing that simple truth can shift you into a more allowing mode, which makes all the difference. The Sun makes creative and constructive connection to the Nodes, so what you are being woken up to has a good deal to do with realizing your future path. It’s important to be grounded today, so imagine your foot chakra’s opening – energy centers nestled above the arch of your foot – which will help you conduct the energy pouring through you.

Sunday 13th

The Aquarian Moon is void of course for nearly the entire day. It may serve you well to totally unplug and surf your inner-net. The Aquarian part of your consciousness is where you can access the highest form of love, so it is worth tuning into your emotional body today. Two subtle aspects occur between Mercury/Ceres and Saturn/Vesta. It involves integrating information about nurturing your spirit, and will require a choice on your part, as always, to come from connection and heart rather than criticism. You are also getting more skillful at manifesting with consciousness, but in the words of Oprah Winfrey, you get to the point where you have enough shoes…then what? The choice here has to do with where can you share your expertise and passion to benefit or further the good of all.

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