The Sun and Mercury are nearing the end of their journey through Capricorn. This definitely does not mean our empowerment work is over, it is just getting started. Can’t you feel how much you’ve moved into new conscious territory around being yourself without so much judgment? Judgment is just a bad habit and what’s important now in breaking that habit is to catch yourself in the act of it and stop, get centered and then start putting your focus on what you want rather than feeding the flame of what you don’t want. Simple. It just takes practice.

Venus will conjunct both Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. While it seems like women are under attack in the news in all sorts of disturbing ways, it is useful to consider what this means as a projection of our own unconscious mind. Dig deep this week and do your service as a lightworker by welcoming the divine feminine back to the planet. It is as important as nurturing yourself and protecting the purity of your inner child. Pluto in 5D isn’t so much the journey into the shadow self, rather it is about explorations in galactic consciousness. Again, judgment or condemnation feeds into limitation, so the more you can release those tendencies the more fuel you have for expansion purposes.

The Sun and Mercury move into Aquarius this week joining Mars. The mind-body connection syncs up again resonating in the same sign. Getting real and letting go of the many masks you wear can understandably leave you feeling vulnerable. Convince yourself that’s a good thing because it lets you know where you need more love. Yes, your emotions will tell you what you need if you are paying attention. Love is usually what’s needed, so now that you know the answer you don’t have to get the monkey mind involved. That is the whole point of Aquarius . . . more love, less defensiveness. In Cosmic Astrology the symbol of Aquarius moves from the Water Bearer, to the Great Awakener. It is an air sign and even though it is about the mechanism of spiritual love, it is very much about the consciousness that is liberated and free enough to hold coherent vibration. It is no mistake that the traditional fixed signs in astrology now are called the Love signs in Cosmic Astrology. True love, as in Divine Love, is fixed, meaning constant and unchanging. Conditions are what have us falter in love. So get ready to have your love frequency amped up in the coming weeks and say good bye to all the reasons that keep you from being the love you are, let alone receiving the love you deserve.

Monday 14th

The Moon is void in Aquarius until the early morning before moving into Pisces. It is a Neptunian kind of day, meaning one conducive for being inspired and getting into that juicy place where daydreaming leads to discovery. In your explorations anything is possible. How you make sense of that limitless feeling is your choice – overwhelm with just a perspective tweak can change to omniscience. You’ve put you heart and soul into aligning with your highest authority over the past few weeks and when Mercury makes connection with the Moon’s Nodes today you can align your inner compass firmly with your dharmic path. Use your awareness to take another step forward today.

Tuesday 15th

The Pisces Moon brings up the Piscean consciousness again today. Make it a priority to recognize limitations and move beyond them. Forgiveness and compassion will be important players. Jupiter squares Chiron at 7 degrees Gemini/Pisces. A square is always an opportunity to grow. Whatever you perceive in your social environment that seems in need of repair is a reflection of the part of your unconscious energy field that needs acceptance and integration. Forgiveness will go far today. Apply it to both yourself and the social issues you see around you. That is the way to expand and express spiritual wisdom.

Wednesday 16th

We get started today within the Moon void as the Moon makes its way unaspected from Pisces to Aries. Stephanie calls this transition the birth canal. You can count on something new to make itself known today. Aries is the symbol of the Divine Spark of Creation and after 2 days in the watery explorations of Pisces, the fire of this sign will shift your mood and ignite your consciousness. Venus conjuncts Pluto today and later Saturn will sextile Juno. Feelings run very very deep and empowerment comes from recognizing your reflection in whatever or whomever you are interacting with. Pluto is the planet that symbolizes new frontiers of consciousness and the heart center is meeting it today. Don’t shirk off the unfamiliar, embrace it and know it is part of the new order showing up in your life.

Thursday 17th

With the Moon in Aries all day you can recognize the value of using discipline as a conscious tool for leading a heart centered life. To punctuate this focus, Venus will sextile Saturn establishing a productive relationship between your value system and structures you have in place to live those values. It’s about finding structure and discipline to support your creative process. Consistent daily attention to something blossoms into mastery over time. Let yourself be moved by inspiration and the passion coming into your awareness, but follow through with a grounded and practical way to express it. That’s how you become fulfilled.

Friday 18th

The Aries Moon squares the Sun this evening. That means it’s the First Quarter Moon. In the 2013 Journal the keywords for this are Commitment and Affirmation. What are you committing to or affirming? The direction you are taking with your new sense of empowerment. Mercury will conjunct the Sun at the last degree of Capricorn. Mastery is written all over this day. This is where your higher consciousness meets up with your life force and your whole being gets promoted. The Moon will go void for only an hour this evening, so there isn’t much processing required. When the Moon moves into Taurus, intuition kicks into high gear and being present in your power is all that matters.

Saturday 19th

Mercury moves into Aquarius in the early pre-dawn hours followed by the Sun in the early evening. The collective consciousness turns like a school of fish to start working with the experience of Oneness while exploring the vibration of Love unfettered by conditions. Having spent a month getting real with our power and lessening judgment, the transition into Aquarius makes sense. Today is the start of a month long focus on how spiritual love really works. Vibration, resonance, awakening, divine love…these are all buzz words that are fundamental to the Aquarian aspect of consciousness. The Moon is in Taurus all day – a blessing really because it makes it easier to turn your focus inward and to be present with what you are feeling.

Sunday 20th

The Taurus Moon is grounding and helps you feel powerful just by being awake. It’s a very feminine sign and this afternoon while the Moon is void of course we will have an opportunity to tune in and get still. The benefits of doing so are not to be underestimated. Mercury makes an intimate connection to Neptune adding to the flavor of the day, which is about trust and vulnerability. The divine feminine has never been as available to us as it is now – the Holy Grail has been reclaimed and you’ve been drinking from it. It is up to you still to allow it to fully take hold in your being. Allow it today. It is as easy as saying yes.

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