Lately it seems like the most common question I get asked is “When is the intensity going to let up?” My best response is honestly “It’s up to you.”

Let me elaborate. For many born in the 50’s the intensity can in part be attributed to Uranus applying to Eris, a highly electric and disruptive combination that is responsible in part for the huge awakening and unifying going on – Stephanie’s story is an excellent example of this inner revolution (she’s faced death twice this year and is living life like never before in total transformation). It’s also the birthing pains of the new world evidenced by the Pluto Uranus square. Letting go has never been easy and for years now it seems we have been asked to give up any illusion of control. Now that we sort of figured out that we are not in control, we are supposed to get that we actually hold the space for how our lives play out….crazy but somehow it all makes sense now.  No one said The Way was a straight path!

Since the Winter Solstice, it has never felt more real that how life goes is totally up to the soul – not through control, but through upholding a clear vision and the consistent, devoted practice of surrender. Before things get too serious, lest we forget, Play is just as important as the act of letting go. I’m always reminded of the eastern teachings that say pain is guaranteed in this human journey, but suffering is optional. I would add Play is definitely advisable.  I would even say playfulness might even be more possible than ever for many of us  – it is almost like it is a by-product of reunification.

This week interesting things are happening in that grand star field above us (that is us). Mercury is all over the place on the ecliptic, not literally, but he is making at least a dozen or more aspects in the form of parallels or contra-parallels. I won’t get into the science of what declination is, which determines these kinds of connections,  but suffice it to say Mercury’s activity will be speaking to us in 5D terminology this week. These are energetic connections being made that speak to life in higher consciousness and supply the information we need to continue expanding. It also means we’ll come to know much more about the 5D concept of polarity, which is a way of perceiving that reveals our multidimensional nature and how we live in many dimensions all at once. Simply said, get ready to grow beyond what you know!  The Sun is in Aquarius after all – esoteric studies commence!

The week builds to a Full Moon at 7 Leo on Saturday night. This ought to be quite a passionate one, because the former asteroid newly named planet, Vesta, will have just stationed and turned direct in Gemini. She is a key ingredient in our new relationship with the heart center and what it means to be lit from within.  She is all about spiritual power.  Since the cosmic consciousness of Leo speaks to something very similar, realizing how important it is to fully embrace who you are so you can share your light with the world, it seems like we are headed for some powerful attunements this week.

And in the great Sufi tradition, I’m reminded of

May the long time Sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on. . .

Monday 21st

A Taurus void Moon makes the morning a quiet one. When the Moon moves into Gemini at 9:04am EST the pace will pick up. For the next 2 days the archetype of Mercury, the Messenger, will take center stage in our lives heralding lots of information and distractions. This planet not only rules the Moon and the feeling-tone of the day, but it also causes a stir on the ecliptic making more than a dozen parallel and contra-parallel connections – the kind of links that light up 5D consciousness making it accessible and therefore more tangible to you. This is a day geared toward gathering the power of your mind and focusing it through a compassionate filter. It requires concerted effort on your part to find your center and to not become too scattered. Take command of your brilliant mind and make it a tool for doing your heart’s work.

Tuesday 22nd

With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Gemini the focus continues from yesterday on the unfoldment of your higher mental faculties. It represents the journey from distraction to consciousness, separation to unity and so forth. Like yesterday, Mercury makes many parallel and contra-parallel connections on the ecliptic with the planetary bodies most intimately involved in establishing the 5D social order. It’s just more confirmation that it’s time you unlock more of the mystery and get clear about your place in the world. Mercury will sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter which signifies a kind of productive flow that may feel like a blessing and an opening after so many weeks of being in unknown territory. As with any higher awareness, you just need to be still and open up to what is. Do what you know to do to quiet runaway mental chatter and busybody-ness. Don’t delay paying attention to yourself any longer.

Wednesday 23rd

The Moon will be void of course in Gemini for nearly the entire day after trining Mars in the morning. Inside this void is a grand opportunity to be in tune with unity consciousness. Any moment is really, although Gemini, being the sign of the Diamond, is the place in your consciousness where the balance of mind and heart makes you more apt to perceive the illusion of separation and get Oneness. You’ve just spent 2 days having your perceptions tweaked, honed, and otherwise awakened, so allow yourself to rest and assimilate what you’ve been through. Integrate is the key word of the day. Late in the evening the Moon enters the domain of the Mother, sign of Cancer, the realm that speaks to your core – the foundation you stand upon. The balance you’ve been working on this week will serve you in the coming 2 days.

Thursday 24th

As the Moon travels through Cancer today it will complete 2 grand water trines formed by Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. These are sensitive connections let alone creative ones. The effort today will be in applying your awareness such that you can experience the opening your emotions create in your heart rather than feeling that opening and becoming scared by it. Cancer is the sign of emotional power and the key to it is being empowered no matter what you are sensing. It’s the same as saying yes to all that you feel and letting it be rather than denying or repressing what comes up. The Sun and Moon are in signs that are inconjunct each other, a relationship that requires adjustment. Don’t heed your insecurities by throwing up your typical defenses, expend your energy on feeling loved and choose to be open instead.  You are in charge.

Friday 25th

The Moon is in Cancer all day long, however it goes void of course late in the afternoon for the rest of the day and night. With the Moon nearly full there is a good chance emotions will run high, so focus on taking care of yourself.  Don’t try to run on empty.  The Cancer void Moon is sacred space – the ultimate balm for the soul.  Take advantage of it.  Before the Moon makes its last aspect, Mercury will square Saturn exactly. All week this has been a demanding pull on your conscience to go beyond where you been before, to think differently, to brave the possibilities beyond what you thought possible. Saturn has been teaching us all about appropriate energy exchange – how much energy to give upsets and how to direct your focus to what you want rather than to fixate on what you don’t want. Today is your placement exam!

Saturday 26th

The Moon is void all morning before moving into Leo at 9:20am EST. Once it enters Leo we start resonating with the Full Moon, which won’t be exact until 11:38pm. Before that culminating event, the planet Vesta will station direct at 10 Gemini. Vesta’s retrograde journey in this sign, accompanied by Jupiter and Ceres’ retrograde journeys have helped us all reunified parts of our being that are pivotal for life in 5D. Vesta’s archetype is the Fire Within and the sign of the Full Moon is The Life Force. This is some powerful Full Moon day. Venus makes constructive contact with the Moon’s nodes, meaning your mission, or the big picture of your life is a also a big part of the day’s realizations.

Sunday 27th

The Moon is in Leo all day. Now that Vesta has stationed, as she picks up speed she is the focus of the finger of god between Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Step up and be the creative source of your life today.  Feel your way through to realizing what really lights you up and sustains you – it will likely be very spiritual.    Jupiter and Saturn parallel each other, signifying an energetic conjunction between these two rulers of our social consciousness.   The old is giving way to the new more and more and with an attitude of gratitude no change is insurmountable; everything is do-able on some level.  Find the grace today.


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