Please help me cut the etheric ribbon and welcome the latest incarnation of my personal website: I plan on writing about cosmic astrology, consciousness, the powerful process of the Cosmic Path of Initiations program, spiritual teachings and other things that I love. Thanks for your love and encouragement as I take myself and this work into the next chapter!

The Moon cycle is wrapping up this week, so there is a general feeling of evaluation and contemplation about where we are at and what we’ve managed to accomplish. As the Moon goes dark, evaluation is followed by the stillness and letting go required to make room for the upcoming new cycle. By the end of the week we welcome the Aquarian New Moon and the official launch of the Chinese New Year, year of the Yin (Black) Water Snake. Love and awakenings are the themes. By this time next year our definition of Love and the power of the Divine Feminine will be much more realized – as in embodied, as in experienced. We’ve just gotten a taste of what’s to come.

All the planets are in direct motion – none are retrograde. This is the time for action and tending to anything that may get in the way of you moving forward with your mission. The focus this week is on moving forward and stepping up to the plate – you being You. This takes all the love for yourself you can embody and embrace. Be willing to share yourself in new ways. There is only one you. Share your colors – the world needs you. Aquarius is the sign of consciousness that is all about “the best defense is an open heart.” When you embrace who you are without conditions you are empowered to do the same for others. It’s the path of freedom that the Aquarian energy inspires in us all.

Mercury will enter Pisces joining Mars, Neptune and Chiron. This all speaks to great sensitivity and the experience of limitlessness when love and compassion are present. Forgiveness may become an unmistakable theme – it’s always a liberating practice to take on. No weakness in it at all, just the opportunity to put your spiritual wisdom into practice. As the archetype of the Messenger moves in on Neptune and Chiron, pay attention and listen carefully. There are visionary realizations to be had. Open up and welcome new horizons.

Monday 4th

Before our waking hours, Ceres pulls into her station at 20 Gemini and turns around into direct motion. For months her retrograde motion has helped us to awaken the Divine Mother presence within. Now as she begins to move forward we will be able to express outwardly this newly integrated consciousness. The Moon is void in Scorpio just as the workday is getting started emphasizing feminine consciousness again and setting the tone for the week – be still and know you are creating your world. Endeavor to focus on the positive, which will help you create more of what you want rather than what you don’t want. When the Moon moves into Sagittarius you’ll be even more aware of the importance of tending to loose ends and clearing away old energies to make room for the new.

Tuesday 5th

All planets are in direct motion. It is undeniably an active time. Mars has just come into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, making everything feel vast and expansive. Mercury will enter Pisces today, as well and as the personal planets start to move from Aquarius to Pisces, you will be aware of the need to amp up how you apply your spiritual wisdom to more aspects of your life. If Pisces is the symbol of the Ocean, the archetype of your emotional body, then being fluid and adaptable is the key to finding direction. It is important to remember that when the focus is on the Piscean consciousness, specificity is not the point. Pisces is all about the no-thing-ness…the everything/nothing. This is the essence of Oneness. No mental process will get you there. You must feel and Know it.

Wednesday 6th

The Moon is void in Sagittarius well into mid-day before moving into Capricorn. The void phase is a powerful clearing opportunity. Use the morning to tend to those outstanding things you’ve been meaning to take care of. Focus on lightening your load. Don’t ignore the niggling details; you want to align yourself with your highest goals. There is a big focus on right action with the North Node in a Finger of God aspect with Ceres and Eris. The message in this relationship is to give energy to that which empowers you and to make the adjustments you need to make such that you no longer reject your feminine qualities. Listen to how you speak to yourself and make the voice more loving. Sit down and be with yourself for a few minutes without distraction. Notice how you distract yourself and choose love in the next moment. Look within and find the strength to love what you see. Every moment you have the opportunity to make a step toward loving yourself will give you what you need to create the next moment with greater consciousness.

Thursday 7th

The Moon will continue to traverse the sign of Capricorn for today and half of tomorrow. You have the opportunity to respond from the highest authority within yourself right now and transmute judgmental attitudes by taking responsibility for your reflection. Love is the theme, unconditional love – the kind of far reaching, all encompassing, no defenses kind of love – that’s what the Sun in Aquarius is lighting up for you in your life. There are beautiful connections being made today between Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter is just beginning to pick up speed having just pulled out of a retrograde cycle. What new personal truths are you now able to express? Your heart should be ringing with that truth today. If it is not, then you have a blessed opportunity to get real with yourself and seek the truth. Set yourself free.

Friday 8th

The Moon is void of course, meaning making no significant aspects, until 2:16pm EST. Moon voids are important feminine cycle phases that help us integrate, assimilate and turn within. It’s an important balancing time, so take advantage of it and apply a meditative way of being to everything you do for the first half of the day. Go more slowly than normal and listen carefully for the quiet voice of your intuition to guide you. When the Moon moves into Aquarius, it is the start of the dark of the Moon – a time in our monthly cycle where stillness and the no-thing-ness prepare us for the new chapter that the New Moon brings. It’s time to release what needs to be release. Let your projects breathe a bit and wait for the guidance to come that will inspire you to take a new direction. Let it all be for the weekend.

Saturday 9th

The Moon is in Aquarius all day long and there are lots of very dynamic connections being made by planets. It’s a dynamic day. The Sun squares the Nodes and Sedna today signifying a crossroads you may find yourself facing. It is definitely a day to let go of your defenses and choose to be who you are – totally exposed, totally lovable. The North Node is commanding your attention to give energy to what you want. Don’t dwell too long on the negative or the problem or what’s wrong. Here is where you apply the teaching, “acknowledge the pain, but don’t stay there too long.” Get the message and move on. Mercury enters its shadow phase today too at 5 Pisces. This means that the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle will be spent sorting out some of the experiences you have starting today. You might make a note of what goes on today so you can reflect back on it in the weeks to come.

Sunday 10th

In the early early morning, the Sun and Moon came together in conjunction instigating the New Moon at 22 Aquarius. This event also signifies the Chinese Water Snake New Year. 13 and the Snake have been hot topics on this website, heralding the arrival of the Divine Feminine and the great kundalini awakening of the planet into the Golden Age of Aquarius. With our most significant lights, the Sun and Moon, in the sign of spiritual Love, we all have the opportunity to expand way beyond any definition of love we have ever known. The fire is lit. Find the time today to nurture yourself and encourage yourself in moving beyond your conditions. It’s time and you are worth it.

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