The week before us is full steam ahead. All planets are in direct motion for the second week, meaning we are all in a very active phase moving forward with the knowledge we earned while planets were retrograde. You are setting things into motion in your life right now. You may not know the full scope and spectrum of what is possible, but now is the time to apply yourself and live into the possibility of Possibility. It calls to mind a quote I’ve seen before, “Live like you mean it.” Isn’t that what waking up is all about?

Mercury has entered his shadow phase and while he is still moving forward he is starting to slow down. Slowing down brings those wonderful growth opportunities we all love so much – you know when you really have to Be patient. Mercury in Pisces will light up things for you like limitation, doubts and other self-destructive tendencies. Don’t dwell on it. Clear it – through energy healing, meditation, mantra or your intent. It will be your opportunity to move into forgiveness, compassion and get out from behind your self-made cage.

But it is Saturn who will really catch our attention this week. Next Monday he will be the first planet to turn retrograde and begin, yet again, an inward journey. I am just about to publish a whole piece on Saturn in Scorpio around the theme of “energy exchange.” Look for it shortly. Saturn is completely transforming our sense of authority and if your reading this article you know true power comes from reliance on the self – it comes from within and is earned through experiences that generate respect and ultimately Love for yourself. As Saturn slows, you can expect greater awareness around your empowerment and possibly experiences that demand that you take full responsibility for your life. Everybody say YES!

Lastly, something too significant to leave out is the Mars Chiron conjunction at 8 Pisces. Mars is the representative of our physical bodies and Chiron is the consciousness that escorts us from the lower to the higher. Our physical experience, not only of our bodies, but also the world around us has shifted dramatically. This is both a completion and a beginning of a new 2 year cycle. Pay attention to your well-being this week. The physical world will be speaking loudly to you. Get the message and embrace what’s new.

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Monday 11th

The Moon travels over the powerful set of energies moving through Pisces right now – first Mars, Chiron and the Mercury. Plus Venus will have squared Saturn. The lessons in mastery and moving beyond limitation are undeniable. If you find you are still making excuses and not following your heart’s desire, stop today. Your lower mind may be very convincing telling you it’s not possible – what the heart wants – but it is up to you to apply your spiritual wisdom and start making small and consistent steps toward honoring yourself. Now is the time to imagine what is possible. The Moon will be void of course for the later half of the day and for most of tomorrow. It is a perfect opportunity to daydream and unlock your vision. Yes you can.

Tuesday 12th

The Piscean Moon is void of course for nearly the entire day. Inside the void the rulers of our mental and physical bodies, Mercury and Mars, make some very potent connections. Mentally it is possible for you to gain some footing around what you are building for yourself in your life – call it transformational perspective that allows you to make empowering choices that may be very different than your habitual choices. In the midst of this, Mars conjuncts Chiron – it can be an “OMG I GET IT” kind of day. It also means Mars starts a whole new cycle with Chiron (2 yrs). Listen to your physical body and anything that comes up around honoring yourself and tending to your well-being. Apply the balm of compassion and forgiveness to yourself in every way.

Wednesday 13th

The Moon moved into Aries last night. The Physical/Mental relationship is highlighted. You are more aware than ever of how impactful your thought-forms are. Your thoughts are as real as any stone in your garden and if you are paying attention you can see how quickly what you are thinking starts to show up in your environment. This is not something to fear, it is something you have been working diligently to realize and now it is time to become more skillful. Aries is all about loving with your mind. For the next couple of days listen carefully to the thoughts you are thinking and you just might uncover an unconscious pattern that has been cramping your style. Use I AM Awake as your affirmation.

Thursday 14th

It is no accident that Valentines Day occurs in Aquarius’s domain. The mantra for the sign Aquarius is I AM Love and it is in true Aquarian fashion that our definition of Love is rapidly stretching far beyond the confines of romance. One of my favorite descriptions for Love comes from Eckart Tolle, where he uses the word s p a c i o u s n e s s to capture the essence of spiritual love. How does that make you feel? The Aries Moon continues to inspire the discipline of thinking lovingly. Challenge yourself to move beyond your past and continue to let down your defenses. It is an act of love toward yourself to do so, which paves the way for the intimacy you crave in your relationships.

Friday 15th

The Moon moves into Taurus early in the day. Both the Sun and Moon are in fixed signs which are – in 5D consciousness – the Love signs. Unconditional Love is constant, unchanging. . . . Breathe that in! If that doesn’t open your heart you might listen in to the resistance. Therein lies a wound begging for your attention. Building on the theme of Aries and loving thoughts, a Taurus Moon can help you realize more clearly what your inner voice IS saying to you. Today is a day for presence. Use the power of your thoughts to find yourself strong, stable and connected. Say those words to yourself, even. Your body’s cells are listening and will follow your command.

Saturday 16th

Both Mercury and Saturn are starting to slow down in preparation for their upcoming retrograde journeys. All planets have been in direct motion for 10 days and the forward momentum this communicates is very clear in our lives. When these planets start to slow down, it can show up as perceived delays in our lives. Consider the slow-down a blessing (loving thought). Take it as an opportunity to release any attachment you might have to what you are working on or towards. The Taurus Moon can give you insight into the pitfalls of attachment and give you fodder to correct your course of action so that you can let go, get grounded and trust the process you are in. Strong, stable, connected – say it.

Sunday 17th

The Moon is in Taurus for more than half the day before entering Gemini after a very short void phase. It’s the first quarter Moon – a turning point. The last few days have really hit home the importance of paying attention to your thoughts. Saturn pulls into his station, which is by far the most commanding of energies. Tomorrow he will begin a nearly 5 month retrograde journey in the sign of Scorpio. This is, in part, the lesson of appropriate energy exchange. Energy equals cash, time, focus, emotional reaction – that sort of thing. What you give focus to is what grows in the garden called your life. Saturn is ultimately helping you redefine your sense of inner authority. The next 5 months will be about taking back the power you have habitually given away, it’s an opportunity to get real and to do the inner work that will empower you for the next leg of your mission.

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