We start the week with the Saturn station and end it with the Mercury station. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that the full-speed-ahead pace has shifted. There is no reason to bemoan any of it. In fact, in Cosmic Astrology when a planet goes retrograde it actually appears to move clockwise around the birth chart. It is moving in the direction of higher consciousness. How great is that? Armed with that information, retrograde periods will never be the same for you now. You will always know that the retrograde period is the reflection of the inward journey – the journey back to Source.

Saturn is stationing at 11 Scorpio, so wherever that lives in your field of consciousness (your birth chart) that is the part of your awareness that is being developed, cleared and attuned. I promised an article about this last week and since it isn’t posted yet apparently the information needs to be delivered in the retrograde cycle . Just think of “appropriate energy exchange.” If you ever feel drained, contemplate the situation from an energetic perspective. Saturn is the archetype of authority. You will get a chance in the months ahead to evolve your sense of empowerment and come to new terms with what you can be responsible for in your life. Come July when Saturn turns around, if you have been focused on authenticity, you will not have the same energy leaks you are dealing with now.

I could say that the week ahead is an emotional one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean weepy or wacky. The Sun moves into Pisces and Mercury stations retrograde (also in Pisces). So more accurately, higher consciousness about our emotional bodies is the focus. Neptune, the archetype of Enlightenment, rules these planets while they traverse the sign. Neptune is at the very early degrees of Pisces and we are still getting used to the vastness this represents for ourselves. Mercury’s journey back through this sign will help us unlock limiting beliefs that no longer serve us as well as help us quiet the mind making ourselves available for strokes of insight. Think of these coming weeks as time spent getting to know your Luminious Mind. The mantra for Pisces is I Am Faith and the affirmation is I Am limitless. Keep those in your back pocket.

Monday 18th

The Saturn station is capturing our full attention. Face to face with old emotional stuff? Feeling tested? Now is the time to apply every ounce of wisdom you’ve gained in staring that old stuff down and loving it to death. The Sun joins the powerful mix of planets transiting Pisces, of the personal planets Venus is the only one still traversing Aquarius. The other loaded sign is Gemini where the Moon is traveling today. The message is clear – love without condition and focus on being compassionate and forgiving with yourself first and then with the people in your life and your environment. There is nothing that is not worth sending love to.

Tuesday 19th

Each moment you are willing to slow down just by being fully present to one full inhale and exhale (do it now), the more apt you are to ease into the Mercury station. The typical funky Mercury retrograde communication issues may be sources of irritation, but resistance is giving energy to what to don’t want rather than relaxing into the possibility of the moment that is about to happen. The Gemini Moon has us feeling and responding in diverse ways and your job is to remember your power center is the heart. Put your hand on your heart if you need a reminder. What ever is coming up that may be pushing your buttons is purposeful. A simple breath and heart centered moment will help you remember you can handle anything.

Wednesday 20th

All things related to the water on the planet and your emotions are coming into view. The Cancer Moon activates a grand water trine with Saturn and the Sun Neptune conjunction. One of the greatest things you can do today is to allow yourself and others to be exactly as you/they are and exactly as you/they are not. The Sun will meet Neptune early tomorrow, which means a cycle is wrapping up and a new one is starting. Look for where your awareness of moving beyond limitation and recognizing your gifts is highlighted in your life. When the water signs are dominant it can feel intense and overwhelming. Rest, flow, allow, trust. Keep those words running through your mind.

Thursday 21st

We have lots of stories and parables of Masters showing us how to put spiritual wisdom into action. Can you think of one that particularly strikes your heart-cord? Don’t think too long, whatever wafts into your mind is probably the lesson you need to hear the most right now. Write it down and return to it periodically during the day. The grand water trine involves all of the planets in Pisces right now (Mercury, Mars, Chiron, the Sun and Neptune ) connecting through the Moon in Cancer and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. This kind of relationship is the kind that inspires poetry of the most moving kind. Seek direction today from that mysterious, flowing, deep space within yourself. Inspiration lives there. Let it move you.

Friday 22nd

The Cancer Moon is void for most of the working day and Mercury is entering his station to turn direct tomorrow. . . Stillness….Enter the space of the divine Mother – the nectar of the heavens. Today is all about nurturing from the inside out. If you have ever been in a meditation that was blissful call upon that experience again and tune into the stream of loving consciousness from the universe that is always there for you. Let the slowing vibration nourish and feed you by giving in to it. Hand over your plans to your higher Self in the understanding that what you are experiencing is a natural rhythm.

Saturday 23rd

Mercury stations retrograde at 20 Pisces before dawn EST. It is officially revision time. If you haven’t already, turn your gaze inward and endeavor to keep it there for the next few weeks. Limitation, unnecessary suffering, confusion and general fear are all qualities of the Pisces part of our consciousness when it is disempowered. This journey will help you move toward mastery and release a lot of those patterns, if you are willing. The Leo Moon is the apex of a finger of god formation with Chiron and Pluto for part of the day. No need to dwell to intensely on past wounds or your shadow. Welcome those pieces of yourself and find the blessing in the experience they afforded you.

Sunday 24th

The underlying vibe of the day continues on the theme of finding the blessing in the joys and hardships of your life experience. This practice is not to push away or deny your feelings, but rather to help you grasp the mechanism of emotional love. This new paradigm, post 12.21.12 is so much about recognizing the power of your thoughts and being empowered to shift your focus when you want to change your experience. It’s not new information, but it almost feels like it. That’s because the rainbow bridge, the connection that leads you into higher realms of consciousness is more solid than ever before. Crossing it today may bring even more insight.

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