Monday Mercury and the Sun conjoin signaling the half-way mark of the Mercury retrograde cycle. Imagine for a moment the life-force of the Sun energizing your higher mental/awareness faculties. There is so much remembering and re-activating going on, especially if you have chosen to embrace the retrograde cycle instead of resisting it.

As this week starts I will be travelling from Ireland back to New York having had a week of recognition and reclaiming – arising from within (that’s the retrograde). Since I have Pisces rising, all of the planets in Pisces (including Mercury) are helping me remember who I am in a way that really feels like a rememberment process.

I am recognizing that which I have never forgotten.

You are too; it’s just that the rememberment is happening in a different field of your consciousness (unless you are a Pisces rising, too). This is a profoundly divine feminine kind of experience; meaning it is all heart-centered, arising from within the stillness and causing a kind of balancing that feels like a return to wholeness.

The concentration of planets in Pisces continues this week and so continues the theme of Oneness and limitlessness. This is the last week of this current Moon phase, so know that there is a clearing going on. By Sunday we will be fully in the dark of the Moon – that oh so special time of the month where the dark stillness allows us to shed everything that is no longer essential just so we can start again. It is such a profound feeling, challenging to convey in words, but give yourself all the room in the world this week to let go, release and connect with the simplicity that lies within the center of your being. Wait and watch your heart’s voice be birthed from the quiet nurturing embrace you hold for it in the dark of the Moon. This is sacred space. YOU are sacred space.

Monday 4th

The Moon is in Sagittarius all day and moves into the Last Quarter phase. It is time for release. Follow any impulse to simplify and let go of shoulds, have tos and could’ve beens. Jupiter disposes the day and where Jupiter reigns expansion becomes the theme. Jupiter and Venus complete a square connection today, so you have already done the “hard” part of stretching your heart beyond its previous boundaries and now you just need to feel into this new fangled realm of universal love consciousness. Love is too small of a word for describing what’s possible now. No need to define the feeling just yet, simplify and feel into the vastness. Welcome love without boundaries.

Tuesday 5th

The Moon is in Sagittarius for most of the day making her last aspects mid morning before going void of course until mid evening. Your physical body is going through a clearing – this can look a lot of different ways and it will show up in your body or your environment. Resolve to be courageous in letting the process be what it is. . . a release, a clearing, the fulfillment of an amazing alignment. Venus and Chiron conjoin at 10 Pisces furthering the theme of wellness and alignment. Use the quiet of the void Moon to honor the cycle you are completing. The divine feminine is now more integrated within you than ever before. If you contemplate this you will surely be present to miracles, but remember you have applied your consciousness to this end and it is an opportunity to honor yourself.

Wednesday 6th

The Capricorn Moon today gives you access to a reservoir of power that you contain that you may not always pull from. Ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 your definition of true power, your I AM Presence, has expanded exponentially. Pluto in 5D consciousness is after all the archetype of The Gatekeeper, the thing that opens the door to your multidimensionality. Today’s Moon also has you resonating with Saturn, the Great Teacher. Take the opportunity to tune into and nurture that part within you that is in command and empowered. Feel those words and let your cells absorb their vibration. Focus on what is possible and what is authentic and redirect feelings of criticism or judgment back into the realm of infinite potential.

Thursday 7th

The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn. Just before the workday ends the Moon goes void for the evening. Saturn, the Great Teacher, gives the day its focus and like yesterday there is the opportunity for you to feel into and therefore realize more fully your authentic truth. Saturn is retrograde and more than likely you are revisiting the empowerment theme in your life. Keep your eye on your higher Self. All of the old insecurities or disempowering habits are surfacing only so you can kiss them and let them know that they no longer run your life. Those habits were purposeful once and you are now asked to retire many of them. Recognize the value they once had and then put them aside in your mind’s eye. Your heart-center is now in command and your conscious mind its humble assistant.

Friday 8th

The Moon moved into Aquarius last night and will spend the day travelling through that part of your conscious energy field. It is an opportunity to feel how innovative you are and to bring to light any defenses that keep you from being and sharing your brilliant Self. There is only 1 you and you are here to add value to the whole. You are here to add value to the whole – yes, you. Self worth (empowerment), what you value (what matters or what materializes), energy exchange (currency and frequency)….all of these are key words that, in part, describe the relationship Saturn and Pluto are in right now – your archetypes of Teacher and Multi-dimensionality redefining what matters (manifests) to you and how you want to create your life/world in 5D consciousness. Retrograde Mercury travels back over Chiron, which means you are in the process of reclaiming pieces of awareness that can unlock limitation in your life. Open up.

Saturday 9th

Last evening, the Aquarian Moon went void of course. The Moon is void all day long making no significant aspects to other planets. It is time to unplug from the regular rhythm of your life and be actively passive in your day’s meditation. Contemplate that for a moment – active passivity – being alert, present, attuned and centered, still, receptive. This is the feminine intelligence that you are returning to in a big way these days. The feminine archetype for Aquarius in Cosmic Astrology is called the Goddess of Harmonic Resonance. She is all about vibration, frequency, harmonics, tones…the sounds of the universe, the sounds of your I AM. In this void day, feel your way into the meaning of these words.

Sunday 10th

Just after midnight the Moon enters Pisces and will spend the next few days connecting with all of the planetary archetypes that are traveling through that sign right now. These days will give you the chance to intuit and become more conscious of the limitless field of potential you are in. Today is a feeling day, not necessarily emotional – sensitive, vast, energy moving. Understanding is possible – anything is possible – but definition is limiting, so you might instead just take this opportunity to rest your mind and let your non-verbal senses take over and take you for a ride beyond what you know. Where Pisces is in your consciousness is where you can become aware of limitation and doubt. Let the e-motion take you beyond that today. Let go with each breath.

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