The end is in sight for Mercury’s retrograde period, but don’t get ahead of yourself. There is some juicy territory to get into in the week ahead.

The New Moon on Monday represents fertile new ground and because it is in Pisces, you may not be able to discern the details of what new expression wants to come forth. You must get heart-centered and feel your way around. In fact, it may just be that you focus on your own personal vibration and play around with meditation or chanting or music to help you get your energy field buzzing. Talk to your cells and your organs and imagine them vibrating blissfully. Pisces = anything is possible via your imagination and beyond.

All week, the Moon traverses the signs who compose your higher mental body: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. While the Moon’s transits are like shifting winds and don’t last long, much like a mood, the Moon still represents your emotional mechanism. That said, while your higher mind becomes still (Mercury slowing into its station), you will have the opportunity to align your feelings with your higher consciousness (mind heart as one). Because Mercury is still retrograde there are definitely realizations to be had, little awe-ha moments that help you see your own mastery.

Mars is the first of the personal planets to move into Aries and he does so on Tuesday. In doing so he will move over the world axis at 0 Aries. Mars disposes the physical dimension. He is the expression of physical power, in 5D that has to do with getting that your physical reality is a projection of your consciousness. Aries is the sign of waking up. You can bet that Mars will activate and spark you – in what area of your life depends on where Aries is in your birth chart – but the waking up you are in for is definitely experiential. Having an experience gives you concrete access to a truth you may have known but couldn’t fully “get” until you had the experience. This is what “realization” is all about.

Embrace all of your experiences this week!

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Monday 11th

All day long we are in the dark of the New Moon, a Piscean New Moon. Conception is happening – something specific chosen out of infinite possibility. Now is not the time to know what it is. Your job is to be present. Tend to the quality of your vibration – breathe deeply, listen to uplifting music, run positive affirmations through your mind, do something playful – anything that will snap you out of limitation or suffering. Use your tools! Mars is at the very last degree of Pisces and when this archetype of the physical realm moves into Aries tomorrow you will notice the shift, but until then continue to anchor in your heart-center and allow yourself to feel into new territory without bringing your past fear-based stuff into your future. You are beyond that now.

Tuesday 12th

Mars moves into Pisces a number of hours before the Moon does, but by the time the day really gets going we will feel the significance of both planets in this sign. When Aries is prominent you are working with higher mental power. Mars is the traditional planet associated with Aries, but in 5D the planet that disposes the empowered qualities of Aries is Mercury. It’s all about higher consciousness – thinking with your heart and letting love be the primary motivational force behind what you do. You have been prepared to behave in this way. Mercury is slowing down to station in a few days. So much illumination is possible here and the spark of creation that Aries represents in your energy field will be ignited in ways you’ve been waiting for. Even a little bit of effort applied to stretch beyond your comfort zone will yield empowering results.

Wednesday 13th

The Moon is in Aries all day, and though the Aries part of your consciousness is where things get sparked and started, it’s not like you are feeling full speed ahead. That does not mean something new is not being initialized, something new most certainly is which will come into sight in due time as the Moon progresses to full. Today the Aries Moon is void nearly all day long putting you into the feminine way of being that magnetizes and attracts. There is a transmutational quality to the day and an opportunity to walk though another door to your future – Venus trines the North Node – so tune into your instincts. Follow your intuition. Take the road less travelled. With the void Moon, what unfolds from your choices will definitely not be linear, predictable or even what you expected, but the point is that you practice trusting the guidance of your heart’s voice.

Thursday 14th

The Moon moves into Taurus in the wee hours of the day. Your intuition may be off the charts today and its your chance to become more aware of the impact your inner voice has on your wellbeing. How are you speaking to yourself anyway? This is your opportunity to place greater focus on the soft and kind voice that you may typically dismiss over the more loud and persistent voice that isn’t as loving. All of the planets in Pisces are evoking your compassion center, and it is likely you have made grand strides in shoring up old fear-based tendencies, but with any new skill practice is needed to gain mastery. Mercury is still retrograde indicating that you are knee deep in an internal rewiring process. Trust and surrender are called for. I AM Present is your mantra.

Friday 15th

The Taurus Moon is in its crescent phase, a time of energizing what it is you are desiring to bring into form (manifest/create). The Moon makes a lot of creative and exploratory connections, so it is okay if you are not feeling particularly clear. Explore and play. Just keep feeling into your heart-space and use your awareness to keep your vibration high and positively focused. Trust is always a big part of the start of any creative endeavor. Venus is traditionally associated with Taurus, but in 5D Earth disposes the higher aspects of the Taurus part of your consciousness. There is something about getting grounded and reaching deep into the riches of yourself that provides the foundation or impetus to expressing yourself creatively. Find the bounty within and you will gain access to that which is wanting to be expressed. This is not just for “creative types”, you ARE a creative type – acknowledging this is a vital part of your wellness.

Saturday 16th

For the past couple of days, the Moon in Taurus has been acting like a finger tapping your shoulder trying to get your attention. Hopefully, you have been listening and tuning in to your intuitive impulses and going beyond any old resistance you’ve had in listening to that voice. Mercury pulls into his station. It’s a perfect setup for PRESENCE (you know that delicious space where everything just IS). You may fidget and squirm, but you won’t escape the voices in your head. Blast the not so nice ones with love (only Love and appreciation, please) and firmly ask them to retire to the back row. Welcome the softer ones forward and pledge your allegiance to them as though you were taking the most sacred of oaths. You must if you want to continue down the love-based path – which is the only reason you’d be reading this. You are establishing a new relationship between your physical and spiritual bodies. Honor thy Self!

Sunday 17th

Mercury has retrograded all the way back to 6 degrees Pisces. He is still today, as in appearing not to move from the perspective here on Earth, and will start moving forward tomorrow, traveling back over most of Pisces. Take a moment today to reflect on how much you’ve learned about what “the limitless field of possibility” means to you. Name 3 ways in which you have broken free of limitation and realized your mastery. Interestingly, the Moon is in Gemini today, the traditional sign of Mercury. Gemini in 5D is the sign where duality ceases to be necessary and evolves into unity consciousness. It is where the mind and heart come together as One. Feel it today. You are there, only a few details remain which Mercury will highlight for integration as he starts to move forward.

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