The Aries part of your consciousness is pretty lit up right now. When we are dealing with our Aries “stuff” we can often feel like we are wrestling inside of a too small container. There is some awareness that a bigger container must exist, but it seems damn near impossible to get beyond the focus that you are in – it is a kind of self-absorption. There is considerable effort required to break free – much like an insect wrestling out of its cocoon. And the breaking free part is the awakening, which is really what Aries is all about.

I’m actually glad Mercury is still in Pisces. It’s grace and adds a certain amount of gentleness to the cocoon-wrangling that I myself am doing. The mind just can’t get hung up too long on something before it is floating and bobbing along again. When Mercury enters Aries in the coming weeks we will be much more intensely pressed to focus our minds on the positive, but while he is still in Pisces the softness and loving approach is never too far out of reach.

The long Moon void of course phases help. They are providing us all the opportunities for disengaging from the incessant urge to do do do so we can really experience the miracle of just Being.

The week ahead looks promising. Not only are there lots of long void phases, but the Libra Full Moon affords us the brilliant opportunity to get clear and self-realize. The Sun meets up with Venus and they both travel over Uranus at the same degree Mars hit last week = more awakening, more recognition, more “moved by Love” happenings.

Mercury travels back to Chiron and tunes into Pluto and Jupiter. Again the word recognition keeps coming up as a great descriptive for what’s going on. When something is reclaimed, which speaks to the Chiron and Pluto connection, there is a new level of wholeness attained and we are forever changed.

It’s holy week for many – I can’t resist thinking of it also as wholly week. Holy/Wholly. Now that is something to contemplate!

Monday 25th

This morning the Virgo Moon enters yet another epic 33hr void phase. It is perfect, really, because the feminine states of being are so much more accessible when the Moon is not being majorly aspected. So give yourself over entirely to the divine feminine today. Allow yourself to wait for the answers to reveal themselves, rather than actively pursue them. Allow yourself to dream and meander and go in circles a bit knowing and trusting that something from your unconscious is being accessed that will lead you to a surprising outcome. Chiron is the ruler of the day and always with Virgo and Chiron the main focus is alignment and wellbeing. The easiest way to be in alignment is to honor yourself at every turn. Happy Passover!

Tuesday 26th

The Moon is in Virgo but void of course until 5:32pm EDT. That’s most of the day. Inside the void, Mars is busy activating the planets Jupiter and Saturn who are the main players in bringing about social change that will more aptly reflect the upgrade in consciousness we’ve made in the last few months. World news ought to be interesting, but don’t take your eye off the main target – you! All of the planets in Aries most certainly have you putting great effort into breaking free of the too small container of a world you’ve been dwelling in. You know you are making yourself ready for something that will, honestly, fit you more appropriately. In the feminine void, you must work with the energy of allowing. Listen to what wants to be known, but don’t operate as if you have all of the answers. What you know in the moment is exactly what you need to know in that very moment. Nothing more is really necessary. How is that for a new experiential definition of balance?

Wednesday 27th

The Libra Full Moon occurs early in the morning and, of course, lights up the polarity between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. In Cosmic Consciousness the dynamic these two signs signify is the journey of the conscious mind from awakening to self-realization. Traditionally it was the self versus the other, but in 5D there is no “other,” there is only you experiencing You. That’s enough to meditate on for the entire day and then some. This Libra Full Moon is a prime opportunity to awaken to the powerful self-realization tool of “the Mirrored Self.” As the social order changes and the illusion of separation turns transparent, the truth of who you are, as a conscious creator, becomes undeniable. Today stand empowered and take responsibility for what you are experiencing.

Thursday 28th

Yesterday afternoon the Moon went void and remains so for most of the day today. Venus and the Sun make their way to an exact conjunction with Uranus at 8 Aries, the trigger point Mars hit late last week. This all happens inside the void, in the domain of the divine feminine. If the world is but our reflection doesn’t it make sense that in order for anything to change the change must come from within? After tonight, both your physical and emotional bodies will have rendezvoused with the Great Awakener. Don’t give any focus to fear-based thoughts on these connections. Remain open and committed to keeping your vibration high. When the Moon moves into Scorpio and starts to resonate with Pluto there will be proof enough around you that transformation is a worthwhile pursuit. Sometimes the best presence (pun intended) comes in unexpected packages.

Friday 29th

While most of the personal planets are now in Aries, Mercury remains in Pisces retracing for a third and final time the degrees he retrograded over. Today there is a culmination of energy happening between Mercury conjuncting Chiron, sextiling Pluto and squaring Jupiter. It’s an alignment we’ve been waiting for – you know 3rd time’s a charm kind of thing. Something very significant has been reintegrated into your mental sphere from your mind’s journey through the limitless field and now has practical application and social significance. The Moon traveling through Scorpio will stir up the rich new sustenance you’ve created for yourself in the empowerment department. It’s a day for recognition, as in truly seeing yourself and therein seeing possibility.

Saturday 30th

The Scorpio Moon is void for nearly the entire day. That means it’s your time to bask in the feminine way of being and integrate all that you’ve been doing for the past few days. The inconjunct between the Sun/Venus and Saturn becomes exact today. This is a day about you accessing your higher vision, the imaginative juice that inspires your life and to gain grater footing on being the creator you are. You’ve been in training for this, so it’s not like it is brand new territory, only there is a bit of a learning curve you’ve been on – we’ve all be on. There is nothing to do, per say, but to fix your gaze on the quality of your being-ness and know that by keeping your thoughts simple and pure, your vibration stays high. The purpose is to set yourself up to experience the magnetic presence of the feminine life-force within you.

Sunday 31st

The Sagittarian Moon is very active today and draws our attention to the polarity between this sign and Gemini – a balanced mind/heart combined with right action. Jupiter disposes the Moon today and is currently working to evolve your consciousness beyond the confines of duality into a unified heart-centered presence. Today, what’s possible is the ability to experience how a balanced mind/heart relationship makes acting with integrity actually do-able. Fancy that! Maybe there is even some fun that can be had in it too. Jupiter in Gemini is pretty convivial. As they say, put your best foot forward. Happy Easter!

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