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The past few weeks feel like a blur don’t they? All of a sudden I feel miles away from the Pisecean experience of feeling suspended in a sensory deprivation tank with seemingly no ability to orient myself. The great thing about being “jolted” by Uranus transits last week was that I can feel the ground again. Imagine, if the rug gets pulled out from underneath you and you land on your butt at least you know where the bottom is! I could go on…If you get a bucket of cold water thrown in your face, the moment of impact is altogether exhilarating. Boom – AWAKE!

Awake alert and moved. We are poised and ready for the new thing that we have been moving toward but haven’t fully gotten a grip on. The week ahead is when we actually pop out of the birth canal, so to speak. It’s the last great push into the new realm of life as fully upgraded humans

The week is fairly quiet aspect wise, but don’t I don’t think it will be quiet. It is nicely interspersed with long Moon void of course phases, which have been enormously helpful for restoring our yin/yang, being/doing, and magnetizing/activating energies. You can bet on seeing productive strides being taken in your life because you are more balanced and able to sense your wholeness. It’s all evidence of the foundation of personal empowerment that you have been steadily building block by block.

All of the personal planets connect with the Moon’s Nodes this week – Mars, Venus and later the Sun through subtle aspects that require you adjust and come from the heart when faced with a choice between something familiar versus something new and unknown but more likely aligned with your higher purpose. Mercury connects with the Nodes by way of sextile and trine, making it somewhat easier to come from a higher perspective as long as you put a bit of effort into it – meaning, don’t be lazy this week and fall back into habits or choices you know don’t serve the highest vision you hold for your life. Even if you don’t know what that vision is exactly, you will still Know what is the high road and what is the fearful one.

At the end of the week, Mercury leaves its shadow phase and moves into new territory. He will still be in Pisces, but now that you’ve freed yourself up from many old and tired limiting patterns. Now is the time you will get to know yourself in brand new and more masterful territory.

The biggest deal of the week, however, is the Venus Mars conjunction at 20 Aries. The last time these two archetypes came together was in May 2011 in Taurus and they did so along with Mercury. Together they launched a 2 year journey of mind/heart/body rewiring. This time around they are flanked by the Sun and Eris in the sign Mars rules traditionally. Mars is in his own sign, his comfort zone, but the archetype doesn’t function like he used to in our lives. His feminine balance has come online and so our entire physical experience is different – more integrated, more attuned to the nature of creation which is born out of a the magnetic force of a black hole. With Eris only 2 degrees away, you can bet that in these next two years we will welcome huge inner revelations about the divine feminine and her reclaimed place as we live a heart-centered existence. My keywords for this experience are Recognition and Reclamation.

Yowza – this is exciting!

Monday 1st

The Sun and the Moon are both in fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius respectively, giving this day an inspirational kind of quality to it. But the Moon is void nearly the entire day, so the spark and motivation you feel is not the “up and at ‘em” kind, it’s really more about being present in the moment, shining your light, radiating energy and watching how and what comes into your life. The Sun sextiles Jupiter today, the planetary archetype of Sagittarius, which again speaks to feeling good and balance more than you’ve probably felt in a long while. These long, divine feminine oriented days are helping you make profound shifts in the way you live your life. Thinking with your heart is more than just a nice idea now; it is more real than ever. Keep settling into your most simple and clear truth and let all else fall by the wayside.

Tuesday 2nd

Today’s Capricorn Moon is grounding, helping you gain access to all that has transformed in your life over the past 6 weeks in a tangible way. Use this day to be honest and real with yourself. Saturn rules the next couple of days giving you the chance to feel into the new relationship you’ve forged with authority, namely your own empowerment. When you are in 5D consciousness there is no power outside of yourself. It all comes from within. If you are struggling with this aspect in your life than see this as the moment of truth, where you can choose to adopt an attitude of accountability and own all of the stuff that is showing you where you are not empowered. No need to be critical or reproaching of yourself. Give special attention to what you are focusing on – what you focus on is what you are creating. Choose Love, if that’s what you want more of.

Wednesday 3rd

It’s another long Moon void day. You are probably very present to the rumblings of change in your life. Allow integration to happen today and focus your gaze inward. In a receptive state you can become more and more aware of your connection to your higher Self, especially with the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is now in its Last Quarter phase which is all about release. There is a whole lot of wrapping up energy in general – Mercury is just a few short days from completing its current cycle, Mars and Venus are about to meet and begin a new phase, Ceres is at the last degree of Gemini and will move into Cancer tomorrow. All of the planets in Aries are sparking new things and yet it’s not time yet for the new to come forth. It is time to release and let go and open up space for the new to take hold.

Thursday 4th

It’s been a week of productive transformation and healing. You may not be able to put your finger on all of the details, but surely you can look and see now how the long strange trip you’ve been on has actually cleared out debris you never knew you carried in your energy field. All of us have been clearing the density of our human experience (and beyond) and the Chiron Pluto sextile today means that, for the moment, you can feel good about all you’ve accomplished. Take a moment to honor yourself (don’t glaze over those words. Really honor yourself.). The Moon moves into Aquarius early in the morning and so the archetype of Uranus is in the backdrop of your emotional body for the next couple of days. There is nothing predictable about Uranus, the Great Awakener, except, like a light switch switching on you can go from dark to light in record speed. This is a day where insight into your subconscious proves invaluable and profoundly healing.

Friday 5th

Mars, Mercury and Venus – the personal planets representing your physical, mental and emotional bodies – connect with the Moon’s Nodes today. The Nodes are like doorways, one showing you your past and one beckoning you to your future. Which one will you walk through? Of course this dynamic has been building and you’ve been feeling it coming in many ways. Ultimately this is about Recognition with a capital R – it is you realizing that there is a path of habit that you take over and over and over again that always yields the same results. And then there is the road that is not so familiar but compels you by tugging at your heart strings. Follow your heart today. It may not yield predictable results or even look remotely practical, but the practice of tuning into yourself and honoring the loving and subtle voice there will be worth it. This is what 5D consciousness is all about.

Saturday 6th

At long last, Mercury leaves his shadow at 20 Pisces and begins a whole new cycle. By now you are a lot more familiar with the spiritual wisdom that is the consciousness of Pisces. You’ve experienced it – the limitlessness of this sign both expands and drums up deeply submerged feelings of fear and suffering. It also teaches that you do not need to hold on to anything – feelings come and go and to be balanced is to allow the flow of emotions to just move through you. The Moon enters Pisces today, too, and over the course of the next 2 days will move over Neptune, Chiron, and Mercury. What you can feel today is a whole new and much more enlightened take on who you are as a spiritual being – look for your own expression of Mastery. You’ve been cracked open – open is a good space to be in at the start of a new cycle of conscious awakening.

Sunday 7th

Venus and Mars come together at 20 Aries which completes a 2 year cycle involving major upgrades to your four lower body system and initiating a cycle of straight-up Awakening. This is the event of the week, to say the least! The rulers of your feminine and masculine energetic balance come together in the sign of the vibration of Christ Consciousness. In the next 2 years you can bet on experiencing a whole new relationship between your heart center and your physical experience – the essence of living a hi-vibrational life with the appropriate balance of yin/yang. Open up today and know that you’re being downloaded and accelerated at a cellular level so as to live in a more luminous way.

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