Mercury, Venus and Mars have all started new cycles over the past couple of days and I find it fascinating to contemplate that these new phases started while the Moon was Balsamic. The Balsamic phase of the Moon is such a rich and fertile time, but it is not start-up energy. It is part of the rhythm of life where you are letting go. Your experiences of the last four weeks turn into the compost and the nutrients for the next cycle to be nourished from, but first you must release, clear the decks – you know, do your weeding, tilling and ph-balancing (to continue with the gardening metaphor). In other words, as the week starts, hold off your launch party for later in the week. Focus first on proper prep-work.

Can’t you feel the pace of life speeding up? It is a relief, but you can bet this week you’ll be pining for a second to breath. The truth is you always have a moment to breath and the art of navigating life is to honoring that moment isn’t it?

There has been a lot of talk on about the Uranian jolt and no doubt you have experienced a few surprises that moved you abruptly. There’s more this week as Venus and Mars trigger Eris, easily related to as the feminine version of Uranus. Her jolts are more like the workings of a Volcano (shout-out to the Goddess Pele), like inner eruptions that ultimately are restorative. The eruption is the energy needed to reclaim parts of your consciousness that were fragmented, lost, shut down or disowned. Eris is less archetypal for us and more Super-conscious, like a colossal space holder (a massive presence overshadowing our tiny human self) for our return to a balanced male/female state of being. As Venus and Mars move over her this week we will have achieved much in the way of wholeness. It may already be felt by you, and it will become more obvious, especially because the Aries New Moon is conjunct Eris.

Pluto stations and turns retrograde this week starting a revision process that will last well into the fall. Since being in Capricorn, Pluto has totally exposed our authority issues and now we are prepared to root out anything that remains disempowered. Retrogrades actually give us the opportunity to evolve our consciousness in the dharmic direction. Embrace what you witness about yourself regarding you connect to or relate to your highest Self this week and look forward to the do-over you are getting.

Lastly, Mercury moves into Aries on Saturday. That’s likely going to feel like high-speed travel. At its best, this is the time for you to come from the heart while utilizing the brilliance of your mind. Negativity is given minimal attention. Our entire four-body system has been significantly upgraded and balanced, so this will be a perfect test on the experience of life as beings anchored in the heart–center.

Monday 8th

The Moon travels over the late degrees of Pisces, and in doing so, he connects head-on with Mercury. Mercury, ruler of the mental body, is in new territory having finally left the degrees he traveled over during his recent retrograde phase. So while all the planets in Aries are inspiring new directions creatively, mentally and emotionally you are immersed in the watery vastness of Pisces. In many ways, this dynamic is helpful because you are gaining mastery in holding the consciousness of limitlessness while getting your bearings in new physical territory. Without this pattern you might be too rash and impulsive. At 3pm EDT the Moon moves into Aries after a short void and we enter the dark of the Moon – the time just before the New Moon. This is perfect for spring cleaning on all levels of your being, not just your physical space. Make room for the new.

Tuesday 9th

Neptune connected in a productive way yesterday with the asteroid Pallas, which speaks to the shaping up of a powerful spiritual vision that you are ready to express. Pallas is in Taurus right now, making her feminine focus doubly significant – actually this is a great supportive piece in place for us as we gain footing in the newly balanced feminine energy within ourselves. The Moon is in Aries all day long moving towards the Sun. They won’t be conjunct until tomorrow morning, so today is still a day for clearing and making ready for the new. The Moon will connect with Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, so be open and ready for the unexpected, truthful insights and revelations about your unconscious. And as always, make it your main priority to stay heart-centered, especially with your thoughts. .

Wednesday 10th

Before the New Moon event this morning Mars exactly conjuncts Eris, triggering yet another physically oriented and inwardly focused awakening. Both archetypes of the physical body and the emotional body have now moved over Uranus and Eris. The New Moon occurs early in the day at 20 Aries – this is a new beginning like no other. It’s an event occurring in-between Uranus and Eris…There is just no getting around the fact that we are experiencing bursts of high voltage energy rising up within us moving us to where we need to be. Knowing this will helpfully make it possible for you to keep your mind quiet and focused on the positive. No matter what you are experiencing in your day to day life, make it your mission to stay open to what comes your way. Let it move you and practice coming from the heart.

Thursday 11th

The Moon is in Taurus all day as Pluto pulls into his station. Pluto, the gatekeeper to multidimensional awareness, will join Saturn in retrograde motion tomorrow. Pluto is the slowest planet moving right now and therefore will command much of your focus. He is stationing at 12 Capricorn and will spend the next few months working to deepen your experience of yourself as your divine Self – helping you to revisit the new ways you’ve come into your own authority. Events within the next few days will be very revealing of what it is you will be reworking to make sounder structurally. Embrace it all. Know that in the months ahead you will have a chance to open up to your multi-dimensionality and establish supportive structures for living from your redefined perspective.

Friday 12th

Pluto stations retrograde mid-afternoon. The Moon is in Taurus all day long. Saturn and Uranus come together again exactly inconjunct. The theme of the day has everything to do with recognizing your Light and being grounded in the truth that makes it possible to stand empowered in the face of any drama. Life is full of surprises, that’s a given, but how quickly can you regain your footing and not be diminished by any unexpected circumstance, situation or relationship? You have been making choices all along and now more than ever the intensity and responsibility of being the Creator is dawning on you. It is meant to liberate, but liberation happens when you learn the art of detachment. The only thing you really need is your breath, because the breath will calm your illusory fears and return you to your heart. Don’t be afraid to go where you are being taken.


“When things speed up, slow down.” The Moon will enter Gemini this morning after a very short void. Mercury, who disposes the sign Gemini, will move over the master degrees of Pisces today and finally transition into Aries. Today is all about applying your wisdom and mastery by getting centered in your heart and doing what you know is right. All of the personal planets are now in Aries, fiery territory – and things are moving fast, gaining momentum. Now is the time to rely on the discipline you’ve cultivated in your life and use it to balance your thoughts at your heart-center. Your whole system has been reworked to establish the heart-center as your new root chakra. You are there and it is up to you to keep applying your wisdom to create the life you know you are meant to have.

Sunday 14th

It’s been quite a week and today is not lacking in the activity department. The Gemini Moon has us connecting with Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury in Aries. Gemini heralds the part of your consciousness that is no longer in separation consciousness – seeing the game of life as a grand opportunity to know and love yourself as One with everything. When the Gemini part of you gets triggered or activated a unified awareness becomes possible and there often is a focus on bringing thought, word and deed into alignment, as well as balancing action and stillness. Balance here is about finding the right flow. That’s your project for the day.

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