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It just occurred to me that I can’t pin a deep sadness I am aware of entirely on my Pisces Moon. It’s being made accessible by the Pluto station! It’s for all of us!! Pluto is that place where we walk through the gateway beyond our known world and step out into vast, strange and awe-some unknown worlds. This, of course, is not “out there” which I am still so in the habit of thinking, but WITHIN. All of you are feeling this deep out-there-ness in some strikingly sensitive way. I know I could use a really good cry… scratch that…a huffing sob…. and lucky you are if you’ve already been graced with the energy that moves this deep stuff up for release. It will move for me too, simply because I am aware that that’s what wants to happen.

The week ahead is pretty exciting. After a few weeks honing our Aries consciousness – feeling re-energized, efforting and working to break new ground, simplifying, and practicing our heart-based awareness – the planets start to move into Taurus and shift our focus. Prepare to settle down a bit. The Taurus part of your energy field is more at home in the divine feminine way of being, at least after you have faced your own fear-based stuff that can make you stubborn or resistant or ignore your intuitive faculties. You’ll find that it will be important that you really listen to your thoughts and how you talk to yourself so that you can shift negative mental chatter and give it less energy. If you have done a lot of that work already, then this is a time where you can establish an even stronger rapport with your intuitive voice and find yourself desiring to express yourself creatively. Funny how that works; when you quiet the negative chatter and really listen to your heart – it speaks and starts to tell you what it wants and then you want to do it!

Mercury applies to Uranus all week – which is intense – and by the end of the week they will be conjunct. This is the last of the personal archetypes, the rulers of your four vital energy bodies, to travel over Uranus. The best practice you can do all week is to very consciously and deliberately slow down, breath and experience the moment – especially when you’ve been zapped or startled or irritated in some way.

Just s l o w yourself d o w n.

Consider that your greatest “technique” for being in a state of surrender and allowing.
Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare….the slowest one crosses the finish line first. There is profound purpose in being present enough to experience the space between breaths. At its most simplistic, isn’t that what being awake is all about anyway?

Monday 15th

Venus is the first of all of the personal planets to enter Taurus, which she does in the wee early hours of the day. Even though Venus is the archetype of your emotional body, there is a distinct focus today on the mental body – not the lower mind, but the higher mental plane. Higher consciousness is, after all, where the heart rules and the mind serves and in the next few weeks, Venus in Taurus will support you in any process where your heart – that which you feel, desire and value – still needs to triumph over your lower mind. Resistance and over attachment are the fear-based qualities that you might find coming up. Your work is to get grounded and honor the loving voice of your intuition. It’s there that you will come to find the stable omniscient presence of your higher consciousness, which is the Taurus part of you in its highest expression.

Tuesday 16th

There are a number of indicators marking this day decidedly divine feminine in its focus, meaning the nurturing, heart-centered space that you have been rediscovering and settling into is focal. Venus is newly in her native sign Taurus, the Moon is in Cancer (NOT void of course, but in the sign of The Mother), and Mars, Mercury and the Sun aspect the new planets (former asteroids) Vesta and Ceres. It hasn’t been easy dropping your dominant masculine habits especially favored in the western culture, but these habits must change – that’s been self-evident – if you are to live a heart centered life. You are in new, but ancient territory, and what’s important today and every day is to slow down and tune into your feelings. Not the drama, let that go, but the clues that your intuition provides in the form of subtle energy – that which m o v e s you.

Wednesday 17th

All week the Sun and Mars travel closely together, but today they meet exactly at 28 Aries. It marks a new Sun/Mars cycle, which correlates to a new conscious relationship to your physical self and your environment, particularly around what it means to be a Light Being. In 5D consciousness, physicality takes on new multidimensionality and we are experiencing first hand many of the things we have read or heard about for years regarding being in light-body (you may be closer to being able to turning water into wine than you think) because of what you now know first hand about vibration. The Cancer Moon activates a grand water trine with the dharmic North Node and Chiron, making your inner voice particularly helpful in connecting with mastery and your evolutionary purpose. Tuning in is easy today, but finding harmony will require your positive mental focus.

Thursday 18th

The Sun spends its last day in the sign of Aries today, while the Moon moves from Cancer to Leo with only a short void of course phase. All that you’ve allowed yourself to open up to, all that you’ve put a bit of elbow grease into, all the moxie you’ve felt guiding you in a new direction over the past few weeks has shown you a lot about your higher mental power; that is, your capacity to follow your heart rather than your head or where more heart over head is needed. You’ve been fervently rubbing two flint sticks together and the spark has finally taken hold. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments. As the personal planets line up in Taurus now and you digest what has been ignited within you, you’ll be faced with getting grounded in order to bring your inspiration into manifested form. But for today, enjoy the spark of divinity within and anchor yourself in gratitude for wrestling your way out of the cocoon you’ve been in.

Friday 19th

Mercury has been applying to Uranus all week causing purposeful disruption, irritation, surprise, miraculous thinking – any thing to do with currency, electricity and vibration that awakens you to the communion you have with your higher Self. Tomorrow these planets will meet exactly by degree and the energy will not be as intense, but today you will definitely benefit from any kind of grounding exercises. Grounding is like allowing – it enables the high voltage current to which you are being attuned to flow through you properly. Fortunately, the Sun moves into Taurus, the sign where you develop deep roots that support your spiritual expansion. Neptune and Ceres trine each other too, making it possible for you to tap into the higher spiritual aspects of self-nurturing. Profound moments in abundance!

Saturday 20th

It’s been a while since we have had a long void of course and that is remedied by today’s 21 hour long Leo void Moon. Inside the void Mars enters Taurus and after weeks of intense heat we have a chance to touch ground and cool off a bit. That is AFTER Mercury conjuncts Uranus in the morning. Mercury is the last and final personal planet to travel over and thus be triggered by the Great Awakener. Hopefully, by now you have learned the true meaning of surrender and realized its benefits. You’ve been moved. Repeatedly. Uranus after all shows us how to actually BE un-conditional, and within that to recognize freedom and finally liberation. These lofty spiritual precepts are not so out of reach anymore. We’ve been so close for so long and now it’s possible to touch and embody these teachings and ways of being. It’s amazing and ordinary at the same time. Welcome to your new reality.

Sunday 21st

The Moon is in Virgo all day long, meaning consciously or not you are going through an alignment and healing process. Honor yourself where ever you are. This is perfect after such an intense week, although today Mercury squares Pluto exactly bringing important information into view the likes of which may need some digesting. Digestion is a kind of transformation, which is Pluto’s intent. Always purposeful, the outer planets like Pluto and Uranus open gateways that help us spiral our consciousness up and out of the wheel of cause and effect. It may be helpful to remember that Pluto is that part of your consciousness that is getting rid of anything flimsy, un-useful, outmoded, dilapidated, and downright too small for your highest good. When something like that comes into your awareness, trust the energy is raising you upwards.

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