Get ready to enter warp speed. This week’s Full Moon in Scorpio is also the first of 3 eclipses. Regarding our experience of the time/space between eclipses, I can’t help but think of Star Wars and the images of the Millennium Falcon (Hans Solo’s vehicle) zooming into space on hyperdrive seeming to materialize in a new and safe part of the galaxy within seconds. Don’t buckle your seat belts – you don’t want to be attached to anything right now. In fact, your work for the next few weeks is to encourage yourself to let go – even put your hands in the air – and embrace the exhilaration of what it feels like to finally trust and stand in your Source-given power with two feet solidly planted on the Earth.

Fear will come up. It’s unavoidable, but isn’t fear also so much more transparent these days? It just doesn’t stick or stay around long when you move into your heart.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon lunar eclipse we are graced with every other day being nearly a full day in the Moon void of course phase. Sparing you the technical description, the “Moon void” is just that – a “darkness” that’s like a natural time-out. It is characterized by being an actively passive time in which you are in a creative state of attracting or magnetizing. It is a part of the rhythm of your natural cycle – the being rather than the doing part – A time for integrating and receiving, meandering and dreaming. Divine!

If you can expand the way you see such that you are aware of both what your eyes are looking at and what you can perceive when you move your perspective out into the atmosphere (or even just up to your ceiling) such that you are look down at yourself, you can “get” how to keep your vision high as you move through life between eclipses (there will be 2 more eclipses in the next 4 weeks). You have your day to day experiences to be present with all-the-while never taking your gaze away from the awareness of witnessing yourself. Make sure to Love yourself when you witness yourself. If you can’t, that is where transformation WILL happen in this eclipse journey.

Saturn is very focal this week. He used to cause us much suffering. Not so in 5D, although suffering and other strong emotions are very much a part of the human experience, in 5D Saturn is the essence of empowerment – always an inside job, one earned through experience and the maturity, discipline and practice of choosing Love over fear. Love over fear. Love over fear. Love over fear. Make it your mantra as you remember who you are and what you are capable of.

It’s what every Master has ever taught.

LOVE over fear.

Monday 22nd

The Moon is in Virgo all day, but is void and therefore not making any aspects after squaring Jupiter at 2:02am EDT. This is your cue to surrender and give yourself over and Be in receiving mode. Open up. Slow down your actions. Move from your heart. Virgo is the sign where healing and the process of alignment take center stage in your life. You can bet that today will offer the opportunity for you to do some significant integrating. Inside the void, is the exact opposition between Venus and Saturn. Get present to some of the valuable self-worth challenges that have been stirred up recently. By now they should be pretty transparent and your task is to honor what came up, but give all of your focus over to the inner empowerment that is taking over at your core (le cœur). It’s a perfect day for Earth Day – you could also call it Honor Your Self Day.

Tuesday 23rd

The Moon moves into Libra early in the morning and becomes the focus of a Finger of God aspect with Neptune and Mars/Sun. The challenge here is – are you going to stay connected and committed to what you Know with a capital K or are you going to deflect away from your inner knowing to please another? Mercury and Jupiter form an exact sextile today. Inspiration is plentiful and information is available to you now that feeds into the new heart-centered structures you are building in your life. In 5D territory, you are the Creator and all of the planetary activity in Taurus is helping you realize the finer details of how manifesting what you desire actually works. Choose to tune into your heart-based intelligence and trust what it is saying to you.

Wednesday 24th

Just as your day is getting started the Libra Moon opposes Mercury and goes void for 22 hours. Inside the void, there are supportive connections going on that are lending you a helping hand in your spiritual enlightenment and connection to your cosmic consciousness. There is nothing for you to do per se, but keep giving yourself over to stillness even when you are “doing” something. Make friends with the no-thing-ness and see what happens when you just relax your agenda. Mercury connects with the nodes, which are a big part of the coming eclipse cycle. Messages arrive that invite you to make the necessary adjustments in your perspective so that you are upholding a higher vision. As always this month, gently encourage yourself to let go of anything you might be holding onto tightly. Suffering has a direct correlation to attachment. Find a way to feel safe enough in your heart-center to let go.

Thursday 25th

At 6:25am the Moon enters Scorpio and the Full Moon experience really begins. It’s the first lunar eclipse of the season and is expected to last a mere 27 minutes. The eclipse is conjunct Saturn making this a sort of wake-up call. Saturn is that part of you that is feeling more empowered to be who you are – to be more real and unaffected than you’ve ever been able to be. That this is happening in Scorpio means you will have the opportunity over the next few weeks to awaken and retrieve important parts of your magical nature. If you scoff at that, wait and see!! You may not find yourself with a sparkling wand, but in the weeks to come you will become increasingly more conscious of how your thoughts and feelings shape your life. Responsibility now means something much more fluid and creative than the heavy burden it used to be. Say Yes.

Friday 26th

Integration has been a big part of the week. This is the 3rd all-day-long Moon void. The lengthy Moon void along with the Scorpio influence put the focus on feelings – your emotions – energy moving through you as a current of information. Emotions in the higher realms are transcendent spiritual experiences. We’ve spent so many years afraid to fully feel what we feel or we’ve felt bad about what we were feeling because our emotions were so tied to our identity. In 5D it’s so much easier to grasp that it’s all just energy – it’s a currency moving through us and it has a purpose. To stop the current is to stop the flow of our connection to our higher Self. Let yourself be exactly how you are today without labeling anything. Just notice what’s going on with you as an energetic experience and see what happens. No matter what, hold your awareness high, while keeping in mind that what you focus on is what grows.

Saturday 27th

Earlier this week the planet Vesta moved into Cancer. Both she and Ceres are now the only two planets in Cancer. It’s significant because the water signs are all very much a part of our eclipse journey and these two planets, formally asteroids, are like connective tissue tying us to our divine feminine consciousness and are now both in the sign of The Mother. If you are having primal emotional discord surface, well done. Your river of e-motion is working just as it should and allowing you to grieve and let go for good. Or you may be loving how easy it is to tune into your emotional body and feeling the bliss of your cosmic heart’s current moving through your physical being. Whatever the case, the Sagittarian Moon is supporting you in clearing and connecting. You cannot miss the experience of being nurtured today.

Sunday 28th

The Moon is in Sagittarius all day long. Clearing is still the name of the game, following yesterday and especially because the Sun and Saturn are polarized. Here is a grand opportunity for you to see your new Self. There’s no hiding, no evading, no more undermining or inhibiting. Just be present with yourself. This way of creating with consciousness is new to most all of us. If you see that you’d like to make some adjustments, that is fine, but own what you see and Know that more Love will help you achieve a new outcome. Don’t loose sight (inner vision) of your heart-center today – it’s your rock.

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