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I’m already having that eclipse experience of “I don’t even know where I’ve been.” It feels like I’m zooming ahead and yet I’m not particularly crazed or harried. I’m realizing that’s the experience of Presence, too – one of the most important descriptive qualities of Taurus. It’s all very in the moment.

This is a balsamic Moon week – the lead up to the New Moon where we tend to want to finish and wrap up certain elements that we know are coming to completion. With so much of the planetary energy in Taurus, the message is definitely about letting go, detaching, releasing, going within for answers, and letting the heart speak louder than the mind. Last week, there were hardly any Moon void phases to give us a chance to integrate; it was all mostly full speed ahead. This week there is a better balance between the active and receptive cycles and that means clearing may be a bit easier. The New Moon on Thursday is a solar eclipse at 20 Taurus, however, and as you know, eclipses open inter-dimensional portals that have us zipping through hidden and previously unrecognized doors in the mansions of our consciousness. You may have a general vibe on the direction you are going, but this is the time to let yourself be taken for a ride and allow the magic of the universe to show you around.

The Moon’s nodes are triggered by the Sun, Mercury and Mars this week. The universal law of cause and effect will have, not only new meaning to us, but also new cycles commence. Contracts will be completed and new ones will emerge, only this time, because you know what you know and are seeing your world from a more empowered “I AM the Creator” perspective, the contracts may not involve so much hardship or suffering. Certainly, life in heart-centered 5D is about living outside of the habits that keep us from Being whole, and this new dimension of existence has its own learning curve.

Monday 6th

An Aries Moon gives the top of the week some spark and initiative. When you are coming from an empowered place, the Aries Moon feels uncomplicated and bold. The path to get to that space within is through resolving any feelings of abandonment or feeling unloved or not loved enough. Let any emotional stuff like that surface and open your heart. Focus inwardly to find the love you desire. It’s simple and challenging. In combination with the Taurus Moon, the day is really all about how you engage your higher mind. The higher mind can watch all of the human emotions and thoughts and allow them without being hooked or pulled into the pain of it all. The higher mind knows it’s all a very perfect yet flimsy illusion.

Tuesday 7th

The Moon continues through Aries today, but is void of course until tomorrow morning, so that means the day is all about allowing and receiving. Mercury makes an exact trine with Pluto, so for a few days here you have an easy connection to your highest aspect. We are between eclipses right now, making this fertile territory to listen to what your intuition is telling you because it is helping you manifest a whole new reality for yourself – one that is more aligned with the vibration of love than you’ve ever had a chance to experience. The Taurus theme continues – you must go inward and go deep if you want to expand higher. The Sun conjuncts the karmic node and thus makes a polarity with the dharmic node. This relationship is literally shedding light on the patterns in your life you are here to overcome and the direction your soul is being groomed to evolve into. Mercury and Mars conjoin, too, so there is a new cycle starting not only with you and the contracts you’ve signed up to deal with this lifetime but also with how your higher mind and your physical reality interact. Whatever happens or unfolds, it is your opportunity to practice trusting and letting go so you can be in the flow of the moment.

Wednesday 8th

Just after 6 am EDT the Moon enters Taurus and joins all of the personal planets in this rich sign that speaks to how you talk to yourself, how you listen to your heart, and how your thought-vibrations produce the sacred geometry that actually manifests your physical world. This is the sign where you cultivate presence, intuition and trust. It is also where you come face to face with your attachments that create suffering. Venus, the planetary archetype that presides over Taurus is traversing the last few degrees of the sign. You can expect some challenges to come up around mastering listening to your intuition, or changing the tone of your inner dialogue, or honoring what you truly desire, or letting go of any expectations and results around what you desire. Venus rules the emotional body and in the past couple of years there have been many revelations around the true power of emotions – they lead you to your heart. The 5D way of life is centered in the heart. Listen to your heart and follow it – Period.

Thursday 9th

Today is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 Taurus. The New Moon isn’t official until 8:28 pm EDT, so you have a majority of the day to clear the decks and ready yourself for the new cycle. Just be still – even when you are “busy.” Anything that troubles you – do your very best to remember the issue’s main message is for you to trust yourself and LET IT GO. The Sun connected with the Moon’s nodes yesterday and today Mercury makes the same aspects. The eclipse/New Moon is conjunct the karmic node and opposing the dharmic node. If you have really been listening and doing “the work” you know what you need to let go of. The unfamiliar is beckoning you and trust combined with a commitment to a higher vision is all you need to Be in the new dimension. It’s a lot like Joseph Campbell’s quote, “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” It just takes a little bit of courage to step through the veil of fear – nothing is keeping you stuck except your perspective. Just keep imagining yourself on the other side – smiling, of course.

Friday 10th

Venus entered Gemini yesterday, which means the ruler of the emotional body and the heart center is in the sign of consciousness that has to do with wisdom in action – doing what’s in your heart; leading from the heart. Gemini moves from the Twins representing duality, to the multifaceted Diamond in the new astrology. Just contemplating a Diamond will go a long way to impress upon you the purpose of this sign. The Moon is void in Taurus for most of the day, but just after 5pm EDT will join Venus in Gemini, as well. Don’t be surprised if desires around connection come up. Are you in rapport with yourself? is a good question to ask. It’s all about aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions. Define integrity in your life – Be who you say you are, do what you know needs doing. This way of being really takes something….and all of the work you’ve been doing to get grounded and come from the heart will serve you now.

Saturday 11th

The Moon is in Gemini all day which may have you feeling brilliantly connected or scattered depending on where you put your focus. It’s all good – in 5D understanding that there is inherent value in what you are experiencing goes a long way towards self acceptance. Gemini is disposed of by Mercury, the archetype of higher consciousness and ultimately that which wakes us up, Uranus. Mercury has reached the degree of the solar eclipse (20 Taurus) and is conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athena at the same degree. Information and higher wisdom are at your disposal. The eclipses have you on a non-linear ride showing you the metaphysical way of creation and manifestation at the quantum level. That is a mouthful, but suffices to say the next couple of weeks are not clear-cut, but full of possibilities that transcend your current grasp of reality. Information that comes this week is an important piece of the puzzle. All you have to do is pay attention.

Sunday 12th

It’s Mother’s Day in the US and the Moon is mostly void in Gemini after having connected with Jupiter. That’s the makings of some feel-good vibes. Whether you are with your birth mother, are the mother, or neither, take advantage of the day by connecting into the collective consciousness and honoring the Divine Mother newly resurrected within you. That is the big picture. All week long the Moon’s nodes, archetypal representations of your evolutionary purpose, have been hit by personal planets bringing you closer and closer to realizing that purpose. Today, Mars conjuncts the karmic node and opposes the dharmic node. The evolutionary path of manifestation is physically palpable – more tangible and “concrete” to you than ever. It’s about bringing your whole being online with the principal of having what you want and watching it come to you. Without the Divine Mother, wholly responsible for “conception,” we would never have been able to perceive the nuances of 5D creation!

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