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Wow….I’ve been through the gamut emotionally since the New Moon Solar eclipse. And that’s a good thing. There really is nowhere to hide and my personal fear-based habits of hiding are way too transparent. That’s the Taurus energy taking us deep to go higher! There is an undeniable amount of change in the atmosphere and in my own being, and yet we are only midway through the eclipse season and a lot of details are still emerging – it’s all in the works. It is such a curious experience – there is trust, a kind of waiting or awareness that energies are forming and not yet fully in place, and there is the unknown…But not *really* because the heart Knows! No more hiding behind uncertainty or doubt or whatever your deep rooted habit is. I’ve been reminded over and over again that we really do Know at the core of ourselves. That’s what all of the energy in Taurus has been enabling us to access. It just takes listening and trust to follow.

The week ahead offers more support for truly living from the heart and you can be sure that clearings are involved, too. Lauren Gorgo’s writings on thinkwithyourheart.com have been really important anchor pieces for me lately. Most notably, her 5D report on one of the key ingredients of conscious manifestation, which is not wanting, wishing, praying for what you want, but putting yourself in the energy of having. Imagine anything and have it. Boom!

If you pay really close attention to your body, being in “having” mode stops you from grasping, reaching, yearning, suffering, lack – it puts you in a calm and receptive state of being I know to be called coherence. From that space, the monkey mind can be handled. That’s a big part of what we’re doing as the planets move from Taurus to Gemini. It’s a big balancing act. The heart has to be sovereign, we know this, but knowing isn’t the end – application is where we’re at. We must Be it. And so it is.

As the energies swirl and build creatively in you, hold your ground. Fill up with it. This is a manifestation eclipse wormhole and manifestation is an act of creation – the creative energies are building and yet they are not yet fully formed. This is a crash course in divine feminine creativity, where you are the magnet that pulls your creation toward you allowing it to emerge and materialize out of no-thing – all whilst you happily Be in a state of having….

Monday 13th

Early in the morning the Moon moves into Cancer and highlights the signature of the day – possibly even of the entire week – it’s all about life in the heart center. Knowing isn’t enough now, we must put our wisdom into action and actually Be the principles we value. This isn’t to say we have been totally inauthentic; it is to say that any discrepancies are really glaring now. Venus squares Neptune today, creating a tension (one you’ve already been feeling) that urges you to make choices that close the gap on what you feel and how you live. Your mind might be telling you “it’s impossible” but your heart keeps pinging you to trust and allow. You don’t have to do anything huge or sweeping right now except focus your mind on possibility, in fact while we are in the eclipse energy it is best to temper any dramatic action. Use this time to honor what you are feeling and trust that when you need to take action you will find yourself doing what is appropriate. “I AM empowered.”

Tuesday 14th

In Lauren Gorgo’s paradigm-shifting reports on thinkwithyourheart.com, the importance of manifesting from the space of HAVING, has recently come up. When the Moon is in Cancer you have a window of opportunity that is optimal for you feeling connected to your divine feminine aspect, the place where this intelligence of “having” comes from. Venus has just squared Neptune, two central archetypes helping us all to awaken to the true power of our emotional body. Feelings are currents of energy moving through us and that energy (e-motion) carries information, codes, and divine impulse. It is no longer appropriate to block, stop, stuff, or deny the divine current that moves through you – a message spoken of frequently on this website. We are all getting the hang of this as part of our upgraded Self, so if you find yourself struggling or suffering, you are in an old habit. It’s important to immediately bring your awareness to the energy of “having.”

Wednesday 15th

The Moon is in a Cancer void for most of the work day, 8:14am to 6:38pm EDT, before moving into feel-good Leo. You’ve been tested in the last couple of days to adjust your perspective so that you keep tuning into and come from the authority of your heart, honor your feelings, and ultimately let yourself be held in the buoyancy of the divine feminine way. Why on earth it is so terrifying, is a mystery – maybe that’s the answer, it is the grandest of mysteries. The union of yourself with your divine Self – the sacred union – is what’s up, especially today as the Moon’s Nodes square Juno. Discontent in any relationship is merely the messenger letting you know on some level that you are not in alignment at the heart level. Something’s gotta give. Mercury moves into Gemini in the early evening bringing the mental body into focus with right action, action that comes from a balanced mind/heart center. Every adjustment you make to align with the compass at your heart will serve you well.

Thursday 16th

The Leo Moon reminds us that love in the higher realms is fixed, as in constant. That notion alone is enough to contemplate for one day. It reminds one of the love that Jesus (or your favorite holy being) has demonstrated toward humanity. THAT kind of Love has seemed utterly unattainable in reality (even triggering our sense of lack). There is something about the Leo consciousness in all of us that rights this perspective and through a life spent cultivating self-worth and self-love, along with divine help in the form of solar-flares, eclipses and thousands of years evolving, we are entering a Golden Age where unconditional love is more of a reality than ever before. Venus makes a subtle aspect to Vesta today, which speaks to the creative forces building on the emotional level. The Sun also makes subtle connections to Uranus and Pluto. Again, creative forces are building – the kind that can and will completely change the world, your world. By continuing to practice “having,” your vibration shifts into the frequency of love and coherency – the building blocks of life in 5D. Feel how radiant you are when having what you want.

Friday 17th

The Moon is in Leo all day, no void Moon and relatively quiet in making aspects. In a few days the Sun will move into Gemini, but before that the importance of tuning into your inner voice (which by now you should be pretty aware of) all starts to come together in your life experience. The resistance you’ve been working to unlatch from may start to give way if you’ve consciously worked to heal the source of your attachment. We are still in the midst of the eclipse cycle, whose evolutionary purpose is to awaken us collectively to the nuances of manifesting with consciousness. It hasn’t been easy, but we are in new territory and newness can breed uncertainty. It’s important to allow your feelings to lead you, sometimes blindly, toward that which you desire. All the pieces of the puzzle may not be present, but through resonance and the experience of ‘having’ you will be guided to the fulfillment you desire.

Saturday 18th

Earlier this week it was the emotional body, today it is the mental body – Mercury – who squares Neptune. Neptune hasn’t been in Pisces for nearly 200 years. It’s presence in its own sign is highly significant. Neptune is the archetype of enlightenment, that which signifies the higher octave of the emotional body – the high heart center in the chakra system. We are activating this part of our energy bodies and in doing so we are able to realize our limitlessness. All the great spiritual teachings told us of the possibility, but this is the time where we actually real-ize it. Not coincidentally, Venus makes a productive sextile to Uranus, the Great Awakener and higher octave of Mercury. Our emotional and mental bodies are in the midst of a great attunement. The Virgo Moon exacerbates the need for alignment and attunement today. With any alignment, adjustment is needed. Use the mantra, “I AM Whole.”

Sunday 19th

After the alignment comes the blast off into expansion. And honestly, sometimes expansion is a stretch….so be gentle with yourself. The Moon continues to move through Virgo, so wellbeing is primary today. The ruler of the physical body is the last personal planet to transition from Taurus to Gemini. Mars is still in Taurus and semi-sextiles Jupiter today. Jupiter has been residing in Gemini for many months now helping us reclaim our wholeness and move from separation (duality) into unity. The physical body is the last place we integrate this awareness and today’s semi-sextile relationship is a subtle aspect accessed only through your higher consciousness. Get in your heart – just command yourself to be there and there you will be. The Sun spends its last day in Taurus, so reflect on how much you’ve gained from honoring and abiding your inner voice. Next week will begin the Gemini mission in a big way, which is to put what you know –all of your wisdom – into action. It takes being grounded in your inner sense of authority to do it well.

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