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There is just so much happening this week. For starters, we are building toward the Sagittarius Full Moon, which also happens to be the final lunar eclipse. The eclipse ride we’ve been on won’t actually complete until the following new Moon, but already we are starting to feel like a critical turning point has been made. Well done! We’re not done yet, though.

Venus and Mercury square Chiron this week. This explains the mental and emotional challenges you’ve been undergoing related to your experience and expression of personal mastery (s t r e t c h). Chiron is in the sign of Pisces and as such is taking us to task healing old and mysterious fears and ancient patterns of limitation. The mental chatter and emotional content isn’t necessarily surprising or new, it’s soooo familiar (very often familial), but it feels different because we are different. Depending where you are in your healing/remember-ment journey, the Chiron archetype in your life is your woundness or the substance of your mastery. Wherever you’ve felt lack in your life you’ve likely sought change…until you make peace with who you are and allow yourself to just Be. In 5D consciousness wholeness overrides any kind of fragmentation. There is so much support right now for us all to “get” how whole and complete we are.

The Sun moves into Gemini on Monday. In Taurus, the Sun helped you dig deeply into your intuition and release misqualified energies of attachment and resistance. The trust and surrender that you’ve hopefully cultivated will serve you now as you start come from the heart even more. The fearful mind just doesn’t have the power it used to.
As the Sun moves through Gemini we gain more versatility in our ability to come from the heart instead of leading with the mind.

And then there is the Uranus Pluto square – the huge social change that is in front of us that is both collective and personally commanding. The light quotient on the planet is enabling the massive clearing that is needed for the planet and life on Earth. This is a reminder to give very little attention/energy to the drama in the media, the weather, Earth changes, etc. This is not a call for insensitivity. It is a reminder that disruption is part of clearing. A cough clears the lungs, right?

These are magical times. Focus on the miracles.

Monday 20th

Today is the day of the Uranus Pluto square. Themes of empowerment and self-realization are all over your life and this square means you have reached a critical turning point. It may not be comfortable, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is what’s called for. That’s the key to success! You’ve been through a lot of mind/heart/body adjustments to support your growth and all there is left to do is follow through without letting your lower mind meddle. The Moon is in Virgo for the first half of the day, goes void for about 20 minutes and then moves into Libra. Intuitively, you know you are in an alignment process, so just honor it. Let yourself be exactly how you are. The movement from Virgo to Libra is highly significant in the collective consciousness, most easily understood by the number 9 – a number of completion, the number of months from conception to birth, etc. When the Moon moves into Libra relationships take on more significance and you can gain a lot just by acknowledging how much someone is showing you yourself and the changes you’ve gone through. Focus on the new and let everything else drop away. You have the choice to make it an easy transition just by staying in your heart.

Tuesday 21st

Yesterday the Sun moved into Gemini shifting the focus of the collective for the next four weeks. Bolstered with a new level of trust and surrender, thanks to the Sun’s journey through Taurus, we can now devote our focus to the balancing act that is characteristic of Gemini’s higher purpose. Gemini is where the mind and heart can balance and unify. Jupiter has been traveling through Gemini for many months causing the kind of expansion we’ve needed to move beyond duality back to a unified state. The illusion that God is separate from you is dissolving, and while it may seem like the world and humanity are far from being unified, the critical mass needed for the ascension of the planet is being achieved. While things change, do your part to focus on the Light you are. Your light quotient is what is allowing the misqualified energies on the planet to come up and out (sometimes through tornados) to be cleared. With the Moon in Libra today, acknowledge that what you see out there is your projection. No blame or denial, just simple acknowledgement.

Wednesday 22nd

The Moon is void in Libra for most of the day. It’s a powerful time for objective perception….Witnessing. The feminine dynamic of Libra is a state of being that is high-minded – where you allow everything in and everything out – a kind of balancing. In this way, thoughts and feelings are energies that move through you, but are not of you. That is, until you choose, and then the act of choice brings about the manifestation. Libra is, after all, the sign of physical power and self-realization. When the Moon moves into Scorpio the manifestation piece really clicks in, although the Sun and Moon will form an inconjunct which requires an internal adjustment on your part. Allay your worries and the need to control by simplifying things in the evening. With a few deep breaths, you can easily drop your mind down into your heart and come from there.

Thursday 23rd

The mind/heart connection has undergone a critical alignment, signified by the Mercury Venus squares to Chiron earlier in the week. The rulers of the mind/heart are also making important connections with the Moon’s nodes – the choice to move toward your evolutionary purpose is an active one this week requiring important internals shift in order for you to actually step up. Today, Mercury inconjuncts the North Node. You will have to come from a unified mentality, one where separation is clearly an illusion, so you can step through the doorway to your evolution. Where you are headed has to do with you taking full responsibility for happiness – for anything you feel. You are the Creator.

Friday 24th

The Scorpio Moon opposes Mars and goes void at 9:55am EDT for 9 hours before entering Sagittarius. The void is when you can most easily tune into the feminine qualities of a sign. The feminine qualities of Scorpio have to do with pure consciousness. Pure is just as significant as consciousness in that description. Imagine the color opalescent pearl white to help you connect with the purity piece and imagine a still, deep lake as the cauldron of energy Scorpio is within your being. It is a powerful combination and a source of magical energy we have spent centuries demonizing and being afraid of. Enough. Now is your time to reclaim that space and remember your Source. You are Source.

Saturday 25th

As soon as the Moon moved into Sagittarius last evening we started to resonate with the Full Moon event that takes place in the wee hours of the day. This is the 3rd eclipse of the season and the very special Wesak/Buddha Moon. Truth with a capital T is what matters. And by capitalizing the T it implies that it is universal in nature. Universality is very much a 5D quality of Sagittarius. When you pear everything down to it’s most simple and basic state – when you strip away your nationality, your sex, your religion, your economic status, your education, your family, your style and any other kind of container or system of belief that informs your identity, what are you left with? Challenge yourself to imagine who you’d be without all the things that inform your identity. It may feel freeing, it may feel terrifying. Whatever the case, this lunar eclipse signifies an emotional and karmic clearing that institutes an awakening. It could mean a good kind of brain washing for you – as in a good ole scrub down that exfoliates limiting beliefs you are ready to move on from.

Sunday 26th

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis that the Sun and Moon are on right now has so much to do with integrity. In 5D, integrity has more to do with alignment and right action, than with morality or anything judgmental. It is about the coming together of thought, word and deed. This eclipse season has brought up a lot of issues around integrity defined as such. The gaps where alignment was not present became more obvious and nearly impossible to ignore. In 5D, alignment is crucial because it is evidence of heart-centered being. Think about it, heart-centered alignment creates a vibration that can be felt and known and is a big piece of the “unseen” process of creation. Today the Moon is void until early in the evening. The feminine quality of Sagittarius has to do with Time – or rather the transcendence of time and space. In the now moment, any crisis can be immediately diffused. In fact, if you think of any intense crisis you’ve ever experienced, didn’t time seem to stand still? s

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