Here we are – post eclipses, post Summer Solstice, post Super Moon, I tell ya! What a tender and wonderfully vulnerable week it was last week.

Jupiter has done his job and held the space for us to drop into the Diamond Mind and let the grip of the monkey mind go. Even better, the energy field that the heart-based intelligence creates with the mind now in service to the Heart, is feeling so big and alive! I feel like I’m navigating from an entirely different compass.

Jupiter enters Cancer this week. That means Jupiter is at the final degree of Gemini at the start. The sign of the Diamond is now anchored in your consciousness and awakening new parts of your social identity. No matter what you think, if you are reading this you are probably way more centered in your heart than ever and at the very least have new insight into how much the lower-mind creates the illusion of suffering, separation, and anything else associated with duality consciousness. What world you play in is now a conscious choice.

Jupiter moving into Cancer is big for a number of reasons. Jupiter is big and expansive energy and is lending its love to the collective root chakra (all the more reason to believe that flooding is a blessing in disguise). Also, the 0 Cancer point is not only a world axis degree, meaning a sensitive spot for the collective and the individual. The true meaning of the Earth Mother is about to be restored.

Mercury goes retrograde this week at 23 Cancer. If you have any planets near the 23rd degree of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries you will be feeling this cycle very personally. This is our opportunity to integrate the events of the Spring season – whoa! – and realize more fully the expansion we’ve undergone. This could be one of the most exciting Mercury retrograde cycles we’ve ever experienced because we are going into it more conscious than ever AND with the Divine Feminine restored to us.

Monday 24th

The Moon is still in Capricorn as we start the week. There was so much hype about this “supermoon” Full Moon emphasizing the challenge to be centered in your own experience versus caught up in expectation or a drama. Whatever you experienced is absolutely fine, no judgment required, because even being swept up in the drama gives you a chance to see the theatrics from a conscious perspective, if that is your wish. Mercury is stationing this week, so take a moment to backup your computer devices and slow yourself down. Peace really begins with your attitude. Whatever is being slowed down in your life right now is meant to be revised. Make it easy on yourself and embrace the situation.

Tuesday 25th

Jupiter leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer late in the evening. The 0 Cancer point in our collective consciousness is very significant. It literally is The Heart, which if you were to think of your body as its own universe, the heart is its center: the center of your own universe. The Moon enters Aquarius early in the morning, Mercury is slowing down to station and the great benefic Jupiter arrives at the Heart….. Don’t expect your mind to be working “normally.” This is a day (week) where you may feel the intelligence of the heart like never before. If you are mourning the loss of your “mental” faculties consider that you might be a bit confused. The ego is forever fighting to live and live it must for us to thrive, but it must be in total devoted service to the Heart. Let it pretend to think it is “dying” and know you are destined for a much more fulfilling relationship between your mental and emotional bodies. It’s a journey we’ve been on a long time and we’ve turned the corner – new territory takes some getting used to.

Wednesday 26th

Today has the makings of an unusual and very conscious day. The Moon is traveling through Aquarius, sign of all things unique and innovative, but it is mostly void of course during our waking hours. This means it’s a day for contemplation and integration. Mercury stations to go retrograde for 2 weeks, meaning he is the slowest planet and reflective of the inward turn our mental process is about to go through. When our mind is still, it is an open channel and out of this kind of presence awarenesses and ideas can be born that seem to have come “out of nowhere.” The Sun makes a direct hit with Saturn and Neptune igniting the grand water trine that has made this month significant. Again, there is something about today that spells out being “wide awake.” There is nothing you need to do except be the watcher of the movie.

Thursday 27th

The Moon enters Pisces in the early morning hours adding to the watery emotionality of the day. Consider that water and our emotions are one and the same. It’s a powerful exercise. Water is hardly ever still. Emotions are meant to move and shift us, much like any current that feeds a lake, moves the water in a river or an ocean tide. The ruler of our emotional body, Venus, spends her last few hours in Cancer today and finally moves into the fiery sign of Leo. After all of the intense clearings we have been through since the Winter Solstice, we are more centered (albeit tender) than we’ve ever been. In Leo, Venus (along with Jupiter in Cancer) will help us all anchor more firmly in abundance consciousness and move out of any old habits and issues around lack. Leo is the Life Force, energy that doesn’t ever run out. Take that to heart.

Friday 28th

With the Moon in Pisces all day and the Sun in Cancer, you may feel extra sensitive. This could mean a variety of things, but in the big picture you are learning the ropes of a new way of being, feeling, emoting and living (new is relative to the past few years). There are a ton of planets retrograding right now, so right of the bat you should know that whatever is going on is a deeply internal reconfiguration and one that is meant to empower you. It hasn’t been easy remembering our infinite nature while simultaneously experiencing the challenges of physical form. Welcome any release or healing today as one more leap toward the harmonious life you envision for yourself.

Saturday 29th

The Moon was void in Pisces while most of us slept and as she moves into Aries you may feel the gratification of being resuscitated from an enigmatic place. There are exact aspects today other than with the Moon. Venus and Ceres are about to square off with Saturn and no doubt the tension is palpable. Whenever Saturn challenges us there is always an theme of getting real with a situation. Fortunately, when you are heart centered speaking the truth with candor is easy. When you are connected to your needs and don’t expect anyone to fulfill them except yourself, you are taking responsibility for your life; showing up for your life, as they say. You may have to wrestle a bit with detaching from negativity. That’s easy enough – just don’t pick the scab.

Sunday 30th

The Moon continues through the sign Aries and today you may feel more scattered in a mental way than any other. One of the biggest challenges we have in life, especially when one is on a spiritual path, is dealing with the way we avoid pain and seek pleasure. Venus and Ceres come together in the early degrees of Leo and signify a union happening at your core of your personal journey around being nurtured. Observing your habits around finding comfort in food or any other substance is a good place to start when you want to dive into the details of the nurture subject in your psyche. The truth that will set you free is that your experience with your mother is the experience you had – hurtful or idyllic – it’s all meant to be. A new cycle starts today and you are armed with a whole new relationship to your heart center (The Mother), so you can go even farther into healing those issues.

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