The setup of the week is this: Mercury is retrograde, it’s the wrap-up phase of the Moon (new Moon next week), Saturn will be pulling into his station to turn direct, Venus and Ceres square Saturn, the Sun squares Uranus, there are a lot of aspects to the point called Black Moon Lilith and Mars tunes into the new planets Eris and Sedna.

That may be a bunch of astro babble, but in my psyche there is a code I’m deciphering and I didn’t even name all of the players.

Right now, if I could choose a word to describe this year it would be “rememberment.” It’s a made up word, yes, but it works. The truth about who we are and what we are here to do is being reclaimed and remembered. It’s been a pivotal year in our reawakening to our divine Selves and this week it just feels like more particles that were once part of us are going to be magnetized back into our energy field and integrated. That’s what all of the connections with the Black Moon Lilith and the Mars sextile Eris activation really signifies to me. The squares to the personal planets do, too. Squares are growth opportunities – it’s when we are challenged and put to test that we show our true colors and break out of the doldrums.

Saturn is the quintessential archetype associated with the square aspect, because Saturn has long been associated with authority and being tested. Saturn will pull into his station at the end of the week and turn around to go in direct motion back through the sign of Scorpio. This may be a week of intimate interaction with your own inner guru and you might find some new appreciation for this aspect of yourself. It’s been months of learning about how to lift your vision up higher, find neutrality, so you can take on more conscious responsibility for how you experience this life of yours. As Saturn slows down, it is possible you will be able to see much more clearly the kind of foundation you’ve built for yourself for the next phase of your emergence.

Where you need to take back your power may be obvious now – what a gift! You will be building on much more solid ground from here on.

Monday 1st

The Aries Moon goes void just a few hours into the day and doesn’t move into Taurus until 5:43 pm ET. The decisions of the day require you be open and unassuming about their outcome, which is great practice in giving yourself over to the immediate truth that lies at the center of your being. Take a giant step toward that subtle inner voice today. Venus squares Saturn, which emphasizes the important theme of staying true to yourself in all ways, not in a selfish, small minded or greedy way, but from a willingness to trust in the purposefulness of the situation you find yourself in. Nothing out there defines you – You define you. The Sun opposes Pluto and later Venus inconjuncts Neptune. These connections reiterate the overall theme of honoring the truth that may not look good, or even make sense, but that resonates deeply within you.

Tuesday 2nd

The Moon is in Taurus all day with no major aspects coming into play. All eyes turn inward. Now that Mercury is retrograde, it is easier to go within if you are willing, but today you may have some resistance come up. If this is the case, it may mean you are not being totally honest with yourself. A fear-based response may be covering up your authentic truth and anything you are holding onto too tightly. Resistance, after all, is pushing back at something weighing on you, so perhaps there is something you can let go of. Truth is a great stabilizer. Truth needs no defense, because if you are centered in it nothing anyone says or does can influence you. Think of the symbol for Taurus, the Tree of Life, or even a huge Sequoia tree. Its stability lies in its root system.

Wednesday 3rd

While Mercury retrogrades, our communication habits become discombobulated; our thoughts and expressions don’t happen in the usual way. Everything is different, which is the point, actually. We are getting the hang of being the Creator, which seems to be both very liberating and intimidating at the same time. Having that much response-ability requires getting really clear within ourselves. Saturn squares Ceres before the Moon goes void of course mid day, meaning a critical or sensitive point has been reached regarding how you feel about expressing yourself. Nothing needs to be fixed. You just need to be with what you feel without judgment and contemplate what you’d like to experience next.

Thursday 4th

In the early hours of the day the Sun squares Uranus and lights up the Uranus Pluto square. This means that all week our attention is being brought to the major socio-political changes that are afoot in our lives. The outside world is reflecting our own great awakening, no matter how “bad” it looks out there, the upheaval is actually a really good sign that the light is doing its job. It’s time to start seeing that whenever your own personal pot gets stirred, like when seemingly old fear-based insecurities surface, it is because your self-realization process is progressing. All there is to do is accept. Welcome and accept – yourself, the game of life, all of it. As the Sun progresses through Cancer, continue to heed your feelings an seek the love you wish for within your own being..

Friday 5th

The Moon is in Gemini all day long and for a short while becomes part of the base of a Finger of God aspect with Uranus and the North Node as the point. This relationship, called a Finger of God, signifies a poignant opportunity to move beyond limitation. It is easier and easier to see how connected we are, something that can no longer be considered just some mystical new age construct. Every little occurrence in your life that gets you to remember you are not separate from Source is a very big deal for the realization of your evolutionary purpose. To emphasize this theme, Venus, archetypal ruler of the emotional body, has now come into aspect with Neptune and Pluto – also in a Finger of God relationship. Pain and suffering are a part of the human experience, but now that the potential for you to unite with your divine Self is truly possible, why would you ever buy into the suffering program and give it fuel? Today is a day to remember the 3D drama is a distraction – it is your choice to find the blessing and be free.

Saturday 6th

Vesta enters Leo early in the day and the Gemini Moon is void until early evening. The Moon is also in its final phase before the New Moon on Monday. What a curious day! Often a Moon void and the Balsamic Moon phase provide a context for deep contemplation and stillness, but today may be surprisingly fiery and inspirational. As we learn the ropes of heart-centered living, one of the best and most challenging discoveries is that we can’t fib our way through things; going through the motions or not honoring your truth is no longer tolerable. Before authenticity really emerges, all the masks and fabrications come tumbling down. This we all get. But when you are stripped down and really heart-centered, you may also find that what you were once passionate about no longer really floats your boat. So what does? This day has a discovery feeling to it. The upcoming New Moon will be your chance to flesh out new directions.

Sunday 7th

The Moon is in Cancer all day, and won’t be officially “new” until early tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if you are feeling sensitive, tender, or having nesting-type urges. The sign of Cancer is the archetypal ruler of the emotional body. Typically associated with the Moon, in the higher dimensions, Cancer is best represented by Venus. Venus is focal today and trines Uranus. This means, the higher aspects of divine feminine consciousness will be at work (maybe at a new level) bringing about an appropriate balance to our experience here on Earth. What that looks like will be surprising, because that’s what Uranus does – jolts us from out of the blue. Going with the flow is the way to be transported.

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