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Please indulge me as I explore the format of my column. I need to play. Consider it an outward expression of an inner reorganization, of which I am in the midst. As are you, I’m certain. At least for the time being, I want to write outside of the day-by-day breakdown and create a whole picture for the week ahead of us.

This Mercury retrograde cycle is interesting as ever, turning things upside down and perhaps even right-side out. I have felt for months that so much of what we are going through is closing the cap between what we know and what it is we actually apply or do. The retrograde cycle has intensified the internal focus on closing that gap, bringing us face to face with the ways we are out of alignment within ourselves. How are the “shoulds” going in your life? The mind has a hard time breaking free of shoulds and have-tos. And there is where Mercury retrograde is cutting to the chase and begging us to get beyond our boxes of perception.

We are in such new conscious space since the Winter Solstice, and the ropes we are learning are so new…. My inner wisdom wants to completely push to the side all of the traditional teachings about Mercury retrograde.

Bear with me, while I get a little technical.

In the new astrology, the consciousness Stephanie and I have been working with using the Cosmic Clock, any time a planet moves in a retrograde direction they are moving clockwise around the clock versus their usual movement, which is count-clockwise. The consciousness of separation and duality correlates to the traditional route, counter-clockwise. Heart-centered unity consciousness happens when we move our consciousness in the clockwise direction. Mercury retrograding is moving in the “right” direction for higher consciousness.

Why in the world, then, would we ever still believe that Mercury retrograde is when everything goes wrong??!!! Why wouldn’t we make important decisions when Mercury is moving clockwise? I challenge you to reconsider every belief or superstition about this time. If thoughts create our reality and are the beginning of anything coming into form, we should use our awareness now to stop feeding into the belief system that says this cycle is anything but an opportunity to make solid contact with your Source.

For me, this retrograde cycle has been all about remembering thoughts are forms. We tap into all sorts of thought-forms and programs. They are not necessarily our own. . . . and we can partake of them, or not, depending on what you resonate with or even let them in where you may be disempowered.

This is one of the rememberences I feel the water trines are activating.

Lauren Gorgo just released a new 5D Report, “LOVE Hubs: creating our heaven” and in it she talks about our ability to decipher Light code being activated:

“This awakening ability to decipher light code is housed in the ancient DNA/original-human blueprint…. in the parts of us that are coming on-line and accessible for those prepared to work with these once dormant aspects.”

Saturn and Neptune have been trining each other for a few weeks now and as all of the personal planets entered Cancer, they created a grand water trine. Chiron is in the mix, too, because he is traveling in Pisces and connecting in a trine with the planets moving through Cancer, too. Key words for this relationship are typically flow, grace, creativity, ease, and intuition. But in 5D there’s more…

I’m seeing these trines as magnifying glasses or portals….they are amplifying a dimension within ourselves that we haven’t really had access to before. It’s helping us have experiences synchronicity, intuitive connection, and other things that relate to “decoding” our experiences. There is a reason we use the phrase web of life…. Web/Matrix/Sacred Geometry/Codes/Connections…. You have to feel it to get it fully because the knowledge is beyond the mind.

Trinity (trines) consciousness = the step beyond duality consciousness = the consciousness of creation.

The water trines of this summer activate in a big way with Mars now in Cancer. On Friday July 19th, Mar moves to 4 Cancer and connects exactly with Saturn and Neptune respectively at 4 Scorpio and 4 Pisces.

This has everything to do with you Sourcing your energy; your connection with Source…you feeling your divine aspect in the most experiential of ways. This has been going on all month, but this week an exclamation point is delivered. Here’s what it’s about:

– You decoding, as in recognizing how you process info/thoughts/feelings from The Field
– Revelations in energy moving, you can move energy consciously as do others…
– And more… letting go and letting flow. Less mind stuff.

Mercury will be slowing down all week long and will station on Saturday, July 20th at 13 Cancer. That’s significant because that is the degree of the star system Sirius – a Light that many people call “Home.”

As Mercury slows to station direct, the timing and unfolding of things in your life might reflect that “slow down.” Find the blessing in it all and see if you can liberate yourself from limiting beliefs about what this might mean.

Let go of all that you can and find solace within.

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