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There is a lot of planetary connectivity that comes to a head with Eris this week. Eris, a new outer body planet, who brings about an inner awakening that inspires reclamation – a return to balance = right relationship between positive, negative, neutral. She creates a general atmosphere of inner awakening for us all, and that there are personal planets connecting with her so intimately this week means we are about to get some answers to the puzzles we’ve been contemplating all summer. Eris works from the inside out, like a jolt of inspiration that puts everything in perspective. First Ceres, and then the Sun, will trine this feminine archetype of awakening. Eris is like the feminine counterpart to Uranus, but because she works from the inside out, I tend to feel like she doesn’t shock us a much as Uranus can; rather, what she inspires within us may shock those around us. No matter. Your inner reclamation is what is important. The disturbance caused is merely an aftershock and totally appropriate.

Mercury – ruler of the mental body – is newly in Leo and making all kinds of demanding connections this week, too. Namely, Mercury becomes the point on a Finger of God aspect with Pluto and Neptune. Gaining higher ground when it comes to how you perceive the events of your life is what’s most important. When Mercury moves through Leo the dynamic between our mental and emotional bodies is tested. More than ever it is a good practice to be familiar with the consciousness of Leo – it will help you redirect any disempowered thoughts and mental patterns. To break it down to the simplest form, Leo is where the practice of gratitude pays dividends beyond your wildest dreams. Find the blessing, practice gratitude, catch yourself trying to get validation outside of yourself and refocus your efforts inward. In doing, so you purify your emotional body and learn how the consciousness of Love works in your emotional energy field.

No one said it was going to be easy. No one said you have to suffer, either. The effort to find neutrality is worth it; it’s balance. It’s a worthy aim.

Crescent to First Quarter to Gibbous
Exploration, decision, adaptation

Monday 12th

Moon in Libra moving into Scorpio
The Moon is void for a large portion of the day, which means “progress” is made when you are in an allowing mode. Largely, that means you need to trust what you feel and do your best to reorient your thoughts toward the positive when they are of the spinning or worrying kind. When you are in allowing mode, it is easier to witness life around you and pick up the subtleties of your intuition. The Libra Moon is a reflective one – use the mirror trick. Make it your aim today to allow, without giving too much focus to any insecurity that may flare up. Allow, witness and move on. Isn’t that what balance is all about?

Tuesday 13th

Moon in Scorpio all day
Your “witness” practice of yesterday has a chance to pay off today, because the Moon in Scorpio makes you extra sensitive. If you put some effort into raising your focus to a higher vantage point, purity your thoughts, then you will more quickly find neutral emotional territory. Both Leo (the Sun is in Leo) and Scorpio are places within ourselves where we work with purification – another way of understanding alchemy – turning lead to gold, density to levity. Mercury is coming into a t-square with the Moon’s nodes. It’s the tension you feel mentally. There are valuable lessons here, so no matter where you find yourself, in love or dealing with fear-based habits, what you are experiencing is valuable. Use the mantra, I choose love….it’s a mantra that never gets old.

Wednesday 14th

Moon in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius
Mercury in the sign of Leo is activated in a big way today, so you can bet you will have (and have been having) experiences that demand harmony between your mental and emotional bodies. You may be trying to talk yourself out of feeling the way you feel or your emotions may be keeping you from a balanced perspective. In any case, Mercury in Leo is bringing all kinds of self-worth stuff to the surface so that you can ultimately find the blessing, which leads you to your truth, which builds your confidence quotient. Mercury trines retrograde Uranus late tonight, which bodes well for all pursuits of truth and liberty, particularly if the focus is turned inward to find the freedom.

Thursday 15th

Moon in Sagittarius
As soon as the Moon moved into Sag last night, we started tuning into the archetype of Jupiter. Jupiter is part of a grand water trine with the Moon’s North Node and Chiron; Jupiter is also the focus of a Finger of God aspect today with the Moon and Juno. Not only that but the Sun trines Eris. All of this feels like reclaiming energy. Isn’t it refreshing to consider that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? This is what the reclaiming or remember is helping us realize. There may be some trigger to day that is eerily familiar that will make you want to believe that something is wrong. If you stay present and feed the inner knowing that knows that all is well, you will be able to nip that old pattern in the bud.

Friday 16th

Moon in Sagittarius moving into Capricorn
The Moon is void for a good portion of the day after noon EDT. This is where time and space collapse on the cosmic clock. That seems appropriate for a Friday night. There is something about today that will invite you to disengage with certain expectations that seem to come from the outside (really they are generated by your fear-based thoughts). Will you choose to be empowered in the face of this demand? Try it. Your inner knowing is far more accurate and powerful than anything your mind will talk you into. Venus enters Libra today, so you can bet that the Mirror and all things related to projection will be triggering you. Do your best to witness yourself rather than engage in the trigger.

Saturday 17th

Moon in Capricorn
The planet Ceres has been in Leo since the end of June and today the Sun finally meets up with her. It’s no mistake the the Moon is in Capricorn, either. It seems like this Moon cycle, we are meant to embrace a whole new sense of personal authority, which naturally leads to recognizing our divine authority. Interestingly enough, this authority, which we are so used to associating with masculine energy is righted (corrected) by the feminine coming online in a balanced way with the masculine. Today is your opportunity to recognize that “righting” or recalibration and take it more fully into your consciousness.

Sunday 18th

Moon in Capricorn
The Moon is in the part of its phase that benefits from a bit of practicality. Capricorn Moon’s are favorable for that. In 5D, practicality is synonymous with no-fuss authenticity. There is something very grounding in one’s being when you trust the connection you have with your higher self. Jupiter connects exactly with the Moon’s nodes, making the water trine very significant today. This is a day for gnosis (one of my favorite words of all time). Gnosis = knowledge/Truth realized through your connection to your divine Self. The Moon is void of course after 2:26pm EDT. Use that time to listen to the truth that is emerging from your core.