weeklyweatherWe start off the week with the Venus Uranus opposition becoming exact in the signs Libra and Aries respectively. To say relationship stuff is up is an understatement. Relationships, whether with another human (or with food, money, etc), are important conduits for self-realization. At first there is the duality experience – you and me (or it). Then there is the unified experience of you realizing you through “the other.” It’s so powerfully insightful to look at your life as if all of the moving parts are symbols and messages generated by your own consciousness.

On the one hand, retrograding Uranus shakes up the equilibrium of Venus in Libra causing all kinds of surprises. It may be helping us all dissolve disempowering people-pleasing behavior or otherwise labeled co-dependent tendencies. These are typical Libran fear-based habits that cause us to become enamored with “the other” such that we give away our power.

In the heart-centered realm, the Venus Uranus event is a polarity experience giving us brilliant access to unity consciousness. It’s here that you can palpably feel how making your perspective more loving toward yourself changes your life “on the outside.” It’s like realizing you keep company in your mind with a thousand voices. If those voices are not nice, life pretty much sucks. When you use your spiritual discipline to retrain those voices to be gentler, forgiving, kind, and accepting, life may still be challenging, but the company is certainly nicer!

Both Mercury and Venus, our mind/heart connection, are making connections that are reflective of the demands we are feeling to align mind/heart/spirit in real time, as in our day to day lives. It’s the theme of the season – what do you have to change so that you are living in alignment with your desires, your ideals, your spiritual Knowing.

It takes courage. It takes being willing to not know with your mind, but trust in the knowing of your heart. It takes being willing to step out of your comfort zone. It takes a commitment to your wellbeing in the highest sense. It takes marching to the beautiful beat of your inner drummer.

What’s it going to take for you to Be free? (clue: keep your eye on you)

Disseminating to Last Quarter to Balsamic
Sharing, Detaching, Be-ing Free

Monday 26th

Moon in Taurus
Listen carefully to life today. It is telling you important things about yourself that you can’t always access without having a mirror held up so you can see. Use the mirror as a way to gain insight into your unconscious feelings. There is great healing and unifying to be experienced by doing so. Consider healing, these days, as a reintegration of a part of yourself once lost. Reclaim. Remember. That’s the healing. That’s where the wholeness is.

Tuesday 27th

Moon in Taurus moving into Gemini
The grand grand sextile that is active between planets right now is a very rare and impressive reflection of sacred geometry. There’s no doubt that we can all sense these times as very special and somehow pivotal. What it all means is yet to be fully known. Just get grounded today in what really matters to you. Venus squares Jupiter, which is actually a great kind of tension. It keeps us from being too flippant and demands that you lead from the heart. There is a grand cardinal cross activated by this connection. Are you being your best version of yourself? Are you fearlessly staying true to yourself in an honorable way, not an arrogant way? Integrity is a great word for the cardinal cross. It’s all about being truthful, kind, and yet honest and empowered.

Wednesday 28th

Moon in Gemini
Can you see the healing and alignment oriented theme shaping up in your life? It’s the Virgoan consciousness showing up. Ceres enters Virgo today and in doing so connects with the star Regulus. Mercury and Pluto make an exact trine, as well. There are significant decisions to be made right now, especially about living in a way that is honorable – toward yourself first and then to those around you. You’ve been working with the options and choices in front of you already. Watch for disempowering ways you may try to distract yourself from the important movement that is building in your life. Be sure to take time out to be quiet and still and fill up on nature or a nurturing activity that you love. Say kind things to yourself. Being heart-centered, anchored in your heart, is so important – it’s emphasized daily. We are building new muscles and it takes dedication and persistence.

Thursday 29th

Moon in Gemini (void nearly all day)
Ah….integration day. The transition of the Moon from Gemini to Cancer is a really powerful one, for it represents a crucial balance point within our consciousness. Balance, equilibrium, neutrality, righting, alignment – these are the buzz words for the week, if not for the month. These take a lot of energy, because we are developing new patterns and breaking free of old ones. The grand sextile (merkaba/Star of David) between the planets is still a structure we are attuning with. In the midst of all of this “righting” we are experience course corrections. It’s important to let go of expectations and desires that are more mental than heart-centered. Remember the heart “speaks” first and then the mind comes in to change it, doubt it… mess with it. Use breathing techniques today or any kind of meditation work to take in as much positivity and verdant healing Earth energy as you can. Restore yourself.

Friday 30th

Moon in Gemini moving into Cancer
The aspects today are definitely more easy-going than we’ve felt for a while. Perhaps yesterday’s recuperative qualities has set you up to flow again so you can take care of the things you know you need to nurture. There is an emphasis on the emotional body for the next few days. It will be important for you to feel your way through things and use your mind to make distinctions along the way, rather than to think through things. Our mind/heart connection has undergone some pretty significant shifts – we can feel, sense and know in a much more expanded way. Feel your way through this day. Use your heart like the compass that it is. Whether this comes easy to you naturally or it feels completely new, there are opportunities for you to consciously and creatively work toward.

Saturday 31st

Moon in Cancer
The Moon in Cancer is highly sensitive. If you are already sensitive, this is a day to be extra kind to yourself. If you are becoming more sensitive, it’s still a day to be kind to yourself. Sensitivity is an interesting quality….your senses are amplified, your intuition may be highly stimulated and overloading your senses. The Cancer dynamic reminds us to allow, let the energy move. Letting it move and means not holding on to the energy. You may not understand what’s going on fully. This isn’t a time to figure it out. The energy is full of messages. It’s emotional intelligence and it’s moving you, if you just let it be and let yourself be moved. Play with these ideas within your own body today. Become a master surfer riding your waves!

Sunday Sept. 1st

Moon in Cancer moving into Leo
The Moon is void for nearly the entire day, the second day this week where we get a long respite. The Sun taps into the grand sextile by way of sextiling Pluto. Powerful realizations lead to outer transformations. We’re coming to grips with something and the path forward is a lot more clear than it’s been lately. The Moon is entering its balsamic phase, where you let go and make peace with what is. With Pluto figuring so significantly today, there are bound to be deep rumblings. Pluto is all about surrender. Not as in giving up. This isn’t about disempowerment. It’s about truth. This is surrender that involves trusting the greater scheme of things that we can sense but can’t always understand rationally.

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