image for weekly weather reportThe winds of change have been blowing so strong and long now that it feels like the norm for many of us. It’s been great training to learn the art of being grounded while we surrender to the big gusts, much like the strong tree that bends and doesn’t snap because it exemplifies simultaneous rooted strength and flexibility. So being very “bendy” is a helpful posture these days. Meanwhile a Saturn/Pluto sextile remains in effect throughout September, empowering us when we are willing to release what we no longer need.

This week is packed with transformational shifts that present even more opportunities for expansion as we learn to love ourselves more deeply.

This week we have:
A Full Moon in Pisces,
Pluto Stations to go Direct,
Saturn/North Node /Venus conjunction inside the via combusta,
Sun moves into Libra / The Autumn Equinox

16 Monday

We are feeling the brilliance of the Mercury/Uranus, (in Libra/Aries) opposition from early this morning. Intuitive insights around how you project onto others and how you can free yourself by understanding the Mirrored Self are available today. Imagine the kindest thing you would say to someone you love dearly… then say that to yourself! The Aquarius Moon is very much about seeing/loving your own inner genius and your willingness to see and do things a little differently. The courage to love yourself enough… to try something outside your old box… will reap rewards for your heart.

17 Tuesday

A Mercury /Mars sextile this morning plugs us into innovation by producing creative connections between the mind and body. Pay attention to what you are broadcasting, as it is engaging the law of attraction to bring you what you are focused on. If you find you are focused on any struggle or discomfort… distract yourself and realign yourself to a lighter, more playful subject. Mid-morning the Moon leaves the field of mental brilliance and moves into the deep feeling depths of Pisces, where it will join its ruler Neptune in the afternoon. This magical combination of intuition with the limitless field of potential leads the way to the Full Moon very early on the 19th. Allow yourself to Dream and let your imagination flow free. This is a great time for creative expression of any kind.

18 Wednesday

A Saturn / Venus / North Node conjunction at 9 Scorpio,
trining Chiron and sextile Pluto/ Squaring Mars:
This is a vastly supportive configuration for letting go of any beliefs that are hindering your self-esteem. At this stage of the dance, it is paramount to release any negative self talk and/or say goodbye to anyone and anything that is not supportive and loving towards you. Same goes for judgment! I personally discovered that although I was not very judgmental of others… I was ruthlessly judgmental of myself. It’s all a Mirror trick, either way… it’s got to go, be kind to yourself in the process. The gift in this energy is yet another opportunity to repair or release, forgive and forget and lighten up by letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. Many of us have had to say goodbye to relationships and habits that we have become very attached to. As we continue to grow and expand… it is a natural part of our evolutionary process to experience things falling away. It is holding on to what we have outgrown that causes the most discomfort! Our inner guidance is key here in knowing what we need to let go of and if you think you don’t know… just take some time to go within and it will become clear. The more we commit to letting go Now, the more space we will have for the magic of this new paradigm to flood our reality.

19 Thursday / Full Moon

Early this morning we are gifted with a Full Moon in Pisces, lighting up spiritual unity, compassion and creative expression. What becomes illuminated during this time is worth witnessing; this energy is a curtain-raiser to the equalization process that presents itself to us this Sunday, at the Autumn Equinox. The Sun and Moon are not heavily aspected by outer planets, providing a great opening to see some very personal life pattern very clearly. There is an earthy Grand Trine with Pluto, Ceres and the South Node and a Mystic Rectangle in the earth and water signs… bringing the Divine Feminine even more to the forefront. Allow yourself to choose a new way to nurture yourself, release judgments and connect to your highest version of Self! Do yourself a favor and get outside, take off your shoes and let your feet really ground to the Earth. Step through the Full Moon doorway and soak up the Wholeness of this Beautiful Blue Planet, in all her beauty … and know that IS you.

The energy shifts once the Moon moves into Aries a few hours later revving us up and making us eager to get going with our day. Later tonight Mercury squares Jupiter and we gain access to new inner wisdom that we will want to act on.

20 Friday

Venus sextiles Ceres and trines Chiron in the early morning hours broadcasting frequencies of love, appreciation and healing. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for the courage and perseverance you have embodied and let gratitude wash over you, no matter what your story. Later in the morning, Pluto will turn Direct after nearly six months of being retrograde, shifting the transformational energy from the inner to our outer world. Many of us have been purging and clearing our relationships, houses and bodies during this retrograde and now we can translate that out into our world. All of this has given us a greater awareness of what is motivating us; Love or Fear, and we are now in a better position to consciously choose which one is steering us along. Saturn and Pluto have been in mutual reception (at home in each other’s signs) for months, assisting harmoniously in our evolutionary process to let the old go and take a big step forward on our path. Saturn now makes the third and final sextile to Pluto as he turns direct bringing even more emphasis to the release and renewal themes of this pivotal time. Our Inner Guru (Saturn) has been transformed and renewed by Pluto’s Power. It just makes total sense that in order to BE this new world we are birthing, the old has to transmute into something new. The image of the Caterpillar/Butterfly applies here.

21 Saturday

After an intense week with so much change, the Moon moves into Taurus late this afternoon and it feels like we are given a chance to slow down and smell the roses. This is a great day to relax and gift yourself with something that brings you pleasure and contentment. Your inner being will thank you. The Mystic rectangle with Saturn, Chiron, Ceres and South Node is still in place and tomorrow this Moon in Taurus will conjunct the South Node bringing deep Spiritual understanding. So today, let yourself find rest and take time to go inside to that heart/felt place and just listen… just be!

22 Sunday Autumn Equinox

Today is the Autumn Equinox when the Earth’s two hemispheres receive the Sun’s rays equally. Equinox means equal night and day, and the Sun moving into Libra today begins a new Season… one when our nights begin to become longer than our days in the Northern Hemisphere. Interestingly, the glyph for Libra does look like a symbol of the setting/rising Sun. With the Sun and Venus in a (classical) mutual reception, awakening the possibility of the truth in our hearts becoming illuminated. Libra is the sign of balance and the Mirrored Self. It has occurred to me that the way out of polarization (right/wrong, good/bad, up/down, joy/sorrow etc.) is to choose a third point as the Observer. The Observer is a place of neutrality that actually forms a third point and takes the image of a straight line with two opposite ends and turns it into a triangle of connected harmony. This Equinox represents a time of fullness after Summer and the beginning of the Harvest. May we use this day to contemplate all we have come through, all we have witnessed and let’s celebrate the harvesting of our New Selves.

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