image for weekly weather reportWelcome to a week full of surprises, opportunities and more beginning and endings. We have the 4th Pluto Uranus square, the 2nd Mercury/Saturn conjunction in the retrograde cycle and a New Moon Solar Eclipse. There will be multiple chances to make positive revisions to our way of thinking and although much is uncertain right now, new truths are being revealed every step of the way. This time calls for courage to face our demons, open hearts to liberate our desires and persistence to continue down an uncertain path.
Happy Halloween 🙂

Monday the 28th

This Monday starts with a VOC (Void of Course) Leo Moon at 8:26 AM that will last until 11:45pm tonight. We have the entire day to find ways to lead others by demonstrating our appreciation and optimism. For those of you in positions of authority, this is a great opportunity to support others to do their best by focusing on how you shine your own light. Lead by example is the theme today. Adding to this energy early in the morning, Pluto sextiles Mars and the Mars will sextile the North Node, indicating we can transmute old wounds and apply innovative solutions that propel us closer to our goals. Our bodies are changing with all of this energy and we need to listen to the messages they are sending during this time.

Tuesday the 29th

Retrograde Mercury will conjunct Saturn at 4:48 PM and there are powerful messages to be heard and felt. Mercury first made this connection on October 8th when it was still in direct motion and because of the retrograde, it will make this connection a total of three times, the last one being on November 25th. This passage speaks to the profound connection we are experiencing between our deepest, hidden feelings and how we communicate what we are discovering. So much is coming to the surface to be released and even though we aren’t exactly sure what to do right now, we can be certain that this big reveal can lead us to right action in the future.

Right now is the time to re-access and take stock of what has come to the surface, refrain from drawing conclusions and resisting the habit of passing judgment on ourselves and others. We are still unearthing what needs to be released from the past and this Mercury retrograde gives us the chance to be thorough. With a Moon in Virgo all day, we can take these discoveries and begin to re-assemble and repair what we feel has been broken or damaged within. Observing the beauty in nature can sooth us during this process, so do your best to get out in it.

Wednesday the 30th

Don’t be surprised if your To-Do list is bountiful today. We can get a lot done as long as we remember to be patient and remind ourselves we are in an Eclipse/Retrograde passage that can feel like we are swimming upstream. We get some help today when the Sun conjuncts the North Node in Scorpio, possibly revealing new bits of information that can shine light on the somewhat uncertain pathway we have in front of us. As long as we keep reminding ourselves that all is not clear right now and we continue to navigate with patience, our progress is assured.

Thursday the 31st

We have a very busy morning setting up the vibe of this Halloween day. The Moon enters Libra at 8:22 AM and Mars opposes Chiron, trines Pluto and forms an inconjunct to Uranus all by 9 AM. These frequencies ignite mechanisms for healing, purging and transforming our relationships to our physical world and our bodies. With Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, we are empowered by practical, grounded energies to bring some important tasks to fruition. Later, after lunchtime, the Sun will square Juno, so be mindful of any issues that arise around partnerships and maintain a certain degree of flexibility in your interactions. With the Moon in Libra highlighting the entire day, relationships prove to be our greatest reflection. What are our relationships mirroring back to us about our selves?

Friday November 1st

November comes in with a bang and this day is so packed with powerful aspects that are supportive and clarifying in nature. Today we have an exact square formed between Pluto (the transformer) and Uranus (the awaken-er). This is the 4th in the series of 7 aspects that are breaking down and reconstructing our world between 2012 and 2015. Resisting changes that need to be made at this point, only inflames any discomfort we are already feeling. The theme of letting go is pervasive and appropriate during this time. The old phrase “expect the unexpected” continues to apply!

The Sun and Mercury interact harmoniously through out the day with planets to help facilitate powerful communications and instigate much needed revisions. The evening ends with Mercury trining Chiron, so if you need to send a healing message, this would be a great time. Is there someone you need to forgive? How is your inner voice these days, you know the one that never stops auditing you? Are you being kind to yourself? How could you compassionately shift some negative self-talk?

Saturday the 2nd

We get started today within a VOC (Void of Course Moon) that gives us some breathing room to reflect on all that the week has brought our way. Then, when the Moon leaves Libra and joins the Scorpio cauldron at 1:35 PM, our rich, emotional garden will become even more fertilized. Before the day is out, the Moon will harmonize with Neptune and Mercury, softening our approach and bringing laser-like focus to our thinking. Take advantage of this atmosphere that can temper any extremes that may have erupted this week. Finding a fresh perspective that seeks to uncover a new truth, can lighten the intensity and bring us to a new understanding.

Sunday the 3rd

This is a big day! A potent New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio marks the halfway point of this Worm Hole we are traveling through. Ceres changes signs, the Sun will sextile Mars and Mercury will conjunct the North Node. This day is just chuck full of support to face our fears and reclaim our personal power. Solar Eclipses present opportunities for us to take what we have learned and bring it to the next level. This Scorpio energy brings healing on a soul level, by relentlessly uncovering our shadow energy so we can own it and bring it to light. We en-prison ourselves with all we repress or deny and this is the perfect time to release all of it.

We have so much help to get on a good track today if we will just stop and pay attention to what we are being shown. Fears and judgements that have out worn their welcome can be released and new seeds of personal empowerment can replace them. This is a great day to come to terms with how some emotional patterns are holding us back and what we can do to free ourselves. During this Eclipse, Venus will join the Galactic Center giving our hearts a direct plug-in to some very high frequencies. May we all take advantage of this collective force and open ourselves to the new possibilities of living consciously and co-creating together harmoniously. Remember, Daylight Savings time ends at 2:00 AM

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” Peter Marshall
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