image for weekly weather reportOne of the most noticeable energy shifts this week happens Monday When Venus leaves the Scorpio realm and enters Sagittarius in the afternoon. Since September 12, Venus in Scorpio has taken us deep into our emotion self and revealed some difficult aspects buried in our Shadow, that we have needed to face. After this penetrating reveal of our hidden emotions, Venus moving into Sagittarius can feel like a sweet relief from the Scorpio concentration. I love Venus in Sagittarius (I must confess my Venus lives there) and I think we could all use a little “lightening up” in the heart department. There is a good chance you could feel an increase in your enthusiasm and sense of adventure as Venus arises from the deep waters of Scorpio into the inspirational fire of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. Some form of expansion, exploration and adventure is at hand if we will allow it. In order to tap into that lighter perspective, “Letting GO” still dominates the passage we are in.

I personally am experiencing a lot of intensity with Mercury in Scorpio continuing to take my Self examination deeper into the world of transformation. I can feel the hand of Divine Timing operating here and the patterns continue to point the way to my truer, more authentic Self. I am needing constant, diligent reminders that my Ego is not a fan of this accelerated growth and I must treat myself with kindness. The willingness to see the bigger picture can bring comfort at this time.

Monday 7th

While the Moon is in Scorpio all day, Venus makes her way into Sagittarius around 2 in the afternoon where she will resonate for the next 4 weeks. This energy can bring some foot loose and fancy free energy to our hearts and we may experience a need for more independence in relationships. If you are in a close partnership with someone, this is a great time to study or travel together and find a sense of adventure to share. Sagittarius is the truth Seeker and with Venus here… your heart wants the truth. Be willing to allow it to show itself to you, the cost is greater if you refuse.

Mars and Uranus will have a challenging aspect in the late morning and our personal Will could be surprised by some unexpected event. It’s best to remain flexible and expect the unexpected and maybe even try something new!

The Evening rolls in with Mercury in Scorpio trining Chiron in Pisces and the water energies are harmonizing. It’s an excellent time to focus the mind on healing modalities, communications and ideas, particularly ones that reveal the truth of your feelings.

Tuesday 8

While most of us are sleeping Mercury will form and Inconjunct (Great Eliminator) to Uranus bringing the fire and water elements to a place of some discomfort, the purpose of which is to choose the higher road and make a productive choice. This could make for some very telling dreams and it might be wise to have paper and pen by your bed to make note of what is shown to you. The Moon joins Venus in Sagittarius at 8:21 AM and this further adds to the welcomed “Lightening Up” feeling I spoke of earlier. Sometimes Sagittarius wants to expand too fast with the fire of enthusiasm at its back, so it’s interesting that Mercury will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio mid-afternoon, promising to maintain some structure and perhaps some caution at the forefront of your thinking. If you find yourself frustrated, it’s only a symptom of feeling pulled in two different directions. Once we stop and remember that it is We who are doing the pushing and the pulling, we become free to choose to engage in the alchemical moment with greater understanding. This Mercury/Saturn Conjunction will happen two more times due to Mercury’s retrograde motion, so this day holds some specific glimpses of what we will be reviewing from now until Thanksgiving! The Saturnian energy can bring a strong ability to focus and we must decide where we will direct it. We are setting a future course and although we cant see the path right now, we are empowered to direct it with the Higher Mind to ensure a more evolved outcome. It’s a good time to take care of business, while we lock on to a positive attitude.

Wednesday 9

After the Mental intensity of yesterday’s realignment, today provides some breathing room and time to take care of ourselves and one another. With the Moon in Sagittarius all day, we only have one major aspect late in the afternoon when Jupiter (Ruler of Sagittarius) will sextile Ceres. This is a gift of compassion from the Universe as I see it. The planet of opportunity and expansion is harmoniously connecting to Ceres and we can tap into new opportunities of how we connect to the Earth and each other in loving, uplifting ways. With all that is going on during this time of great change, I plan on taking advantage of this energy and I invite you all to do the same! Get a massage, give one, bake cookies for your neighbor, smile at a stranger, make someone laugh, take off your shoes and really feel some earth between your toes, get in touch with how much our Mother Earth takes care of us, be spontaneous, take loving care of someone and yourself and celebrate the fact that we Can! 🙂

Thursday 10

When we wake up, Venus and Neptune will be engaged in a challenging Square-Dance that may have us feeling disillusioned. These two can foster idealism, romantic dreams, expressive heart felt creativity when channeled consciously. If you don’t pay attention however, you can find yourself being so unrealistic that you delude yourself. Self awareness is key here. To help you keep the balance, the Moon makes her way into grounded, earthy Capricorn 11:17 AM after being VOC since 6 AM. The morning is excellent for reflecting on what we have gained in wisdom and understanding so far this week. Then, right about lunch time we may begin to feel like we are getting back to a more practical, organized track after yesterday’s urge for a spontaneous adventure and idealistic dreaming. Later this evening, the Sun and Neptune might stir up old feelings of uncertainty about yourself, but this energy can also be put to good creative use and deeper spiritual understanding. Rest and use your imagination in a positive way tonight.

Friday 11th

As the Sun rises today the Moon will have aligned with Pluto and that sets the stage for some intense emotions, while providing the potential to powerfully transform anything in your feeling nature that no longer serves you. Realize that within your connection to Source, you have all the strength and wisdom needed to direct you to higher ground and claim it today.

Venus sesquiquadrates Jupiter 1:40 PM and as long as we can remember to stay grounded and headed down a conscious path, this aspect of tension between Jupiter and Venus today can lead to some good old fashion fun, socializing and enjoying a great meal with friends and loved ones. Do your best to keep a balance and don’t let the playful energies of these two planets lead to excess or exaggeration. Think twice before spending or saying too much on all levels. The Moon being in Capricorn all day will add support to stay disciplined. Jupiter in Cancer in this aspect can lead to an over protectiveness reguarding your feelings with your family members, so be aware. The Moon will go VOC form 8 PM to Midnight and we are given another chance to chill out and go within.

Saturday 12

We start the day in a VOC Moon that lasts until 2PM when the Moon will enter Aquarius and before that, Venus sextiled Juno and Mercury Paralleled Venus. This combo provides an opportunity to get clear about our relationship to our own hearts and all that is dear to us as well as the mirror that others reflect back to us. Choosing self empowered connection over codependency, loving the parts of us that have relied on addictions to feed the emptiness, ownership of envy and all other forms of feeling less than, deciding that it’s time we become our own best mates… this kind of shifting will lead to breakthroughs as we forge ahead into the Fall. I have three trees that form a tall canopy in my back yard and I can see that they are preparing to drop ALL of their leaves. More than ever before, I understand the beauty of witnessing the old as it falls away; the energy that was turned outward, now turns inward. Honoring the cycles of Nature is a powerful way to honor yourself.

On top of all of this The Sun squares Jupiter today and this element adds even more to the balancing act of making optimistic choices and believing in the magic of life, while remaining grounded and humble in the process. As long as you are prepared to watch out for egocentric and excessive tendencies, then the expansiveness of this day can be huge in a healthy way.

Sunday the 13th

The Moon is in Aquarius all day and I feel this is a great day to reflect on the continuing Grand Trine formed by Chiron in Pisces, Saturn/NorthNode in Scorpio and Black Moon Lylith in Cancer. All of this water energy is opening up our hearts, our feelings and supporting new abilities to tap into our intuition within the Divine Feminine Energy that is flooding the Planet. No matter what it looks like, we ARE crossing a bridge from an old paradigm to a new one. With the Moon in Aquarius today, perhaps we can take the observer perspective, detach just enough from what we have been entangled in and acknowledge the progress we have made during our Journey.

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.
You seek problems because you need their gifts.” Richard Bach

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