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There is so much to say about this week! There is an increase in the already intense energies we have been submerged in. We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Mars entering Virgo, Venus Trines Uranus, the polarization between Neptune and Mars and Mercury preparing to go Retrograde…So what does all of that translate to?

All of these events are catalysts for getting us into alignment with the next big Global Realignment on November 1st when we have the 4th of 7 exact Pluto Uranus Squares. The tension between these two Cosmic Awakeners is breaking down the old structures and ushering in a new Era. These are Epic Times we are living in and we are being asked to move along and assist with the current of transformation. There is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself, to rediscover who you truly are in a whole new way.

Some people are asking me when is this energy going to lighten up and my response to that is …. We are what needs lightening up and these Cosmic Forces are here to serve us to ensure we do just that! It is our resistance to change that is causing so much difficulty. Huge Universal Forces are in play, turning the dial on Humanity’s Evolution and We are very important to that process. Deep levels of Love, Joy and Fulfillment are absolutely available to us during these times when we are willing to shift our point of view, give up being right and let go. This takes heart focus and an ongoing commitment to ride this wave with optimism and trust that everything is working out for our good. I personally have been pretty uncomfortable and the dis-comfort leads me into new territory where I find out what else I need to eliminate, excavate and release, so that something unprecedented can emerge.

During this tumultuous time, try tuning out the Fear-Based Media Voice and instead… tune into your Inner Voice for more comfort and guidance. Sooth yourself, have courage, we all are birthing something wondrously new and we just can’t see it yet.

14th Monday

The Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon form a balanced air trine while we sleep… this is good medicine for all the relationship challenges we have been facing and you might get a hint of some solution in a dream. Then the Sun will challenge Ceres, encouraging us to adjust how we are taking care of ourselves and then minutes later Mercury will connect to Vesta in a creative, uplifting way. All of this before most of us get out of bed! This sets the stage for strong mental momentum, so before you get rolling into the rush of the day, check in with your thought patterns, are they positive/nurturing or are they worrisome/critical? As the day progresses, We will have opportunities to practice being kind to ourselves and others through our communications. Kind words and body language count 🙂

Late in the afternoon, the Moon enters Pisces and then connects with Neptune in the evening… sweet dreams! Every month when the Moon moves into the early degrees of Pisces it will join with her ruler Neptune, tapping us all into the depths of our emotional sensitivity and the vastness of our Neptunian Sea of Consciousness . This is a great time to use your imagination to visualize something high and lovely to sooth your Soul. If you are struggling emotionally, you are misaligned with your higher truth and any confusion or uncertainty you are experiencing will not get resolved by running those thoughts into the ground. Recognize this is not the time to make an active decision, instead it’s a great time to turn your attention to what you want to draw into your world, by tapping into your spiritual truth. Sleep on that and start fresh in the morning.

15th Tuesday

In the early morning, Mars leaves Libra and enters Virgo, assisting us on our journey of inner alignment until the 2nd week of December. Our physical well-being and how we can generate a new sense of Wholeness in our Mind/Body/Spirit will come into greater focus. We will have great opportunities to shift how we take care of ourselves as we continue to eliminate the old unwanted, limiting patterns. New discoveries of how our emotions manifest in our bodies as wellness or illness will emerge.

The Pisces Moon continues to move us emotionally, as it will square Venus, sextile Pluto, conjunct Chiron, trine Saturn and then finally trine Mercury by the nights end. This huge flow of energy taps us into how our hearts desires are being healed and re-birthed, bringing greater inner wisdom and emotional understanding that we can emit back into our world. This is very much about re discovering Unconditional Love. Any inner critical voice that might activate inside you, just lowers your vibration and will never bring you back to Wholeness.

16th Wednesday

Venus dances with Chiron and Uranus today, inviting our Hearts to release painful memories from the past and to celebrate the unexpected gifts and surprises life is now offering up. We could get magical, intuitive flashes, showing us glimpses of our new lives when we relax into it. Mercury is in his Shadow and today feels like a huge recalibration to our Higher Mind VIA connections to so many Planets and Asteroids. This day gives us a chance to set the stage for riding the Mercury Retrograde with the grace of higher awareness.

The Pisces Moon goes VOC (Void Of Course) from 3PM until 9PM. This Void of Course energy is always about tapping into Divine Feminine Energy. Here, Feminine = Being/NonAction and Masculine = Doing/Action. So the Feminine is all about allowing and never about forcing or pushing to make something happen… it is all about allowing your Self to Be. Even in the midst of a busy work day, you can use your breath to tap into this Feminine Frequency and ask yourself what little thing you can do to Ease Up on your Self. Around 9PM the Moon moves into Aries and the energy shifts from a sensitive, watery, emotional space to a fiery, inspirational/action oriented place. Listen for new ideas and revelations that are awakening within and notice that the impulse to take action is easier now.

17th Thursday

With the Moon in Aries all day, we are assisted into High Minded action with Mercury’s continued, powerful alignments to Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and Mars. How we perceive our world and process our thinking is getting a major overhaul from on High… all we have to do is get out of the way. Look for signs and listen to your inner voice for original, new insights. This afternoon, the Moon will square Pluto before it conjuncts Uranus and then trines Venus. Watch out for your personal initiative clashing with someone else’s power position, understanding that by remaining mindful, you can find a innovative solution that later brings the emotional body into balance with what you wanted in the 1st place.

18th Friday

The energy of this week has built to a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aries today, that will bring many of us to a crossroads of some kind in our relationships. With the Sun in Libra opposite the Moon in Aries, the need for balance is key, so do your best to stay away from extremes by observing your Male/action and Female/receptive energy and recognize the need for both in your life. Jupiter forms a T Square expanding and possibly exaggerating the emotions that rise up at this time. Still, with the right attitude, we can discover a Wisdom we were not aware of before. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aries energy brings so much shifting and expanding to our relationships. We have relationships with partners, lovers, business associates, relatives, our bodies, animals… we have relationships to Everything!

We will find ourselves reevaluating how we create a new sense of balance in the dynamic of our wants and needs verses the other person’s wants and needs. Who am I on my own, who am I in relationships and how to balance both so that anything that has been dis-empowering will be released. Full Moons are culminations of energies that have built since the New Moon. These culminations often bring endings and/or transformations and this one being an Eclipse ups the volume so we can hear it even more clearly. This is a great time to write down what you want to release and go old school and burn it in a fire… a candle will work. This is a symbolic and cathartic ritual design to help you let go of what you know has outworn it’s time.

Stephanie ( calls these Eclipse energies a Sideways Elevator into a Worm Hole and I love that! You get into the elevator and when it takes off, instead of going up or down it goes sideways… taking you some place you could have never gone to otherwise. You wont really know where you are until you come out the other end in November, so remain flexible, open minded and trust that the Universe is taking you to an new and improved view.

19th Saturday

The Moon will move into Taurus before Sunrise today, providing us with a somewhat, slower tempo to process all that happened yesterday. The Eclipse is taking us to unknown territory and the more we can relax into it, the better the ride will be. Mercury continues working on our Mind Makeover and it’s SO important that we learn to Trust our inner guidance at this time. If you feel like you can’t quite hear it, begin by know that it is always there and your job is to diligently take the time to tune in and listen. Meditation is one of the most invaluable tools right now to dial in that Knowing. Remember that a five minute meditation is way more effective than none at all. After dinner time, Mars and Neptune form an opposition and this polarity can set off some feelings of discomfort especially if you are lost in the Ego. This is a time best used for actions that enhance your Spiritual life, charitable and compassionate actions are rewarded with a deeper connection to your own sense of worthiness.

20th Sunday

The Moon will be in Taurus until 5:02PM when we will get another VOC (Void of Course) respite that lasts until Midnight. It really is a good idea to take advantage of these little windows of time. They are gifted openings when we can catch our breath, slow down some, rest and regroup. The big news today is the Mercury is Stationing, preparing to go Retrograde tomorrow. So we can end the week with an intention to pace ourselves. Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde will not complete the full experience until a few days after Thanksgiving when it emerges past the 18th degree. I don’t see the Retrograde periods as a negative time when everything goes wrong. This is a time to renew, regroup, review and release all that has not been working in your life and to envision what you could manifest if you really believed you had no limitations. Its a time to understand that things will change many times during this inner process and to refrain from attaching to an outcome. As I finish writing this Weekly Weather, I am struck by the power of Emotions and Water and how it creates and transforms.

Last night here in Austin Texas, the river rose 7 feet in 9 hours as we received more rain than anywhere else in the nation… this in the middle of a Stage 2 Drought! The power of water to transform…Scorpio is a water sign, a very deep one that is ruled by Pluto. Pluto goes to the deepest places and brings up all that has been submerged and hidden. This is a time when all the old hidden shadow parts can be dislodged and pop to the top so they can flow downstream and out of sight. If we let go, what comes next is so much better!

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