image for weekly weather reportI have found it rather challenging to write this week’s column on the astrological weather. We have had massive floods here in Austin and I personally know many people who are morning severe losses as a result. I am witnessing the Scorpio cauldron at it’s most powerful; churning, clearing, purging and literally washing away lifestyles, possessions and beings that were held dear. There is so much going on energetically and although radical, difficult changes are everywhere, I am reminded of the incredibly powerful rebirth and resurrection energies that are the gifts of Scorpio transformations. We are birthing a new paradigm where we discover our deepest truths, release our darkest secrets, unleash our biggest dreams and set our sights on living life, reverently and authentically.

This week leads us into a very insightful period and on the tail wind of Sunday’s Eclipse, we will begin to find new understandings that will free us from the trappings of old, self imposed limitations. Life is becoming new! On a supportive note… there are two ongoing aspects that are assisting us during this transitional time. Mars in Virgo is trining Pluto and will sextile Saturn this week. These discerning frequencies lend strength and clarity to the task of how we can implement changes effectively and efficiently. This configuration adds stamina, foresight and resiliency as we ride these waves of change. All week we encounter long periods when the Moon is Void of Course and if we take advantage of these much needed reprieves, we can continue with greater ease.

Monday the 4th

At 2:32 AM, Venus and Saturn are frictional and we may find we are struggling with a relationship and possibly feeling under-appreciated. It’s best to ride this one out without discussion until later in the day, when you may find it has blown over. We are in a VOC (Void of Course) Moon from midnight until 3:14 PM, one of many this week. With the Moon in Scorpio until 3:14 PM, what ever message presented itself to you during Sunday’s Eclipse may come into some clearer focus, so pay attention. How can you create change for what is not working? What needs are not being met? What adjustments can you make to remedy a situation and at what cost? These are possible questions to contemplate.

Things always seem to lighten up some when the Moon moves into Sagittarius and we are ready for some soul soothing and laughter by the late afternoon. At 7:33 PM the Moon will square Neptune and this is great for the imagination, but not so great if you are looking to have a discussion that will be forthcoming with straight answers! Look for what is good in your life before you go to sleep tonight, count your blessings and get some much needed rest 🙂

Tuesday the 5th

Early in the morning the Moon will trine Uranus and we could start the day out with a burst of energy, with an independence theme leading the way. Venus enters Capricorn at 3:43 AM and because of a retrograde, it will be in the sign of Capricorn for an unusually long time, until March or 2014! Venus is the Love planet and I feel this is a fantastic time to find new heart-strength, a time when we can discover from our Higher Self, how to allow our hearts to govern our lives with integrity and wisdom. Traditionally Capricorn was a difficult placement for the emotional heart, but during this awakening, this energy helps us to build supportive structures that can better align with our newly formed, more evolved selves.

Here is another day when a VOC (11:48 AM to Midnight) Moon brings us an opportunity to pause a bit, so we can get in touch with the divine, feminine energy of allowing all that is… to just be. The Moon continues its passage through Sagittarius and we may feel restless, longing for higher ground. Go ahead, lighten up and feed your mind something uplifting tonight!

Wednesday the 6th

Another VOC Moon from midnight until 4:44 PM sets the tone of the day and brings a mellow topping to the often restless, Sagittarius Moon. At 7:01 AM, the Scorpio Sun will meet Saturn in an exact conjunction. Some of us may find this a more sobering day, where we are compelled to face the truth of where we are. I see it as a grand opportunity to focus our consciousness on what we want to manifest. What are we building in our lives? Where is our focus? How has being overly judgment held us back ? Taking stock of where we are and how we can create new patterns that serve us in the long run, is healthy. Regretting and Could-ha, Would-ha, Shoud-ha’s are not supportive or productive… so steer clear of those old tapes!

At 4:44 PM the Moon enters Capricorn which can add to the serious tone of the day. Try to find the voice for your emerging inner authority and tune out the societal pressures for greater understanding.
The Moon conjuncts Venus, sextiles Neptune and Mercury between 7:20 PM and 11:00 PM and can bring forth inspired feelings that are connected to your highest vision, providing you with greater mental clarity. Be sure and acknowledge all the good work you did today before you go to bed 🙂

Thursday the 7th

Jupiter in Cancer goes retrograde at 12:03 AM adding a more spiritual and philosophical framework to our perspective for the next four months. Jupiter tends to enlarge the energy it hooks up with and in Cancer, there is greater emphasis on our relationship to mother, home, women, divine feminine energy, nurturing, security and protection. The Moon squares Uranus at 7:59 AM then conjuncts Pluto 8:31 AM, reconnecting the themes that are playing out with the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square. So if you wake up with an uneasiness, don’t go into fear… just give yourself a little extra time this morning to breathe and smell the roses, or the coffee, with appreciation.

Fortunately, the energy shifts positively with the Moon engaging Mars, Saturn and the Sun in harmonious aspects between 3:15 and 7:00 PM, providing motivation and discipline to get those tasks accomplished. Just after dinnertime, Venus the planet of love and heart, will sextile Neptune, the planet of imagination and highest vision. This can be very artistically inspiring and even romantically stimulating. At the very least, a lovely sensitivity will soften a busy work day and compassion and caring hearts will rule the evening.

Friday November 8th

This day smooths out rough edges with a VOC Capricorn Moon lasting from 2:39 AM until 6:30 PM. We can tap into messages from our Highest Self with Mercury’s sextile to Venus at 7:24 AM. What a soothing for the soul this is, mind and heart harmoniously revealing creative solutions. Do you remember this time last week? The energies were building towards the Eclipse and many of us were dealing with major upheavals in our outer world and in our bodies. There was a rampant uneasiness and discomfort. It’s amazing to see how much has shifted in just one week! The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:31 pm, adding to the pressure relief of this day. Look up and out into the sky tonight and in the midst of the vastness, acknowledge the vastness that lives within you 🙂

Saturday the 9th

The Moon is in Aquarius all day and we have a lineup that could make for imaginative, expansive discussions that can lend themselves to productive results. Mars in Virgo sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 6:54 AM and this combination can help us greatly reduce any confusion, or lack of motivation that may have been slowing our productivity down. Whether you pore yourself into an art project or a practical business solution, the process and the end result will feel satisfying. To add to the good vibes, Mercury in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces at 4:35 PM compounding the magically creative, expansive process. You may feel compelled to share your most treasured dreams or perhaps music and art will fill your evening. Whatever you do today, enjoy this combo as it feeds into what desires were seeded during the Eclipse last Sunday.

Sunday the 10th

We get another opportunity to turn inward and rest with a long VOC Moon from 12:57 AM until 9:36 PM
The days inside a VOC are best spent reflecting, observing and resting. We can’t always do that during our work week, but hopefully you can set this Sunday up to be a restful and contemplative one. A big shift happens inside the void when Mercury turns direct at 4:12 PM. Mercury changing direction within a Void Aquarius Moon, indicates to me that we can receive brilliant insights as to what this Eclipse-passage, Scorpio-cauldron has to offer for our evolutionary growth. It is just a matter of tuning in and listening. In Cosmic Astrology, the Aquarius energy is very much about realizing that loving your SELF is a vital step in you awakening spiritually and that being SELF-ish is a high state of being. It brings to mind the old saying, “You can’t love anyone if you don’t first love yourself”.

The Moon moves into the dreamy world of Pisces at 9:37 PM and we can use the night to chill out and enjoy a movie or a good snuggle. Before we sleep tonight, lets all take a moment to appreciating who we are and how far we have come and embrace our journey. Sweet Dreams!

“Walk toward whoever gave you feet.” Rumi
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