image for weekly weather reportThis week starts out with us making lots of course corrections after the Full Moon yesterday. The two weeks directly after a Full Moon are excellent for clearing out, detoxing, starting new health regimes and letting go of worn out patterns and habits that have outlived their purpose. We will find ourselves wanting to reach beyond our current positions, as the Sun leaves the intensity of Scorpio for the enthusiasm of expansive Sagittarius this Thursday. This Jupiter-ruled fire sign is far more accepting, playful and easy going than the deep, penetrating Scorpio energy that has been uncovering what’s been hidden in the shadows. The principles of Jupiter inspire us to find new meaning, greater wisdom and hope for a bright future, as we regain a new sense of clarity, as the Scorpio storms begin to subside.

As we move into the holiday season, we could experience a wanderlust to expand our view of the world and a longing to travel overseas. We can travel with our minds via books and movies and expanded conversations. Just be wary of any self-righteous position you feel warrants projecting or defending, as this Sagittarius influence progresses. All opinions are valid, in that there are limitless ways to perceive the same thing. Go with the expansion, but be mindful of excessive indulgence and crossing established boundaries uninvited.

I have been asked what is a VOC (Void of Course Moon) so here is how it works:
It begins when the transiting Moon makes the last major aspect it will make, before it changes from one sign of the Zodiac to the next. It ends when the Moon enters the next sign. These times are best spent in a subjective, reflective mode. It’s like a space between two different energies and I personally equate it to the magical place between breaths.

Monday the 18th

With the Moon in Gemini until Wednesday, the sextile she forms to Uranus will add to the capricious air we will be feeling most of the day. The Moon is very busy today, from the time we wake up until almost midnight, forming aspects that require constant re-adjustments to fluctuating circumstances in our personal life and social/work situations. The day seems to be about finding creative solutions while remaining flexible and open minded as we continually tweek our communication skills. Consider this day a good one for gaining clarity by your willingness to go with the changing flow and stay open to discoveries that shine new light on old perspectives.

Tuesday the 19th

We are still riding the mercurial winds of a Gemini Moon today, but it is VOC most of the day and this tames the speed of conversations, both inner and outer. Mars in Virgo will sextile Jupiter in Cancer, adding to the progress of anything you are focused on. This energy is full of enthusiasm and is optimistically charged with positive possibilities. So let’s work with it to introduce healthy results in our current situations and take actions that are both supportive and progressive. You may feel inspired to organize your closet or make something within your home more user friendly… go for it! Reconnecting with family and finding better ways to function as a unit will produce winning situations. Later in the evening we could run into a few snares, but they will resolve themselves later with some ease, so don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm!

Chiron (The Master Healer Teacher) changes directions today in Pisces. While retrograde, this potent time required a lot of self-examination that called for inner healing and a fresh look at how we allow out thoughts to take us unconsciously into areas that are not supportive and healthy. Now that Chiron and Neptune are both direct in Pisces, we can begin to take some of what has been revealed to us through our wounded self, along with some purposeful confusion… and make some much needed course corrections. It’s a time to realize that we are whole and not broken, it is only our perception that has formed these beliefs. Now we can get to work cleaning up the thoughts behind those beliefs, so we can can experience the meaningful shifts in your healing process.

Wednesday the 20th

Mercury will trine Chiron in the early morning hours, shortly after Chiron changed directions yesterday. I think this is an awesome opportunity to communicate harmoniously regarding all matters that were too painful to discuss before. Our dreams could deliver healing messages, so you might want to put a pad and pen by the bed, I like to use a voice recorder… that way I can keep my sleepy eyes closed and still record dream highlights for later insights.

The Moon enters Cancer and then swiftly trines Neptune early in the morning, so the day starts out with a feminine, nurturing flare that is both emotionally and spiritually sensitive, protective and compassionate. Mercury will sextile Pluto at 9:09 PM and this just adds more passion and transformations to our communications. We could be releasing information we have held deep and under cover for awhile and Pluto’s power can pack a punch, so take the high road to ensure you won’t have to do damage control later. This expressive energy is compounded by the Moon squaring Uranus three hours later. The need to protect our emotions could be challenged by some “Out of the Blue” comment, so keep the bigger picture in mind and do your best to stay kind. There are many gifts available today in the messages we have received. It is up to our inner being to decipher the truth as Pluto opposes the Moon at 11:20 PM. Before we go to sleep tonight, we can review this day and realize we have gained new understandings and insights that can serve us way into the future.

Thursday the 21st

The Moon remains in Cancer and themes around home, family and security continue to effect our emotional body. This lunar energy is highly active today as it contacts Chiron, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars before the night ends. Just know that our feminine, divine mother energy is bringing opportunities to us all day long, to see how we feel about pretty much everything! Stay in your heart and stay out of defensive responses and you will find new forms of emotional stability. Blame and accusations will not get you to where you want to be ultimately!

Today another piece of the intense, Scorpio-cauldron shifts out of the emotional, deep diving into lighthearted, optimistic, fire energy as the Sun moves into Sagittarius at 10:48 PM. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius brings optimism, gratitude, adventure and positivity into the mix. This is the sign of the optimistic “the cup is half full” perspective, but it can lend itself to excess when left unchecked. The best example I can think of right now it the post Thanksgiving dinner image of overstuffed relatives, strewn about the house, all sleepy from turkey – tryptophan excess. I have always found it interesting that the marketing to over spend Christmas shopping, is fully enhanced by this energy, right up to the Winter Solstice, when the Sun moves into conservative Capricorn a few days before Christmas.

Friday the 22nd

We wake up into a VOC Cancer Moon that lasts until 6:56 PM and this gives us much of the day to integrate all that came to us yesterday. Please find a way to take some time today on a lunch break, between phone calls, or in a parking lot before you get out of your car… anywhere you can, to appreciate how you have connected honestly to your gut feelings. These feelings are our best navigational tool and this day can reveal a brand new understanding of how they can serve us. Our hearts have been cracked wide open as of late and our emotional body is vulnerable. Watch out for rationalizations that justify reactionary, knee jerk responses. Know that these new feelings are best used as a way to evaluate our development and measure how on or off course we have traveled.

At 6:56 PM the Moon will move into Leo, bringing a very different feel into play after the last two days. This evening, the Leo Moon will trine the Sun in Sagittarius, that’s a lot of fire and fun so be ready to get cheerful, lighten up and enjoy celebrating life! Gratitude is a great way to get in touch with this Moon and generously spread the love around.

Saturday the 23rd

With a Moon in Leo all day and Venus sextiling Saturn, this could be one of the best days to understand how much your heart has matured in understanding the deepest kind of love. Venus in Capricorn is definitively responsible and she is all about integrity with this placement. As Venus ( the Goddess of Love) connects harmoniously to Saturn, the truth of our passions can be revealed in a way that manifests long term results. This combo supports good, common sense choices that reflect the authenticity of our values.

Late tonight, the Moon and Mercury square off in fixed signs and there could be a showdown, if you forget to think before you speak. Mercury in Scorpio can express itself with a need to be right no matter what, when operating on the lowest primal level. On a higher note, the opportunity here is to see how can you em-power someone, rather than attempting to over power them. Allowing another to be where they are, without insisting that they change so you can feel better… frees you up to be fully present in your Now. You can stay true to yourself and honor who you really are, as you respectfully do the same for another.

Sunday the 24th

Put your work aside this day and delve off into something creatively different. We wind up the week with the Sagittarius Sun squaring Neptune in Pisces at 12:53 PM. With the Moon in Leo, this is a great day to slip off into fantasy-land and unleash your imagination. Art, movies, books, theater… all of these fit the bill today for enjoyment. It’s a great day to dream as long as you remember that is what you are doing and don’t escape too far into the illusion. Your sense of self can find new avenues of expression when directed with an adventurous heart. The evening could bring restless energy when the Moon forms frictional aspects to Uranus and then Pluto. The fast moving Moon brings the Global issues of the Pluto-Uranus square into the personal realm and once again, we see what changes we need to implement and who or what we need to let go of.

“Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” – Mark Twain

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