image for weekly weather reportWelcome to the week of Thanksgiving and the start of what we call the Holidays. We enter into a period where we take a respite from work and tap into what is sacred, holy and divine. The Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun brings forth optimistic, jovial, generous and philosophical energies… perfect for Thanksgiving! It’s a time for focusing on gratitude, generosity and reverence for all that is sacred in our lives. If we can hold these concepts, like a big umbrella over the entire Holiday season, we can sail the continuing winds of change with an bright-eyed optimism for the future.

Venus, the planet of desire and sweetness will oppose Jupiter, the planet of “more is better” on Thanksgiving Day. Heart energy is expanded and we can let Love flow! This cosmic connection can exacerbate excessive, undisciplined choices… how perfect! So when it comes to indulging in all the tasty treats, sweets and libations, it would behoove us all to take it easy. We don’t want to have to pay for the excess later and moderation will be challenging to find, so take that into account when you are headed for seconds!

Monday the 25th

The Week starts out with a serious overtone on Monday, and if we navigate it consciously, we will be able to extract valuable info that will get us going in a productive, more enlightened direction.
The Moon moves into Virgo at 7:11 AM and we turn our attention towards handling the details of our lives. There is an element of uncertainty added to the mix before noontime, as Neptune’s challenging aspects to Venus and the Moon can fog up our lenses. We may feel some lack of movement around accomplishing targeted tasks, or an issue around some heart connection. The Virgo Moon then squares the Sun at 2:28 PM which can add a sense of restlessness to the mix.

No worries, just ride this energy and don’t allow frustration to undermine your progress. Trust that higher adjustments are being made to your trajectory and don’t push, just persevere. We will be assisted by Mercury making his third and final conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio this evening. Do you remember the 1st two conjunctions that formed Oct. 8th and Oct.29th due to the Retrograde? This alignment continues to bring greater clarity, release and understanding to what was churned to the surface, during the challenging Scorpio-cauldron Eclipse period. Watch out for cynicism and pessimistic attitudes, instead… use this probing energy to gain new understanding’s about what you have learned over the past month, let go of what you can’t control and observe the new place you have come to. Choose to see with new eyes and let that feed your growing optimism!

Tuesday the 26th

The Moon is in Virgo the entire day and we get a green light to apply our energy in constructive ways. The Feminine energy of Virgo is contacting our emotional body and producing necessary re-alignments. We can get more done today, especially if we take the time to get in touch with our own well being and tend to it first. The details will fill in with greater ease if we take that route. How well are you taking care of yourself? What could you do to find more balance? Are you staying out of the approval/disapproval trap?

In the AM, The Moon’s Nodes will harmonize with Pallas Athena, assisting us to tune into a new depth of emotional wisdom that lights our evolutionary path. In the PM, The Sun will sextile Vesta, the dwarf planet sister of Jupiter, the virgin goddess. Vesta represents the keeper of the hearth… your fire within and with the Sun lighting her up in a positive, creative way, we can find inspiration on how to serve the greater good. Divine, feminine (meaning still and receptive) frequencies are available for inspiration, if we tune our dial in that direction. Imagine you are the old fashioned kind of radio with the big round knob on your heart and dial in the number of your inner wisdom and then just lay back and listen 🙂

Wednesday the 27th

Today, We wake into a VOC Virgo Moon that last til 5 PM, when the Moon moves to Libra. This inward energy will help us to ease up a bit, as we are handling details and prepping for holiday gatherings throughout the day. Mercury is about to leave his retrograde shadow and this evening he sextiles Venus in Capricorn and trines Jupiter in Cancer. All in all, this is just lovely for communicating our feelings and visions of the future.

Along with the Moon in Libra, these in-tune aspects can orchestrate some spectacularly, beautiful music. Open up, share, let someone know what is in your heart! Philosophical discussions could escalate, so do your best to stay open minded and don’t allow an over zealous attitude to ensnare you into righteousness or constructive criticism, by thinking you know what is best for another… stick with the Love!

Thursday the 28

This is a unique day in that our American Thanksgiving Holiday and Hanukah overlap, due to the difference in the Julian and Solar/Lunar calendars, the next time it will happen is in 77,798 years! As I mentioned at the top of the week, we have planetary lineups today that encourage excess and over indulgence, if we are not careful. When channeled consciously, these cosmic energies can support an atmosphere that nurtures us all in exceptional ways! This is good energy for opening new doors to the future, especially when we open the doors to our hearts!

To make this day run smoothly, here’s a word of caution! In the morning hours the Libra Moon will stimulate Uranus, Chiron and Pluto in challenging ways. Like clockwork, this is prime time for entrenched family issues about fairness and old wounds to show up! Steer clear of power struggles, resistance and speaking before you think. Too much alcohol can totally exacerbate any frictional situation today and we need to remember that! Drink lots of water 🙂 Let’s make this a pleasurable day and enjoy jovial conversations, while we choose to remain respectful of each other… under all conditions. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukah!

Friday the 29th

Ahhh, here’s more good timing… I consider this a “Chill” day and most likely we could use it after yesterday’s festivities. We awaken into a long, VOC Libra Moon that lasts until 11:14 PM. It’s a day to take more slowly and look towards the beauty of life! Can we begin to understand that all our relationships are mirrors of our inner world? How can we apply this perspective to create more harmony in our lives? What would happen and how would circumstances shift. if we completely took blame, shame and guilt out of the mix?

Saturn in Scorpio will square Juno in Aquarius and this can stimulate serious considerations around all forms or partnerships. With the VOC Moon still in Libra, we search to find a revised structure to the foundations of our relationships, where needs can be met in more fair and balanced ways. The VOC ends with a Scorpio Moon at 11:03 PM and we return to the depths of our emotional well to discover what is now true for us. Passion and the need for intimate connection return with a force that is trans-formative.

Saturday the 30th

The Moon is in Scorpio all day and our feeling nature is swimming in the deep waters yet again. At the same time, The light of the Sun is trining Uranus and we are awakened to new levels of our own brilliance, creative and originality. Frequencies like this can be both liberating and destabilizing, it’s time to explore! Stay open to events outside your normal life pattern and be receptive to positive surprises, as the air is highly charges with the new and unusual. This is an innovative day to get off the beaten path and feel free from all restrictions. Be daring and venture outside your norm… do something different!

At 6:04 PM, Mercury in Scorpio will semisquare Uranus in Aries and our insightful, passionate and serious minded communications are needing to align with our values. We may encounter a strong urge to make adjustments as to how we translate our feelings and insights into communications that liberate rather than stagnate. Many deep truths have come to light this week and we are given the opportunity to see them more clearly today.

Sunday December 1st

Welcome to December! We will be lifting off into the future, as 2014 is just around the corner and we have a New Moon tomorrow to launch events! That makes today a great day to reflect and digest all that has come to light so far. It is a perfect Sunday to peace out, as the dark of the moon spends it’s last day in Scorpio. What have we uncovered? How have we healed? What still needs revamping? What are we still holding onto that we no longer need? How can we experience the freedom we desire and still stay practical and responsible? Contemplate and celebrate your progress and growth!

Throughout the day, this Scorpio Moon will trine Jupiter, sextile Venus, conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars before it goes VOC at 8:34 PM until midnight. These are very sweet, helpful aspects that support further transformational integration in an atmosphere of creativity and good vibes. We can let go of what has been holding us back, we can move forward more rejuvenated, if we are willing to let go of the old, fear-based thinking and experience a revolutionary Re-boot!

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