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Monday the 9th

The Pisces Moon makes a harmonious connection to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer today… all in water signs. We may find our emotional sensitivity heightened in a beautiful way. Tap into your highest vision with this water trine and be open to intuitive insights that can guide you to bring structure and form to something you have been envisioning. Our hearts are wide open and vulnerability can be used consciously and constructively to live more in line with our truth. Steer clear of impulses to be self sacrificing and check in with your motivations if something feels off.

To add to this positive configuration, the Sagittarius Sun creatively contacts Saturn in Scorpio, bringing some ease and play to how we relate to our responsibilities. Use today to set the tone of this week, stay open-minded and open-hearted as we head into unknown territory. Look for the wholeness within yourself and not to what needs to be fixed in someone else.

Tuesday the 10th

The energy shifts dramatically today as the Moon leaves the dreamy, idealistic water-world of Pisces for the blazing, fired up Moon in Aries at 8:05 AM. We are ready to get moving and motivation comes much easier today. Soon after, the Sun forms an inconjunct with Jupiter at 9:56 AM and we are wise to examine our beliefs to see if we are allowing room for growth and transformation. We don’t need exaggeration for the truth, it stands on it’s own merit.

The big news today is Mercury (the messenger) trines Uranus (the great awakener) in fire signs, and with the Moon in Aries… we are ablaze with an eagerness to move forward. Be prepared for inspiration and brilliant ideas to pop up through out the day. Remain open to possible sudden changes in plans and do your best to think before you speak. There is an impatient, impulsive potential that comes with this ingenious alignment and we will be grateful down the road if we heed that today. At 11:32 PM, Mercury will square Chiron and we can consider how to release old wounds that may pop up and choose wholeness as our new template for wellness.

Wednesday the 11th

We have another day of fast moving energy, as the Moon is in Aries all day and we may still be feeling somewhat impulsive. The Moon will square Jupiter in the afternoon, so remember that more is not necessarily better, although dark chocolate might be the exception 🙂

Our mental focus has been in overdrive and we are assisted in making sense of it all when Mercury and Pluto form a semisextile today. Some deeper truth may emerge in your thinking and you can apply it like fertilizer to your growing, transforming garden of life. The evening has a lovely Moon/Sun trine at 9:14 PM and we can dance to the joyful music of the season with optimism, adventure and playfulness. It’s a great night to just have some fun!

Thursday the 12th

After the last two days of speedy energy, a VOC Moon from 10:37 AM until 3:40 PM can be just what we need to slow down a bit. The Moon will enter Taurus at at 3:40 PM and we begin to feel like our feet can touch the ground again.

Today we get powerful assistance from a trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. These are two social, cosmic influences that can bring cooperation and implementation to our long range plans. This is the second of three alignments these Planets will make. The first was July 17th and the last will be in the Spring of 2014. These outer planets are slower moving and their effects are longer lasting, so it behooves us to pull back and look at the bigger picture and contemplate where we are going and how we want to manifest our future. In the evening the Moon sextile Neptune and it’s a warm-hearted way to wind up this powerful day, enjoying the simplest of pleasures.

Friday the 13th

All superstition aside, Mars in Libra forms an inconjunct to Neptune today and we could feel thrown off track as motivations collide with a kind of fog bank. The Moon is in Taurus the entire day, assisting us in keeping grounded as somethings may suddenly appear unclear and misleading. It’s best to just pace yourself and trust that patiently putting one foot in front or the other is all that’s needed.

Mars in Libra will present opportunities to see how we polarize and project ourselves in relationships from now until to July 2014. Today gives us a taste of what we can learn during this 6 month process. Keep choosing to see the bigger picture and how your relationships are a reflection of how you are relating to yourself.

Saturday the 14th

With the Moon in Taurus until 9:54 PM, this is a great day to take some leisure time and get outside in nature. We have had some extreme temperatures in both our inner and outer worlds and it’s helpful to tune into your inner voice and seek some balance today in seeing the beauty of this world.

In the evening, Mars and Saturn challenge each other and we could feel the pressured to address responsibilities and goals that we are wanting to manifest. Be mindful that you or someone you know could become overly serious or judgmental and any source or tension is merely an opportunity to see what needs tending too. Tune into your own inner authority, your inner ‘Guru” for guidance.

Sunday the 15th

We awaken to a Moon in Gemini and communications are all over the place today. We can feel the Holiday Buzz revving up and we are very chatty about it. Let today be playful and curious. Where has your sense of humor been lately? Have you buried it under a heavy responsibility blanket?

Let’s remember we make the Season bright with our own inner light, shining one by one! This is a great day to ease up, lighten up and enjoy all that sparkles in your world. Mercury will sextile Ceres at 5:10 PM, adding a sweet taste to how we can nurture ourselves and each other with words of kindness and love. The Gemini energy beginning today leads to a Gemini Full Moon in the early morning of the 17th. Set your dial to your higher mind and turn your back on fear based thinking… so you can shine bright like a diamond.

After 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela was quoted as saying:
”As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

Here’s to knowing, that no matter who or what we were in the past, we can choose a new beginning… one where we can experience the truth of our own Divinity.

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