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This week is filled with Cosmic pivotal events that provide us with leading edge opportunities to discover we are living in a new Paradigm. With the Winter Solstice, a fiery Full Moon, Uranus and Venus both change directions and Mars leading us into the 4th Grand Cardinal Cross of 2013, this will prove to be a transformational week. Things are heating up with potent, planetary alignments that continue to stimulate the need for releasing outworn lower-frequency patterns… making way for new, higher vibrational choices.

We all have been learning about our own individuality and need for independence in certain areas. It’s time to discover how we can incorporate what we have learned into existing relationships by forging new pathways that resurrect and renew existing bonds. Taking responsibility for how we conduct ourselves in relationships will continue to be front and center. As we feel the intensity increasing, it’s wise to remember that our power lies in the present moment and we are always in charge of how we respond to what is happening around us. This can be a time of tremendous discover, renewal and clarity if we let go of resisting the imminent changes that are heading our way. Keep finding and returning to your center as we move along.

Monday the 16th
We begin our week with our minds cruising in the fast lane. As the Gemini Moon heads towards the Full Moon early tomorrow morning, Mercury makes a quirky connection to Jupiter today, challenging us to choose right-minded thoughts. We would be wise to refrain from exaggeration, info overload and habitual responses that seed our future with unwanted programming. It’s best to observe the messages coming in without attempting to define… look for the expanded perspective and allow the wisdom to present itself. Let’s all slow down and think before we speak.

Tuesday the 17th
This is a huge day! I could not keep this brief 🙂 Lunar forces meet their monthly peak with a Full Moon in Gemini that occurs at 4:28 AM and what a Full Moon this is! Take some time to look at where you have come to and what new insights have emerged out of the last 6 months. Uranus, the Great Awakener is stationing to go direct in Aries today and will leave the 5 month retrograde just hours after this Full Moon. I envision a launching pad, one where our new inspirations and creative initiatives can take off… fueled by an empowered sense of courage and innovation.

All Full Moons are about a polarity culmination between the signs of the Sun and the Moon, the polarity here is between the Sun in Sagittarius (Spiritual-Higher Mind) and Moon in Gemini (Earthly-Rational Mind). Jupiter is prominent and encouraging us to look for the deeper meaning in all the patterns we are becoming conscious of, both personal and global. Ultimately it is the culmination of our individual choices that collectively shifts the evolution of humanity.

There is a Grand Cross that becomes involved in the energetic of this Full Moon. Relationships, career, home, and self identity have reached turning points that require course corrections of some kind. Mars will be triggering much of what we have to learn during this time and because it is in Libra, relationships are at the forefront. This is a time for stretching ourselves beyond our current comfort zone (not that it’s been particularly comfortable) so we can move to the next level of our evolution. It is vital that you find and use tools that help you find your center at this time. Yoga, long walks, meditation, quiet solitude, connect to nature, what ever will calm your mind and bring peace to you.

Such profound transformational energies can be frazzling to our nervous systems and it will require mindful focus to stay out of fear-based potholes! There is a motto used for this Uranus stationing… “Change or be Changed”. Adding to this amazing configuration, our Sagittarius Sun will connecting to the Galactic Center and there is powerful opportunity to receive downloads of cosmic info during this profound transference of energy. We are entering a powerful time with this Full Moon, it’s all about our evolution and how we can rise above the lower mundane perspectives and attitudes that have kept us small… it’s time to grow!

In addition, harmonizing aspects between Mercury and Saturn and Mars and the North Node, add even more momentum to our inner need to bring structure to what we are envisioning. The Moon moves into Cancer after 1:00 PM and our attention turns more to family and home and how to meet the emotional needs of those we care for, including ourselves.

Wednesday the 18th
After the mother load of yesterday, we continue with the emotionally sensitive, Cancer Moon day. We turn our attention to our home base, family, mothering and care taking. Every time the Moon is in Cancer, it will activate the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square as is the case today. Emotions are moving just like extreme tides during a Full Moon, so let them come and go as you observe from a higher vantage point without taking everything so personally. See if you can actually get that you are not your emotions and that they are indicators for navigating. Feeling them and letting them control you are two very different things!

Days like this are prime for showing you where this transformational square is playing out in your life. What is needing to be changed, where are you craving more freedom and are you feeling protective or enmeshed in a power struggle, what needs to be transformed or let go of? All scenarios are opportunities for us to see what needs revamping, repairing or in some cases…a total revolution. Jupiter squares Ceres in the evening and a truth is brought to light as to how we are caring for ourselves and loved ones.

Thursday the 19th
The Moon in Cancer has moved past activating the Pluto/Uranus square and we may find this a calmer day. After the intensity that we started with this week, today is great for regrouping and taking that moment for yourself. A cup of tea, a hot bath, a good read, there are endless ways to do something nice for yourself. Take a break from preconceived notions about what “should” be happening. Even in the midst of the holiday hustle, you can find sometime for yourself … so just do it! You will thank yourself for listening 🙂

Friday the 20th
We rise to a Moon in Leo and it’s a welcomed change from the Cancer Moon sensitivity. We want to play and share and laugh and it’s a good time to go for it. Let the light of the Sun warm your heart today, actually get outside and say, “Hi Sun, I will shine with you today :-)” If by chance it’s a cloudy day, go inside yourself and declare the same thing. It’s powerful to remember that the Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is real. Look for reasons to smile from the inside out.

It’s a big day for Venus as she stations to go retrograde tomorrow. Before she does she will forms a harmonious semisextile with the Sun and we feel a good connection between our values and desires and how we can creatively integrate them with integrity into our lives. There is an air of optimism to be milked today. Tune into your heart and let your light shine 🙂

Saturday the 21st
There is a major shift today as we celebrate the Winter Solstice in the northern Hemisphere and the Sun moves into Capricorn. The message of the Winter Solstice is that although this is the darkest time of year, it marks the return to more light. The Sun will seem to “stand still’ in the southern sky for three days before it turns back North. Capricorn energy is grounded, productive and all about self reliance, inner authority and maturity. With Venus and the Sun here for the next 30 days, we become more focused on our long range goals and our ambitions to build structures to house our dreams.

Venus turns Retrograde at 29 degrees Capricorn for the next 43 days and we have a chance to take an inward look at how we have been directing matters of the heart. Have we fallen into love-life ruts, what is our long term vision concerning our relationships, money management and all that we value? Ask yourself if you really love what you are doing and what is truly worth your time and resources? We are asked to revisit, review and revise all the structures we have been building to support love and pleasure in our lives. This will be a time to ask how we can reconstruct or adjust them to reflect our newly revised, inner wisdom.

Sunday the 22nd
I love Sunday mornings like this one! From 8:25 – 2:19 PM, we have a VOC (Void Of Course) Moon in Leo and this lunar energy is warm, creative and loving. It’s a great morning to stay in bed, have a leisurely breakfast and then go play outside. Any creative project will benefit from your attention at this time.

Once the Moon moves into Virgo at 2:20 PM, the energy shifts profoundly and we will be all about handling the details that need our attention. Several hours later the Moon will trine the Sun adding to the productivity of the day. The Virgo Moon loves to be of service and when you combine that with a harmonious connection to the Sun in Capricorn, much can be accomplished today. Perhaps we could look beyond the present wrapping and planning and do something that brings upliftment and support to another.
When the Moon Opposes Neptune after dinner, let go of trying to get things done and just relax.
What a week this was! Be kind and remember, we are all in this together 🙂

“We make a living in life by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Sir Winston Churchill


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