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This week has lots going on with plenty to celebrate, quite a few challenges, and a big bump on Christmas day. I am not intending to alarm you, I just want to point out that if we know there is a potentially stressful, planetary lineup (designed to induce growth) we can consciously choose to interact with patience, love and allowance during that time period and prepare to enjoy the movement.

Monday the 23rd
This is likely to be one of the more chilled out days of this up and down holiday week. The Moon is in Virgo all day and this really fuels the desire to get all our Holiday plans in order, down to the smallest detail. Remember to stay away from any fussy attitude that could arise. Fortunately, Mercury and Venus form a harmonious aspect that bonds head and heart in a creative and playful dance. Smile and share 🙂

Tuesday the 24th
We are posed to find some “Higher Love” today as Mercury the messenger and communicator, moves into Capricorn, the sign of the highest authority. This represents strong mental power that is cautious and conserving when it comes to our words and this can assist us in riding the energy tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Sun sextiles Neptune and hearts are open and compassion flows as we watch the holiday spirit manifest. Being pleasant comes easy!

Wednesday the 25th
For those who celebrate it… Merry Christmas! It may be challenging to keep it “Merry” today when Mars the instigator, opposes Uranus the awakener and the Moon forms 5 stressful aspects. Get out ahead of any bumpy scenario that might be building and do your best to chill yourself out. Watch how you react! Are you jumping to defense? Are you egging someone on? Do you really want to battle today? This is not the time for any recklessness.

It’s a day filled with potential for breakdowns and/or breakthroughs.
This astrological soup is brimming with rebellious energy ready to take off, but we are in charge…where do you want to take it? It’s really is up to you, no matter what anyone else is doing. There is a great potential to make a new discovery today if we just look at it that way. Stay in observer mode as best you can and discoveries will be made.

Thursday the 26th
The frequencies ease up from yesterday a little with the Moon in social Libra all day and Mercury sextiling Neptune. This is the 1st day of the celebration for Kwanza and it is supported by energies that embrace moving past judgment and moving towards compassion, understanding and forgiveness. This is a good day for allowing the imagination to feed and be fed, let’s make it a healthy choice.

The Sun will semisquare Saturn by the time we rise and it adds a serious overtone to the day. It would behoove us all to not get too hung up on traditions, or how things used to be or should be done. If we remain flexible and open-minded and appreciative, then creative energetic between Mercury and Neptune can deliver a pleasant day to remember.

Friday the 27th
With the Moon in Scorpio by 9 AM and Saturn and Mercury joining in with a dose of “truth serum”, this day has the potential to get to the bottom of anything that we have not been able to see clearly, or were unwilling to face before. It’s actually very supportive for seeing where we are holding ourselves back with negative self-talk, or misdirecting our message to the Universe with unwarranted fears that need to go for good.

The Moon will make sweet aspects to Neptune, Mercury and the Sun, adding to our ability come to new levels of understanding. Mercury harmonizes with the Nodes adding to the productive communication that sends us further down our evolutionary path.

Saturday the 28th
With the Moon in the depths of Scorpio all day, we continue to look under rocks and down the secret passageways of our minds, uncovering what needs to be released. There is definitely a pattern of discovery emerging, to clear the decks for the New Year. This is a reflective day and an alchemical one at best.

Sunday the 29th
Another Sunday begins with a VOC Moon (8:54 AM-12:37 PM) and we might want to take advantage of this time and take it easy while we can. Just after midnight last night, the Sun and Mercury formed a conjunction that lasts the entire day. Their union at 7 degrees Capricorn indicates we are pretty serious about what we want to talk about. When the Moon moves to adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius around lunch time, conversations expand to include visions of our future. At 3:49 PM, Mercury will square off with Uranus and there could be awakenings and surprises. No matter what is revealed today, remember to be tactful in the process. The Sun will square Uranus just after midnight tonight, carrying this energy into the start of next week. Again, there is tremendous potential for breakthroughs due to the independent, liberating nature of these elements. So once again, expect the unexpected.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein


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