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We are headed into the New Year this week with lots of emphasis on change and releasing more of those patterns that we still cling to out of fear. I imagine by now you could all be wondering how many times I can say this… well a lot! These years between 2012 and the end of 2015 are designed to transform and revolutionize our social and personal structures that have out-lived their time and have impeded our evolution. The last day of the year is also the last day of the Lunar cycle adding to the complex theme of moving on as we say good bye to 2013.

New Year’s comes in with a New Moon that partners with Pluto in a T-Square formation with Mars and Uranus. This is no light weight configuration, but it doesn’t have to be dramatic in a negative way. There is tremendous potential for “changing for the better” as long as we are really willing to wake up and let go!

Monday the 30th
With the Moon in Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) and Jupiter in the Moon’s sign (Cancer), we have what is called mutual reception and this is a great time to do some inner fine tuning. Reach for the inherent optimism and take advantage of this to set the tone for an otherwise “wound up” day!

The Sun, Mercury and Pluto are all hand in hand in Capricorn as they begin to form a T-square with Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. This dynamic, powerful alignment is what is ushering in 2014 and it is up to us to find the liberation, renewal, rebirth and cleansing benefits from this potent combo. If you find yourself in any kind of power struggle, Stop! Recognize that there is an opportunity to play with this energy in a much higher way that will deliver greater transformation and less struggle to your relationships, but it requires mindful observance and control of your reactionary self.

Tuesday the 31st
On this last day of 2013, Mercury will exactly conjunct Pluto as it squares Mars, indicating there could be strong urges to speak intensely about big life issues and possible frustrations that have been kept under raps. There is room for great discoveries today and if we keep our heads up and observant, we can navigate this with a powerful sense of something profound being birthed in our lives. The Sun sextiles Chiron and provides additional creative-solution possibilities to the mix. Healing is at hand.

It’s best to watch your tongue and be willing to compromise to find solutions to long standing challenges in relationships. Let go of your old belief that is so sure there is only one way to see the situation. This is a really bad time for over indulging in alcohol because it exacerbates an already tense set of energies. Do your best to stay within moderate limits so you can usher in the 1st day of 2014 feeling like you got up on the “right” side of the bed!

Wednesday the 1st of January 2014!
It’s a Big Beginning for 2014! There is a New Moon today at 10 Capricorn and it’s a doozy! Pluto is a huge player with this New Moon as he energizes evolution, globally and personally. It’s amazing that we start out the year with a brand New Moon cycle that is so poised for change with a Grand Cross forming. Pluto in Capricorn (leadership, structure) Mars in Libra (relationships and the mirrored self), Uranus in Aries (awakening and revelations) and Jupiter in Cancer (nurturing female connections and protecting home base)… It’s all a cosmic template for big changes and breakthroughs. This New Moon suggest that we seriously consider what we want to bring into manifestation in the New Year and purge anything that we are still holding onto that has outlived it’s purpose.

The outcomes are not determined by the mathematical patterns unfolding here, anymore than a map can force you to drive someplace. There is however, a higher ground for us to reach, a better path to follow and a new perspective available that can support us on the journey if we stay awake and choose to live more consciously and less reactionary.

Thursday the 2nd
The Moon enters Aquarius at 12:03 PM and it would be great to extend some much needed understanding to everyone, including ourselves. Our self esteem has been tested all week and we may have come to see some difficult truths or secrets revealed. The Capricorn Sun squares Mars in Libra and we have more opportunity to get clear about our motivations and the path we are choosing. This Sun/Mars square can feel impetuous, feisty and somewhat impatient. This is a great day to get some physical exercise, get your muscles moving and clear out some cobwebs.

Friday the 3rd
Mercury will oppose Jupiter today and we can discover new viewpoints, but we need to watch out for exaggerations and becoming dogmatic about an opinion that we could decide to change tomorrow. We are challenged to find a balance between stability and adventure and refraining form projecting our beliefs onto others. This week has been chuck full of a vast cluster of emotionally challenging frequencies and today we can settle down a bit and reflect on what we have learned. The Aquarius Moon can be just the lens we need to look through to see the truth, unencumbered by emotional drama.

Saturday the 4th
Right after the Moon enters Pisces at 11:58 AM it conjuncts Neptune, it’s ruling planet. This is bound to soften up the pace of this powerful week and we may even feel a bit spacey as a result.
All the signs say you can slow down today and take a much needed rest from all the intense energies that rung in the New Year this week. If you feel the need for escape, it’s a good movie day! You can pour yourself into an artistic project or spiritual quest that will sooth your Soul.

Sunday the 5
With the Moon in Pisces all day, it joins in harmonious aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn, further adding to the dreamy quality that is bound to unleash the imagination in a very creative way.
The Sun will oppose Jupiter adding to the far-reaching perspective or the day. Ideas that are larger than life can be nurtured today, as we expand our highest vision to include wisdom that is tempered with compassion.

”The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

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