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I’d like to talk about Venus and her journey through Capricorn. She moved into Capricorn on the 5th of November 2013, turned retrograde December 21st and then will turn direct on January 31st. She will emerge out of the Shadow of the retrograde on March 4th. So what does all of that mean? Venus is all about what we love, what we value, what we hold dear to us, our hearts desire… our direct connection to Divine Love. Within the retrograde period, we are presented with the opportunity to re-assess who and what we value and to journey inward to the source of Divine Love seated in our hearts.

Venus in Capricorn directs the energy of the heart in a grounded fashion, as some of us will re-evaluate our relationships from a more practical, goal oriented standpoint. We may be questioning weather current partners are the appropriate reflections of who we desire to build our lives with. It’s very important to remain open-hearted and to not allow fear-based thoughts to drive us to premature conclusions. Our values are being realigned,starting with how we value ourselves.

What we “value” also includes our finances and this period is great for getting “real” about where we stand. This dance of Venus thru Capricorn is a gift. It’s a time where we can connect our hearts to our own inner authority for answers and clarity. Use this time to sort things out and reorganize, realign and rekindle what calls for a deeper commitment.

What ever truths are revealed, seeing what we want to change, all of this will best be address by taking action after the 31st, when Venus goes direct. We will experience the manifestation of a stronger platform for our hearts to create from, as Venus passes the Shadow on March 4th. There is a Grand Cardinal Cross formation that will be activating in March and now is the time for our hearts to be re-calibrated in preparation for that incoming shift.

Monday the 6th
We start the week with a VOC Moon in Pisces and the ease of Sunday spills over into our Monday morning. We may find it hard to get going, but no worries. By 2:45 PM the Moon will hop into Aries and the emotional, dreamy Pisces energy will make way for that firey, inspirational, get moving Aries momentum.
Mercury sextiles Saturn presenting opportunities to communicate insights that the Venus retrograde period have brought to light. This is a time to contemplate the issues that have emerged around love, money, self-esteem and all we value courtesy of Venus in Capricorn. As we feel the urge for more commitment and structure, keep going inward for your guidance.

Tuesday the 7th
The Moon in Aries is very busy today igniting lots of planetary energy. In her heated fashion, the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto, opposes Mars, squares Jupiter and the Sun, one right after the other. Just be prepared for some intensity and choose to observe the shifts rather than acting rashly. This is not a negative pattern, just very strong and stimulating. So if something needs to come up, it will. The Universe is providing us with glimpses of the upcoming steps that we will need to be taking. This is one of those days to watch out for impulsive reactions and definitely breathe before you speak.

Mercury conjuncts Venus in Capricorn after sextiling Saturn yesterday and we continue to want to discuss relationships. Someone from the past could contact you out of the blue. There are productive conversations available today that help move business forward. Most importantly, there is a great opportunity for us to have a dialogue with our own Inner Teacher and receive some much needed guidance. Allow yourself to get still so you can hear it.

Wednesday the 8th
The Moon in Aries will square Venus and Mercury before it goes VOC from 11:22 AM until 9:24 PM. The square energy will challenge us to find a balance between head and heart. The nearly 10 hour VOC period gives us time to reflect on all the new info that has come to light since the top of the week. Mercury has been really busy, stimulating conversations that are revealing more pieces to the puzzle.
Midday, Jupiter and Mars form a challenging aspect that could feel a bit like a tug-a-war between pulling back and wanting to move forward. Watch out for a tendency to overdo today. All in all this is a day to recognize we best find some patience and pace ourselves as brilliant observations and extreme motivations are bouncing around like heated electrons. The Moon will travel into Taurus at 9:24 PM and assist us in winding down from the day.

Thursday the 9th
Moon in Taurus all day, making harmonious connections to Neptune, Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter. We can use this day in a very grounded way to support the highly innovative ideas that will spring forth today due to a very creative connection between Mercury the Messenger and Uranus the Awakener. Watch for your inner brilliance to emerge today and utilize the Venus ruled Moon in Taurus to see how you can implement a revolutionary idea in a practical way, to bring about greater beauty into your life.

Friday the 10th
The Moon trines the Sun in earth signs, around lunch time and this is great for helping us get grounded and practically implement a plan. We will need to practice patience and avoid dogmatic positions as the Taurus Moon opposes Saturn in Scorpio at 2:07 PM. Fortunately, the Moon trines Venus at 2:57 PM and we can appreciate an artistic solution to ease earlier tensions.

Saturday the 11th
This is a powerful day! Before sunrise, Venus will sextile Saturn and bring forth a stabilizing energetic that can reestablish peaceful negotiations that support love and finances with a deepened commitment. By 7:24 AM the Sun and Venus will join together to bring more love and appreciation to our consciousness. We are still in the Venus retrograde cycle and today we could discover an important aspect of what we are learning in this process. Moments later the Moon moves into Gemini and the day takes on a buzz that will assist us in being curious and flexible.
The Sun sextiles Saturn adding more power to this already productive day. We are beginning to really see what we are building and where our commitments can provide new structures that nurture our current growth pattern. Creative solutions are plentiful today, as Mercury moves into Aquarius further stimulating innovative, far reaching thinking. Mercury will be in Aquarius until January 31st and we may want to limit our caffeine intake while our mental focus is expanded, electrified, and highly charged.

Sunday the 12th
The Moon is in Gemini all day and interesting conversations will be happening all around. At 4:33 PM the Moon and Mars will trine each other in air signs amping up the mental banter and stimulating actions that bring us closer to pleasant understandings. When you combine this with Mercury’s new entrance into Aquarius, we are bound to come up with something fresh and innovative to discuss.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi


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