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It has been challenging for many of us during this Venus Retrograde period. We have been sorting through much to discover our current values and we’ve begun the process of separating out what no longer resonates with us. I have heard from many of you that relationships are either ending or rekindling and that you have no idea what is going to happen.

Use this Full Moon week to decipher what matters to you, see where you have taken on someone else’s values unknowingly as your own and what are you clinging to from the past that needs to go. All the while, remember that this is a clearing for something new. Not knowing what the future holds… opens the door to the Mystery and that is a magical place to be, when you trust in the Divine order of the Universe.

Monday the 13th
We start the work week with a VOC (Void of Course) Gemini Moon that lasts until The Moon moves into Cancer at 7:25 PM. So most of the day and our mental capacity is in high gear with inner dialogue. Even though we may be brimming with things to say, this is a time to gather info, investigate variety and process it all internally. Mercury, the messenger that delivers all forms of communication, forms a favorable connection to Saturn and we can discover pragmatic, grounded communications that support us manifesting new, healthy structures.

With Saturn in Scorpio until 2015, there is lots of soul searching and deep diving going on. It is purposefully bringing to the surface all that must be cleansed and transformed. Today we may be able to see some of that clearly and begin to make the necessary adjustments. The Moon moves into nurturing Cancer at 7:25 PM and we can feel a softer side settling insto the day. In addition, the Moon trines Neptune just before midnight, bringing our imagination and emotional well being into a sweet spot for lovely dreams.

Tuesday the 14th
Today the Moon in Cancer heightens sensitivity, and we are very busy processing all that we feel! Just after lunch we may find ourselves surprised by an emotional response coming from deep within or from someone near. It’s an opportunity to wake up to something, not necessarily comfortable, but worth observing and learning from.

By 4:46 PM the Cancer Moon will trine Chiron in Pisces and the gift of healing some emotional issue is upon us, if we pay attention. The busy Moon will then
oppose Pluto at dinner time and we may find ourselves tested by strong transformational winds that bring up our defenses. Issues around protecting family, security and home are circulating…choose the higher road. The lunar dance for today peaks at midnight when Jupiter and the Moon join in an optimistic, expansive perspective.

Wednesday the 15th
The Cancer Moon builds to the Full Moon tonight at 11:52 PM. This is when the Sun and Moon are completely opposite each other and our emotional and intuitive senses are as full as the Moon we see in the night sky. The Moon will oppose Venus in the morning hours and trine Saturn in the afternoon adding to the momentum many of us are experiencing with relationship endings and beginning.

This Full Moon is powerful as it stimulates the Cardinal Grand Cross that is emitting energies that potentially can instigate real effective change. The more we can choose to see our challenges as opportunities, the better off we will be. The way we used to live, attached to the security of believing we could predict the future… is shifting. It’s vital that we recognize any fear based thoughts and let them go. Trusting in the power of the NOW and letting the past go is what will ensure a more expanded, richer future experience for all of us.

Thursday the 16th
Moon enters Leo at 8:00 AM
Venus will square Mars, challenging us to find new ways for our desires to work in harmony with our physical reality. Venus in authoritative Capricorn rubs up against the on going Mars in Libra. Now is the time to see if you sacrifice your own well being for another, you both lose in the end. The balance we seek is never static.

Mercury forms a supportive sextile to Uranus around midnight, so we may be inundated with creative ideas that are outside our usual thinking patterns as we head off to sleep. This is a great night for journaling or just free form writing to see where it can take you.

Friday the 17th
The Mercury/Uranus connection from last night continues to flow innovative, electrifying energy and with the fire of a Leo Moon illuminating new pathways, this is a day to let it show! Share your ideas and your epiphanies, for they are bound to happen. Take advantage of compassionate Neptune trining the North Node in the evening, and allow yourself to soften and release any judgments you’ve been holding onto that hold you back from a lighter life. Let the dream of a loving life over take you.

Saturday the 18th
We awaken to a VOC (Void of Course) Moon that lasts until roughly 8:30 PM, so most of this day’s energy resonates with the Moon’s square to Saturn that happened in the wee hours of the morning. This provides a good stretch of time that we can use to discover what we need to build (manifest) for ourselves, so we can emotionally shine and generously share our light. Keep your focus on uplifting solutions and avoid any stubborn standoffs that might present themselves.

The Moon moves into Virgo at 8:23 this evening and we turn our attention to the scattered pieces of our lives that need to be brought back together… in a new order, to be re-membered, re-organized. Time to look at what needs to be made whole again and just how we can go about it?

Sunday the 19th
Even though we have a grounded, get things done, stay the course – Virgo Moon today… a complex dance between Neptune and the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter and Pluto and the Moon could bring a humerus degree of unpredictability into the rhythm of the day.

The big event is that the Sun leaves conservative, goal focused Capricorn and moves into altruistic, think outside the box Aquarius this evening. For the next month, our focus turns to how we envision the future and with Mercury in Aquarius as well, we are bound to begin a revolutionary journey that can lead to greater self love and compassion for humanity as a whole.

“Manifestation is not limited by the ego when you’re able to stay in the Mystery and you allow the Universe to then choose out of the unlimited potential, that which is exactly best for you at every level of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually” – Shakti


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