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Monday the 10th
The week starts up with a deeply sensitive, Cancer Moon and she will remain in emotional Cancer until Wednesday afternoon. People’s feelings will be more easily expressed and intuition is heightened due to a trine to Neptune.

Late afternoon the Moon begins a series of aspects that are more challenging and we may find it more difficult to express our emotions, then the late evening can wake up dormant needs for protection with unsettled rumblings. This energy carries on to tomorrow, so get centered with it best you can before you head off to sleep. Recognize its yet another opportunity to choose a nurturing approach and leave all defensive, tenacious vibes behind.

Tuesday the 11th
The Cancer Moon continues her journey in the early morning hours with agitated connections to Pluto, Venus and Mercury providing continuous opportunities for recognizing the deep emotions that are driving us.

The Aquarius Sun will square Saturn in Scorpio at 2:57 PM and we are invited to check the integrity of our position and we may encounter situations that help to clarify exactly what is and is not working. Continue to choose mindfulness over stubborn, unconscious reactions and you can really grow some today! Slow and stead with a good dose of patience and respect; today’s recipe for success.

Wednesday the 12th
The Moon moves to Leo in the afternoon and retrograde Mercury revisits Aquarius tonight at 10:30. That’s a visceral energy shift that can bring us into greater appreciation and self expression. These are fixed energies that polarize the personal (Leo) with the universal (Aquarius), so don’t get stuck on one side of the bridge, instead connect an open mind to a generous heart and see what happens.

Real possibilities to revisit something or someone with a new perspective, can bring innovative projects and studies to a new height. Check in and see… are you allowing yourself to think of living, not just “outside the box”, but in a world with No Box!

Thursday the 13th
The Moon will trine Uranus at 10:21 AM, this is a fiery combo sparking all kinds of progressive creations. See what you can discover that inspires and uplifts you and then share it. After 1:00 PM , the Sun will semi-square Uranus, so don’t be too surprised if something suddenly changes and you have to make adjustments. Avoid wanting to spout off or implode, instead… infuse some project with new energy and make a mental note that we are building up to a Full Moon on Friday, Valentine’s Day. Its a time for new understandings that will lead to a greater experience of inner connected-ness.

Friday the 14th
Happy Valentines Day! Even though it is so heavily commercialized, it is nice to acknowledge that it is about honoring the Heart and Love. Interestingly enough, we have a Full Moon in Leo today and Leo is all about shining from Heart 🙂

Other players add to the dramatic flare of this Full Moon. Retrograde Mercury is hugged up to the Aquarius Sun as they sit opposite the Moon and Saturn squares them both. This T Square is a set up for fireworks and flare. That doesn’t have to be a scary picture at all, it can be full of sparkle, fanfare and surprise. Saturn challenges us to make sure we are listening to our own inner teacher and connecting to our true authentic self and not getting too carried away with the show.

The energy heats up another notch at 9:06 PM, when The Sun trines Mars bringing an added dose of courage to the mix with a sexy overtone. Romance is always interestingly different with Aquarius!

Saturday the 15th
After the intensity of yesterday, the Moon brings us back down to earth with a Virgo landing. We have a sensitive passage as the Moon opposes Neptune at 11:50 AM… What do you dream of?

There is a special connection in the afternoon when the Mercury (traveling retrograde) reconnects with the Sun and we may discover new aspects and connections between our Higher Mind and the light of our Being. This is a highly insightful time, so be sure to use it towards a greater good. The Moon sextiles Jupiter tonight, adding to the expansiveness… something new is being birthed.

Sunday the 16th
We continue with a Virgo Moon all day as she makes pleasant aspects to Pluto and Venus. Has your heart been transformed in some way? Have you discovered new ways to bring progress and practicality into your world?

Mercury trines Mars today and some messages are being brought back to us thanks to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Mars is the ruler of our physical body and today we can find a better balance between what our head thinks is best and what our body craves. Listen, and let the Mind/Body connection take you to a more balanced place in your life, starting now.

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

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