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Monday the 17th
First thing this morning, a discerning Virgo Moon agitates Mars in Libra to bring about a much needed adjustment. Try not to get get hung up on details while you look for solutions. Mercury will semisquare Uranus at 8:00 AM contributing to some eccentric ideas that can awaken a fresh approach to something you have had to review.
The Moon enters Libra at 1:24 PM and brings a more peaceful/balanced approach to too much scrutiny. This is not the time to compromise for peace at the cost of your integrity, but it would be wise to demonstrate a flexible attitude. The Libra Moon makes an uncomfortable connection to Neptune at 10:44 PM and we may just need some private inner time to readjust our equilibrium.

Tuesday the 18th
The Moon makes a string of connections with Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter between sunrise and 10:19 AM delivering a veritable smorgasbord of feelings into our emotional atmosphere. The Sun moves into Pisces at 1:00 PM today and will be there until March 20th. Pisces is not famous for practicality and grounded application and yet this energy can really make things happen. Pisces is all about imagination, creativity, compassion and dreams. With her ruling planet Neptune, in Pisces as well… this is a time to really explore your dreams and creative potential, by tapping into your divine brilliance.

It’s best to not personalize anything … Ever, but particularly now when the Moon squares off with Pluto just an hour later. Retrograde Mercury will square Saturn at 11:11 PM and we are given another chance to see where we choose limited fear-based thinking that ultimately manifests as a reality we don’t want. Ask yourself if your mind truly supports your dreams, are your thoughts based on beliefs that no longer serve who you have become? See how you can remodel some old thinking!

Wednesday the 19th
The early hours are colored by the Mercury squares Saturn that happened last night, but the Moon’s trine to Mercury at 9:14 AM adds some breathing room to any constriction we might have felt. This Libra Moon is active all day directing our feelings through a fast paced obstacle course. There is an opportunity to check your navigational reflexes and maintain a balance with conscientious course corrections, when the Moon hooks up with Mars in the late afternoon.
The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:33 PM and will trine the Sun an hour and a half after midnight, bringing passionate dreams that can nurture us in the most profound ways. Sleep can be filled with deep diving adventures.

Thursday the 20th
The Moon skips lightly thru aspects today that lighten up our load. In the early morning the Moon will trine Neptune and our intuition and creativity are highly activated. All this water energy adds to the intuitive nature that flourishes now.
The Moon trines Jupiter at 6:27 PM, further expanding the psychic experience and we may find it hard to deal with any details. Better to have a sketch pad than a ledger right now! We get a bit of grounding when the Moon sextiles Pluto at 10:22 PM and it carries over into tomorrow, stimulating an emotional strength that supports cooperative change.

Friday the 21st
Last night’s agreeable Moon/Pluto vibe dominates our morning hours, contributing to a productive morning that feeds our resolve. We must face reality a bit more today as the Moon squares Mercury in the morning and then squares Saturn at 5:10 PM. The Scorpio Moon then goes VOC and this gives us time to check our communications and boundaries so that we can apply some final revisions that will improve the effectiveness of how our inner dialogue is functioning. It’s an inside job!
If insecurities and negative self-talk rear their heads today, consider it a gift… one that brings greater clarity to what needs to be cleared and released, for a happier, freer life.

Saturday the 22nd
The morning has a light, playful feel to it with a Sagittarius Moon starting us off. But then the 1st quarter square between the Pisces Sun and the Sagittarius Moon happens just after lunch and the day takes on a new level of hyper-sensitivity.

Two hour later the Moon square Neptune and we may run into disillusionment or disappointment if we allow our attachment to an ideal to take us too far in one direction. Watch our for a tendency to exaggerate or over indulge.
Just before midnight, a trine between fiery Uranus and the Sagittarius Moon ignite some ideas that could be genius, so pay attention. Allow yourself to feel the expansiveness of this frequency and don’t let a quirky connection between the Moon and Jupiter at midnight dampen your spirit.

Sunday the 23rd
The big event today is at 1:11 PM when the Sun and Neptune join at 5 degrees Pisces. Do yourself a favor and plan to do something that stimulates creativity, plugs you into the limitless field of potential and brings you to a state of living in the wonderment of all life. This is a dreamy, yummy frequency that dissolves boundaries and plugs us into a deeper spiritual awareness. It is tender and gentle and idealistic.
Mid afternoon the Moon sextiles Mercury adding to a positive perspective that can help us translate our highest vision into a tangible direction.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein


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