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Monday the 24th
The Moon enters Capricorn just before 9:00 AM when practicality, productivity and focus set the tone for the day. If you need to balance a budget or work with numbers this is the day for it. The conscientious Capricorn Moon will semi square Mercury a little after 3 PM, asking us to find solutions to communication snafus.

The Moon sextiles Neptune at 5:20 PM and we can bring practical form to a creative idea, let your imagination explore possibilities and remain kind in the process. A sextile between the Moon and Sun 2 hours later, ups the pulse of movement in an expansive way.

Venus sextiles Saturn at 11:50 PM and this can bring a lot of clarity to the confusion we might have felt during the Venus retrograde that started December 31st. Hearts are getting clear and commitments are being made. What are you ready to commit to? A exercise routine? A relationship? Money management?

A dream, your Vision?

Tuesday the 25th
The Moon conjuncts Pluto at sunrise and will semisextile Mercury mid afternoon. This translates to a day that starts out with us needing to align and control our schedule. How can we empower ourselves and others to move forward without a battle of egos?

The Moon’s semisquare to Neptune around dinner time can put a kink in our agenda so remain open as the Moon semisquares the Sun at 9:42, requiring further adjustments. When the Moon sextiles Saturn just after 11 PM, we can see our way clear to what changes are working for us and which ones need to go. Jupiter forms an exact square to Uranus after we go to bed around 2:30 AM

Wednesday the 26th
We have an Aquarius Moon today starting at 9:55 AM, so expect the unusual, the innovative approach and don’t be surprised if you feel restless. The Jupiter/Uranus square is exact and we will feel the influence for several days to come. This is a major piece of the Cardinal Cross Energy that permeates this year. Jupiter is all about Wisdom, Expansion and Growth. Uranus is all about Brilliance, Sudden Changes and shaking up the Status Quo ! Be ready for new perspectives that can rebirth your world! Let go of reacting before thinking!

The Moon enters Aquarius at 9:56 AM and semisextiles Neptune around dinner and then the Sun just before midnight, all of this speaks to a high degree of intelligence that is looking for a place to land. Conversations are “out there” stimulating and fulfilling.

Thursday the 27th
The Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus while we sleep; look for adventures in your dreams that could plant seeds to a new reality here in your Earth life!
The Moon cunjuncts Mercury at 3:02 PM and we are emotionally aligned with a new way of looking at everything. Be brilliant and stay away from inflexibility. Your open mind is your friend today!

Don’t be surprised if others don’t support you ideas today, there is a flaring independence that needs expression, so let others be…. just be! The Moon squares Saturn at 11:12 PM and we come back down to earth to see… how do we make these “far out” ideas more practical and useful?

Friday the 28th
The Big news today is that Mercury turns Direct at 9:00 AM, but don’t expect everything to turn back to normal just yet. The Moon enters Pisces at 9:53 AM and then conjuncts Neptune (Pisces Ruler) at 6:18PM. We are awash in the Piscean limitless ocean and the urge to imagine and create is unmistakable. Neptune dissolves boundaries, altering reality and we can use this artistically today. The lower vibration of this energy is sometimes expressed by escapism with drugs and alcohol, the higher road is all about altering our consciousness via meditation, yoga and spiritual upliftment. It’s always a choice.

The Pisces Sun trines Jupiter in Cancer at 11:06 PM and the Moon joins the dance shortly after. There is nothing grounded about this energy, we are awash with Water energy and emotions, intuition, creativity and dreams permeate our perspective. If you are caught in any kind of victim consciousness, you can shift it to a much higher vibration! I suggest that we all just dive in and have a good swim into the vastness.

Saturday the 1st
The New Moon happens at 10 degrees Pisces while we are sleeping and colors the entire day. Love and kindness rules! This is a day for celebrating compassion, love, the limitless sea of potential and all that lies beyond the physical. Inspiration is available today as we can plant new seeds that can grow our visions towards the Full Moon that happens two weeks from now.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and conjuncts Chiron just after sunrise. This speaks to a healing and transformational day like no other we have seen in awhile! Allow yourself to connect to nature and feel the magic of your life today!

Mars in Libra stations to go retrograde just before noon and will be in a review pattern until it turns direct on May 9th. Be prepared for some back tracking and big reveals to emerge around your relationship to your body and and the mirrored self that you see in others. We can work this time to deliver gems of insights that will ultimately liberate us from prison walls we have constructed for protection… ones that we clearly no longer need.

The Moon trines Saturn just before midnight capping off this amazing day with some much needed grounding energy… ahhh, back to Earth.

Sunday the 2nd
The Moon sextiles Venus as the Sun rises and enters Aries at 10:41 AM and the Aries Moon gets us moving; we are ready to make things happen. Contrasting that energy, Saturn stations to go retrograde at 23 Scorpio asking us to slow down, gather our resourses and regroup while we dig down deep for solutions that will support what we want to manifest.

Venus squares Mars mid afternoon and we could feel sexy and exciting as long as we don’t take circumstances and opinions too seriously, so don’t let competition replace passion. Moon semisextile Neptune at 7:34PM and this can help us to get centered again, we may need some quiet time to accomplish this and it’s worth the effort.

“Where ever you go, what ever you do, be in love”… Emerson

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