We are in the middle of one of the most important events in human history, an electromagnetic ‘download’ of epic proportions that is transforming every cell of our being, not to mention our consciousness, and delivering us to the next chapter of life on Earth. But think on this: If we are truly a unified consciousness…if nothing exists ‘out there’ and it’s all within the mind’s eye, then where exactly is the download coming from? The answer to this question, once glimpsed, will change your life forever. Yours is the sign that is most focused on the ‘me’ part of existence, which turns out to be a major blessing, because that’s truly all there is. But if you put your focus on the ‘you’ part of the equation, you’ll find there’s a great awakening in store.

The sacred union begins exactly where you are.


Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $150 for 45 minutes or $200 for one hour. The NEW CLIENT rate of exchange is $200 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour sessions. Half hour sessions are offered at $100, for single, focused questions from established clients only. Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file. Email StephanieAzaria@aol.com to set up an appointment.