Are you starting to see what it is you can create out of the new materials that are being offered to you? These materials have been piling up for months now, and you should be more and more inspired by what you’ve got in your hands and how you can work with them. You’ve transformed so much since late 2007 when Pluto entered your sign. Now your ruler, Saturn, is working with Pluto and all those inner changes to offer you a new level of authority and self-reliance. It may not be emerging where you thought it would, but it is most definitely emerging. If you insist you can’t see it, you aren’t looking in the right place. Insisting you know where it’s coming from is a major mistake.

Hands off the driver’s wheel for a moment and allow your Self to be moved.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria of It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.


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