You now have the capacity to utilize your newly awakened consciousness in ways that are designed by the higher Self to serve as a great example for everyone else, beginning with loved ones. As those around you see the way you process the information you’re receiving as you interact with them, they’re enlightened to the whole concept of the mirrored self, which is the highest realization of all: That there’s no one ‘out there’, it’s all your own consciousness being reflected back at you. You’re the great Teacher, and your great capacity for wisdom is showing. If you’ve always known yourself to be the Teacher, this can be a joyful ride for you. If not, you might want to spend this week discarding those limiting beliefs that threaten to keep you from the magic that’s there for the taking.

Self-Love is the only answer.


Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $150 for 45 minutes or $200 for one hour. The NEW CLIENT rate of exchange is $200 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour sessions. Half hour sessions are offered at $100, for single, focused questions from established clients only. Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file. Email to set up an appointment.