You’ve spent the last six months or so in the very conscious act of surrender, doing your best to yield to the powers that be, to the ‘reality’ that you’re living through, whether you like it or not. You’ve worked hard to embrace your life with an open heart, but it’s been a struggle, and it hasn’t been an easy passage. But nobody said it would be easy. The good news is that all that surrendering has yielded a great new state of consciousness. Your true moment of awakening is upon you (if it hasn’t happened already). Did you notice it? It may still seem subtle as the week opens but it won’t be by the weekend. Let it shine, because it will wake the world if you let it.

This in turn will deliver you to a whole new level of personal mastery.


Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $150 for 45 minutes or $200 for one hour. The NEW CLIENT rate of exchange is $200 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour sessions. Half hour sessions are offered at $100, for single, focused questions from established clients only. Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file. Email to set up an appointment.